How inexpensively to renovate an old tile in the bathroom

The tile in the bathroom, if properly used, can last several decades, but it also gradually loses aesthetics and attractiveness. Replacement of the same tile in the bathroom due to various reasons, the lack of time and money is not always possible. How to update the old tile so that you do not have to break anything and rebuild it? Than to replace a tile? The idea of ​​partial repair comes to the rescue. It includes the renovation of joints between tiles, the replacement of individual tiles. In 90% of cases this is enough, because it is the deterioration and contamination of tile seams is the main cause of aging and untidiness of tile in the bathroom.

Tile in the bathroom

The tile in the bathroom can serve for quite a long time, however, over time it loses its attractiveness and aesthetic appearance.

Damage Replacement

If the old tile has serious flaws (potholes, chips, cracks), it must be replaced. Than to replace a tile? You can use a similar tile, choose more or less suitable in appearance or, conversely, play in contrast.

Replacement of damaged tiles

Replacement of the damaged tile: a - removal of the lagging tiles; б - breaking of the damaged tile; c - removal of the old solution; г - drawing of glue; д - installation of a new tile; e - grouting joints.

The most difficult stage of work is the removal of damaged tiles. First, it is necessary to completely remove interlace grouting (the process will be described below). Extraction of the old tiles must be started from the middle, for this you do not need to drill a few holes around the perimeter. After removing the liberated central part, the remnants of the tile can be gently removed with the help of a bit, moving from the center to the edges.

After removing the remnants of the old glue, the surface should be treated with a deep penetration primer. After it has dried, you can apply new glue, then lay and level the tile according to the level. To leave the necessary clearance, you should use special crosses. At the end of the installation, the tile must be glued to the neighboring ones using adhesive tape. This will fix its position. It is better to mark a new tile so as not to accidentally touch it during drying. At the last stage, fill the empty seams with a trowel.

Update of seams

At the preparatory stage, it is necessary to release the floor and remove all unnecessary (lockers, hangers, hooks) from the premises. The simplest and fastest method of restoration of interlacing seams is to whitewash and paint them. The disadvantage of this method is the short duration of the effect, which often lasts no more than six months.

Another easy way to update the seams is to overlay a new grout on top of the old one. This method is used only if the depth of the old joints is sufficient and there is at least 2 mm of free space for the new grout.

Trowel seaming between tiles

In order not to scratch the tile, use a special rubber spatula to grout the joints.

You can apply the paint to restore the color of the interlacing seams. The algorithm of actions is elementary: first the surface is cleaned of dirt and mold, then paint is applied to the seam. After a few minutes, the paint remains on the tile are removed using a damp sponge.

The greatest effect can be achieved by completely replacing the old grout with a new one. To remove the old composition, use a joint expander or any other suitable object. Work carefully to avoid damage to the edge of the tile itself.

Sometimes the seams are cemented. To soften it and make it more malleable, you need to use an acid cleaner. According to safety rules, work should be carried out in rubber gloves and goggles. It is necessary to apply the cleaner to the seams with a brush and wait for a while. After this procedure, the old grout will be removed easily.

To remove the dry residue of the old grout, the surface should be vacuumed and rinsed with soapy water. Follow-up work should be done only after the joints have dried completely. Usually it takes at least 24 hours.

At the next stage, the seams are treated with a penetrating primer and a new grout is applied. Mortars for grouting joints quickly enough, therefore, it is better to carry out the work quickly and make the composition rather liquid. Using a rubber spatula, you must carefully rub the grout inside, filling the entire space.

Excess trowel from the tile is cleaned with a sponge or spatula. Tile should be washed when the composition dries, but finally. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to clean it.

Vinyl film in the bathroom

Vinyl film not only decorates the walls in the bathroom, but also hides all the defects of the old tile.

Cosmetic update

  1. Vinyl film. Inexpensive, waterproof vinyl cover is presented in stores in a huge assortment. In addition, the vinyl film perfectly hides all the defects of the old tile. The surface for paving is prepared with a usual mild detergent. Then the film with the adhesive layer is transferred to the tile. If the drawing is large, you need to glue it from the middle, gradually smoothing the film to the edges to avoid wrinkling.
  2. Continuous painting of tiles. To begin with, clean the tile with a detergent and degrease the surface with acetone, vinegar or alcohol. Next, sand the tiles with a small emery cloth to remove the gloss and treat with an epoxy primer to provide the paint with a strong adhesion to the surface. Leave the surface to dry for 24 hours and re-sand with sandpaper. After that you can start painting. Use it is possible as a special paint for tile, and epoxy composition. Apply paint with a roller. After finishing the work, the tile needs 12 hours to dry. If you need 2 or 3 layers, apply them only after the previous one has dried. Completely the paint will dry up only after 3 days. Only after that you can arrange furniture and accessories.
  3. Drawing of patterns. You can paint the old tile with ornament using a ready-made stencil. You can buy it or make it yourself from cardboard paper or plastic folder. A balloon with automotive paint, which has a powerful adhesion, and the surface does not require a preliminary primer, is a good fit. Before painting, it is necessary to degrease and clean the surface thoroughly.
Painting old tiles in the bathroom

Painting the old tiles in the bathroom will revive the room and fill with new bright colors.

A budget option

If the tile looks completely hopeless, the best way to upgrade the walls in the bathroom is to finish them with plastic panels. They are easily mounted on the surface, these manipulations can be carried out even by the inexperienced in repair to the owner. So the question, what to replace the tile, disappears by itself. In addition, the panels are resistant to high humidity and are adapted for permanent contact with water. With this decorative material, you can repair the bathroom room, creating an unusual design in it, in just one day.

First of all, you will need the following tools and building materials:

  • scissors and hacksaw for metal;
  • SD and UD profiles;
  • self-tapping screws 25 mm;
  • perforator;
  • screwdriver;
  • silicone sealant.

The work should begin with the treatment of the walls with a ground antiseptic, the marking and installation of profiles, then work is done on laying electrical wiring and other necessary communications. After that, the wall panels should be attached to the profile. If the surface of the walls is smooth and smooth, the panels can be fastened directly to it with waterproof glue. Joints should be carefully treated with silicone sealant.

The original way

Another option of the original decor is the decoration of the bathroom mural.

Mural - this is a large photo image in the entire wall, from floor to ceiling. A kind of modern analogue of wallpaper on the same plastic panels.

Bathroom decoration mural

Mural is a large photo image on the whole wall in the bathroom.

Advantages of the panels:

  • do not absorb moisture, they are easy to wash;
  • Do not burn, can withstand temperature changes from -10 to + 60 ° C;
  • The image does not lose its color saturation for a long time;
  • resistant to mechanical damage;
  • democratic value and European quality;
  • do not accumulate dust;
  • The air layer between the mural and the wall provides additional heat and sound insulation.

Art-deco panels help to dramatically change and expand the space. The picture can be anything (exotic desert island, underwater flora and fauna, etc.). Murals can be used in both the decoration of all walls and their damaged parts, you can create transitions from one wall to another.

It is perfectly combined with other finishing materials, for example, tiles or wallpaper. And to give the bathroom integrity, designers recommend the main colors and motifs on the image to support various elements of decor - towels, rugs, soap dishes, etc.

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