How can i put a tile in the bathroom

Before you put the tiles in the bathroom, you need to determine the amount of work. Work on its laying can be done on its own.

Bathroom Tile Finishing

The optimal coating for the bathroom is a moisture resistant tile.

Without the necessary tools and materials, the tile in the bathroom can not be laid. It is necessary to get:

  • gloves;
  • special glue;
  • capacity for it;
  • drill with stirring attachment;
  • sponge for removing excess glue;
  • moisture resistant primer;
  • level;
  • notched trowel;
  • grinder for slicing;
  • bar for grinding edges;
  • a hammer;
  • plastic crosses for creating a seam between tiles;
  • затарочный материал.

Preparatory work

Tools for laying tiles

Tools for laying tiles.

Before you start laying the tiles you need to prepare the walls. If this is done qualitatively, then the resulting appearance of the coating will be excellent.

Be sure to remove the old cover, even if it is kept thoroughly. The walls must be cleaned of dust and level to explore their perpendicularity.

If the walls in the bathroom are uneven, then you must start leveling with plaster. The plaster layer should dry for 2 weeks.

Also in the bathroom you need to make a primer. It will help fill the pores on the surface of the walls and ensure better adhesion of the glue to the tile. After carrying out all the preparatory work, you can begin to lay this material.

Mounting Tips

The tile is an excellent finishing material for the bathroom. The main thing in this matter is the accuracy and continuous control of the stacked rows in a horizontal and vertical position. Before you put the tile you need to prepare a solution.

After the solution is prepared, it is necessary to draw, using a level, a straight horizontal line. And from here start to lay a tile in the bathroom. The accuracy of the measurements and the conduct of the initial line will affect the quality of work.

Experts advise placing tiles from the second row. There is still the formation of a seam, the laying of the finishing material on the floor, the plinth or the corner.

The process of laying tiles on a wall

The process of laying the tiles on the wall.

Then glue is applied to the wall with a notched trowel. It is necessary to lay it to the wall gently, without excessive tension, it is not necessary to knock on it. Seams between products are best done at a distance of several mm. This will help special crosses. After the tiles have been laid in the bathroom, it is necessary to examine how exactly it adjoins the wall, whether there has been a displacement of the horizontal or vertical line.

Using a Bulgarian or a special cutting tool, stowing is done in the corners, where it is necessary to cut the material. There are cases when the tile in the bathroom should be cut in a peculiar way, here you can use pliers or pliers.

The current design allows, before laying the tile, to purchase special consumables for decoration. For today on sale there are special moldings or PVC corners which are elementary inserted in corners and in them the finishing material precisely fits.

Lastly, the wall is lined with the bathroom door.

After the material in the bathroom is laid, it is necessary to cover the seams, which contributes to the protection of the finishing material. For this, special trowelling mixtures are used. But first the seams are cleaned from excess solution. Perform these works with a rubber spatula, after some time remove the excess with a damp sponge. This gives:

  • original decor;
  • protection from mold and fungus.

Laying the floor

Tiles on the floor begin to stack from the entrance. The laying is done by:

  • diagonally. In this case it will be necessary to cut, therefore, the material needs to be bought more;
  • parallel to the walls.

It is best at the entrance to the bathroom to lay whole products, and near the side and distant walls - cut. The boundaries of the floor and walls are advised to be filled with a sealant.

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