How can i remove the fungus in the bathroom?

Sometimes people start complaining about the unreasonable deterioration of health, the appearance of headaches and rheumatism, rashes on the skin, coughing and nausea. In this case there is a large percentage of the likelihood that the cause is the occurrence of a house fungus in the dwelling. Most often the fungus appears in the bathroom. This place attracts to itself mold and fungus, which then secrete large quantities of spores, which are harmful to health. Man and pets can get a runny nose and allergic reactions, asthma, as well as other ailments and serious illnesses. It is necessary to withdraw the fungus in the bathroom.

Mold in the bathroom

The causes of mold in the bathroom can be: poor ventilation, high humidity and inefficient waterproofing.

Types of fungi

Fungi found in houses and apartments can be:

  • plesnevelymi;
  • fungi of blue;
  • fungal rot.
Wash the walls

To ensure that the fungus does not appear on the walls in the bathroom, they must be washed regularly.

Moldy fungi grow on paint, concrete, brick. They are visible to the naked eye. They reminiscent of spots or dots. Their color can vary from black to blue and green.

Less common are phosphorescent fungi. This kind of fungus destroys the material, requiring new repairs, sometimes reorganization of the building.

Blue fungi are characteristic for wooden structures. They paint the wood in a greyish-blue color, penetrating through the paint layer. Particularly susceptible to infection with this type of fungus is the pine wood.

Fungi rotting only live on wood. Rot is white, bacterial and brown. These kinds of fungus destroy the material from the inside. But the bathroom is most often equipped in houses made of bricks and concrete, so you need to talk more about how to remove moldy fungi.

Causes of appearance

Mold Removal

Remove the mold by using a 10% solution of hydrochloric acid.

The bathroom is the wet room in the apartment. If it is not well ventilated, the fungus and mold will appear. They appear on the surfaces of brick and concrete, on paint and on plastic, in a washing machine. Spores of these harmful plants can be present for a long time, but germinate only under certain conditions. These conditions are:

  • high humidity (above 90%);
  • temperature above 20 ° С;
  • poorly functioning ventilation;
  • inefficient waterproofing.

In such favorable conditions, the fungus permeates with its finest filaments moist horizontal and vertical surfaces. It multiplies very quickly. Externally, it can be seen from the blackening of the intertwining seams, the appearance of points on the walls that grow into larger spots, the appearance of a musty smell in the room. The result is an unsightly appearance of the surfaces. Over time, paint and other finishing materials may become detached. There may even appear cracks in the walls, which require a new repair.


Fungus in the bathroom can be destroyed only through the use of integrated measures. They are held in several ways:

  1. Check and improve ventilation.
  2. Exemption from old furniture.
  3. Decrease of humidity level.
  4. Waterproofing works.
  5. Destruction of mold.
Fan circuit for ventilation in the bathroom

Fan circuit for ventilation in the bathroom.

To improve ventilation, it is not enough to keep the door open to this room. You need to install a more powerful fan. But first you need to check the condition of the ventilation shaft. Sometimes you just need to clean it of debris and debris of bricks that interfere with the outflow of air.

If the bathroom is old furniture, infected with a fungus, it makes sense to throw it completely. Disputes left in it, can again germinate under favorable conditions for them. It is very difficult to get rid of these spores, as they penetrate deep into the material.

It is necessary to pay attention to the pipes of the sewage system. If condensation is constantly accumulating on them, this can be a sign of their poor-quality waterproofing. It is necessary to check and eliminate possible leaks from the shower, toilet bowl, faucets, heated towel rail, washing machine. In addition, all surfaces to be painted must be covered with a special water-resistant paint.

Destruction of fungus and mold is the most time consuming part of the whole work. Using a good electric heater, you need to dry the surface of the ceiling and walls. Further work will follow with special preparations, using folk remedies. The mycelium itself is usually scraped off by a scraper, a stiff brush, a spatula. Affected seams on tiled surfaces are removed completely. Purified sites preferably warm well with a powerful building hair dryer. If not, you can use a domestic heater. After that, the surfaces are treated with antiseptics.

It is better to fight the fungus at the initial stage of its appearance.

