How interesting it is to update the bathroom

Bathroom in a city apartment is not always different in size and space. But even such a small space can be transformed using simple tools and methods. How to update the bathroom in a couple of days, taking into account all the features of this room? To upgrade the bathroom, it is not necessary to completely change the plumbing, wall, floor or ceiling finish. It is enough to visually inspect the condition of the bathroom, conduct spring cleaning and sealing of small cracks. Will have to replace and worn furniture.


Before you do the renovation of the bathroom, you must draw a sketch and determine in which tones the room will be.

It is better to begin cosmetic repairs with cleaning, so it will be easier to determine which front of work is to be done. After this, a list of finishing and restoration works is drawn up, the necessary materials are purchased. Before you begin to finish, you will have to inspect the condition of the plumbing. Perhaps, it will be necessary to replace the mixer, lighting devices, decorating the walls. If necessary, the bathroom itself is replaced or painted.

Wall decoration

Partition of glass blocks in the bathroom

Figure 1. The partition of the glass blocks in the bathroom. Glass blocks are not at all afraid of water and therefore are often used to decorate the bathroom.

If the range of work is planned, then you can start repair. How can I upgrade the bathroom with minimum expenses? To begin with, you will need to update the walls, based on the following rules:

  1. The material should be chosen so that it was not only attractive, but also withstood all the operating conditions. Finishing should not absorb moisture, be resistant to sudden temperature changes, constant humidity, steam. In this quality it is best to use ceramic tiles, but the paint is also suitable, special non-woven wallpaper for painting, plastic panels. Today in the fashion natural finish of wooden lining with a protective coating.
  2. The color for the walls should be chosen carefully. Too dark shades are better not to use, it is recommended to prefer light, pastel or bright tones. A complex and ornate ornament for the bathroom is not suitable. This rule must be taken into account when choosing a finishing material.
  3. Wall decoration должна быть практичной, легко очищаться, не впитывать запахи, быть устойчивой к образованию плесени.

Bright colors

Upgrading the bathroom with bright elements

Figure 2. Updating the bathroom with bright elements.

How to make a stylish bathroom? It is not necessary to carry out repairs, you can buy unusual accessories or decorate the walls unusually. Before starting such work it is recommended to use special tables of a combination of shades. For example, for the modern interior will suit a variety of shades of green. It can be a marshy color, bright green, olive, khaki. You can combine them with beige, burgundy, ocher or mustard tone.

This holiday of color can be arranged using:

  1. Glass blocks for creating a decorative partition, as in Fig. 1. She can distinguish the bathroom and the rest of the room.
  2. The tiles already available on the walls can be decorated with a special self-adhesive film. Today in the specialized stores a wide selection of films of different shades is offered. It cuts out different figures or rectangles to make the walls more vivid and attractive.
  3. Instead of the standard boring furniture, bright shelves and lockers are installed. Towels are better to take bright colors, with drawings. Beautiful floor mats are laid on the floor, the shower curtain is selected in the tone of the rest of the environment. An example is shown in Fig.

More light

Lighting in the bathroom

The main condition when choosing luminaires in the bathroom is that they must be necessarily moisture resistant.

The bathrooms rarely provide natural light. Usually windows are made in private houses, although modern layouts of urban apartments also do not exclude the presence of windows. If they are not provided, then it is recommended to add more light to visually increase the space, to make the interior more attractive.

For bathrooms today, manufacturers offer a variety of special light fixtures, including energy-saving ones. They can have a standard shape or be made in the form of a candle, a spiral. Colored unusual plafonds can be placed anywhere. It is interesting to look at the highlight of the niche where the bath is located. To visually increase the space, small lamps can be placed around the mirror or above it. This will not only make its use more comfortable, but will also give an opportunity to better illuminate the room.

To make the premises more light, you can buy a mirror tile for the ceiling, place more accessories of light colors. In this case, perfectly fit chrome faucets, holders for towels, dryers, shelves.

Non-standard solutions

Completely transform the bathroom with their own hands can be, using accessories made in the style of the avant-garde. Even the smallest bathroom will become brighter and more stylish, if you bring unusual and elegant notes. Excellent holders for towels, made in the form of grapevines, frames for mirrors, which are made of stucco. The decor can be supplemented with soap dishes made in the form of a large open palm or a beautiful shell of a gentle shade.

With your hands from the tile-mosaic or fragments of ceramics on the wall you can lay out a beautiful panel that will match the general interior. It can be a vegetative motive, an image of birds, fish, butterflies.

If the bathroom has excellent ventilation, you can put a couple of small paintings or posters on the walls on the walls.

They will revitalize the interior, make it more cozy and comfortable.

Upgrading the bathroom with room colors

You can refresh the bathroom with indoor plants, especially flowers in pots made by own hands will look original.

Unusually, the tablets will look with joking inscriptions, funny phrases, various quotations. In this case, the usual morning wash or evening bath will be filled with positive.

For the bathroom you can use houseplants in pots made by yourself. Such vases can be made from unusual objects, for example, from a small tin can of bright color with patterns, from a regular pot, which is decorated with colorful washcloths. It will be interesting to look hanging flowerpots, decorated with bright towels.

Bathroom can be decorated with floor mats with imitation of real green grass. On the walls and the mirror, you can strengthen small starfish and shells, corals.

A beautiful impression will be created by decorative open shelves on which are placed trifles, for example scented candles, handmade soap with unusual shapes, baskets with clean towels. If the bathroom has a window, then the window sill can also be unusually designed. For this, shells, glass or ceramic bright mosaic, fragments of tiles with various patterns are used.

Renovation of the bathroom is an interesting creative process, the result of which is a complete transformation of the interior. Having shown a little imagination and using often the most usual objects, it is possible to achieve an unusually attractive and bright result in the shortest possible time.

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