How is floor tiles laid?

The best option for finishing the bathroom is ceramic tiles. The material is strong, durable, beautiful appearance. But the main advantage, important in carrying out repairs in the bathroom - it is resistance to high humidity and temperature changes. Laying tiles - a fairly complex and painstaking process. However, if the process technology is executed correctly, the final result will suit you completely.

General scheme of laying tiles on the floor

The general scheme of laying tiles on the floor.


You need to start the process by preparing the surface in the bathroom. To the tile later pleased with the eye, the base should be even. Initially, the old tile is removed (if the floor is not cleaned for the first time). To do this, take a hammer and chisel and gently beat off the old coating. You can also use a puncher. In this case, the process will be much faster, but it will be accompanied by a large amount of dust. In addition, all tiles will be destroyed, they will not be used again.

After the old coating is removed, proceed to leveling the base. To do this, remove all defects: cracks, depressions, etc. If they are small, then it is sufficient to repair the damage with putty. If the defects are significant, then you should use the plaster solution.

Layout plan for floor tiles

Layout plan for floor tiles.

Next, you should check if there is a slope of the surface. This is determined using the building level. If the slope is more than 4-5 mm, then it is necessary to align the base.

The optimum option in this case is the pouring of a self-attiring mixture. It is easy to work with, and the effect will be as positive as possible.

After leveling the surface and drying the compound, a surface marking should be done. Marking is carried out if the laying is carried out according to a special scheme (for example, you need to lay out a drawing, lay the tile diagonally, etc.).

To do this, the tiles in the bathroom are laid out on the floor in the order in which they should lie. According to the received scheme, marking is done.

Laying tiles

After the preparatory works go to the laying of tiles.

Initially, you should prepare a glue solution. To do this, use special adhesive compounds. The manufacturing plant, as a rule, gives recommendations on the use of the composition. It is recommended to choose a mixture intended for use in the bathroom. The adhesive is prepared according to the instructions for use.

Next, proceed to laying floor tiles. The glue can be applied to the floor surface or to the tile itself. However, the second method is more time-consuming, takes more time. In addition, tile is a porous material, so it can absorb the adhesive without providing the necessary adhesion.

Stages of laying tiles on the floor

Stages of work when laying tiles on the floor.

The composition is applied with a notched trowel. The layer should be even, have equal ridges. Tiles are laid on the treated area. In this case, it is necessary to perform reciprocating movements, so that the finish is better set in place. Similarly, fit all the tiles. In this case, one row should be relative to the other according to the selected scheme. To ensure that the material fits better, you can tile the tiles neatly with a wooden hammer.

If the tiles are laid with a gap, then between them, it is necessary to provide for the installation of special dividing crosses. If the gap is not provided, then all the elements fit tightly into the joint.

In the end, tile, as a rule, need to be cut. Pruning is better to provide in a place that is not visible (for example, behind the bathroom). You can trim the tiles with a tile cutter. This is the most effective and fastest way. You can also use the Bulgarian. In this case, the quality of the cut is reduced. You can not only crookedly cut material, but even damage it.

The final stage is the treatment of joints with the aid of grouting. The composition is applied with a rubber spatula. After 20-30 minutes, it is necessary to wipe off the grout residue from the surface of the floor tile. If the tile is stacked end to end, this step is excluded from the process.

This completes the laying process. After the floor has dried completely, you can walk on the floor.

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