It is much faster and easier than removing the running mold. It is necessary to clean the surface of the appeared traces of the fungus and treat this place with ordinary hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in any mistress. You can replace peroxide with acetic essence, chlorine-containing bleach. The best effect is given by copper sulfate, concentrated chlorine.

Means to fight

The chemical industry produces many different drugs for the prevention and control of fungus and mold. In stores you can buy an antifungal spray to treat air in the bathroom. The spray helps fight fungus spores. The shower head can be periodically washed with a solution of vinegar, especially when it is not used very often.

All chemicals can be divided into those that destroy mold, and those that do not give the fungus to form. Therefore, when buying these funds, you need to choose them correctly. Destroy the fungus in the bathroom are capable of:

  • «Antigombok»;
  • «Sniezka»;
  • "Renogal";
  • "The food";
  • «Puma»;
  • "Gidrotex";
  • Pinotex;
  • "Whether".

Любым средством нужно пользоваться после ознакомления с инструкцией по применению. Рассмотрим это на примере препарата "Whether". Этот препарат разработан для нанесения его на любые поверхности. Он отлично уничтожает грибок и плесень, мох и лишайник на поверхностях из бетона и кирпича, дерева и штукатурки, гипсокартона и кафеля, картона и краски. Может применяться внутри и снаружи помещения. Используется для проведения профилактической обработки любых поверхностей от заражения.

The drug "Dali" for combating the fungus

The drug "Dali" perfectly destroys mold and fungus from any surfaces.

Special properties of the product:

  • does not contain chlorine;
  • has excellent penetrating power;
  • Easily absorbed in any materials;
  • effectively fights with disputes;
  • does not affect the properties of materials;
  • easily overlapped with any finishing materials.

From the infected surface, you need to remove traces of the fungus, rinse and dry. Dry the surface thoroughly from the sprinkler composition. The temperature of the air in the room should not be lower than 5 ° C. The composition dries in 2-3 hours at a temperature of 15-20 ° C. The composition is packaged in vials weighing 0.6 kg.

To destroy the fungus, you can use a special antiseptic primer. All chemical agents are not recommended for people with respiratory illnesses. They are better off using folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Help get rid of the fungus in the bathroom:

Copper sulfate

It perfectly copes with the fungus and mold a solution of copper sulfate.

  • chlorine;
  • a bleach solution for washing clothes;
  • laundry soap with alkali content;
  • copper vitriol;
  • turpentine;
  • inkstone;
  • ammonia;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • anthracene oil;
  • camphor in balls;
  • iodine solution in water;
  • Creosote;
  • liquid glass;
  • vinegar with soda;
  • washing powder with soda;
  • tea tree;
  • storm;
  • boric acid.

Bleaching has a small disadvantage: it has a very unpleasant odor. A solution is prepared on the basis of the bleach: 100 ml of the substance are dissolved in 10 liters of water. The soap is dissolved in water until a concentrated solution is obtained. Copper and iron sulfate is used as follows: 1 kg of vitriol is poured into 10 liters of water and mixed. You can use 500 g of copper and iron vitriol per 10 liters of water. Ammonia alcohol has a high toxicity. Anthracene oil has a sharp odor. Camphor balls are simply placed in different parts of the bathroom.

Mold can be covered with soda, then poured with vinegar. After foam shrinkage, the surface should be washed with soap and water. 40 g of soda is mixed with 20 g of detergent and processed with a fungus. Use a mix of 40 ml of tea tree oil and 500 ml of water, a solution of 250 g of borax in 2.5 liters of water. These compounds remove the fungus even from the seams between the tiles of the tile. They are applied to the surface of the spray gun (figure 3). A mixture of 40 ml of vinegar, 40 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 80 ml of water works well. Destroy the fungus and bleach the surface will help a solution of 1 part of boric acid, 2 parts of vinegar, 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 4 parts of water.

When working with copper vitriol, wear gloves and a respirator. The composition should be applied with a brush. The treated surfaces are thoroughly washed and dried. The bathroom after this must necessarily be well ventilated.

The appearance of fungus in the bathroom - an unpleasant phenomenon, which not only spoils the appearance of the room, but also harms the health of tenants of the apartment.

To get rid of this scourge and prevent the appearance of harmful microorganisms can be done on their own.

For this, there are chemical preparations, as well as numerous folk remedies.

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