How is the knot of the under-floor

Today, the designs of the warm floor in apartments and private houses are used quite often. Many owners equip similar systems with the entire building or individual rooms. With heated floor most often used and other devices for heating, for example, radiators. The design of the heated floor refers to products for heating with low temperature, so an integral part is the mixing unit.

Warm floor

Warm floors in the room for a long and correct operation require proper installation.

Elements that will be needed:

  • flaps;
  • pipes;
  • cranes;
  • pump;
  • union nuts;
  • collectors.

Node of the admixture

The device of a warm water floor

The device is a warm water floor.

Node of the admixture нужен исключительно для водяных конструкций полов, так как в них находится тот же тепловой носитель, что и в отопительных радиаторах. В большинстве случаев отопительная система организовывается следующим образом: котел, тепловой носитель для нагрева, конструкция высокотемпературных радиаторов, нужное количество контуров.

The boiler will heat the water to the temperature that will be needed for the radiators. In most cases this is 95 ° C, but sometimes radiators with a temperature of 70-80 ° C are installed. According to sanitary norms, the floor should not be heated above 31 ° C. If we take into account the thickness of the screed in which the pipes of the floor structure are laid, the bottom of the floor, the liquid in the tubes should be heated to about 40-55 ° C. It should be understood that it is impossible to direct liquid directly to the heating system from the boiler, as its temperature is high. To cool the liquid at the entrance to the circuit, use the under-floor unit of the warm floor. It will mix the hot carrier of heat and the cooled carrier from the return tube of the heated floors. As a result, the average temperature will become lower, after which the liquid will flow into the circuit. As a result, all the available heating devices will work properly: hot water with a temperature of 95 ° C will be supplied to the radiators, and a heated temperature of 55 ° C will be applied to the heated floor circuit.

It is possible to not use a knot of a mixer if heating in the whole apartment or a private house is carried out using low-temperature circuits, while the heated liquid will heat the thermal medium exclusively for the heating system to the required values. An example of such a design is an air pump. If the heat source will heat water not only for the warm floor, then the mixing unit should be mounted.

Principle of operation

The device of the knot for the water floor

The device of the knot for the water floor.

Operation of the structure can be described as follows: the hot heat carrier will reach the collector of the heating structure and abut the damper for protection with the thermostat. If it is heated more than necessary, the damper will work and open the supply of a cold return pipe, as a result, there will be a mix-mixing of hot and cold water. As soon as the water of the required temperature is obtained, the damper will again work and block the supply of the hot heat carrier. You should know that the work of this device can be organized in several ways.

The nodal collector arrangement can be used not only to change the temperature of the thermal carrier, but also to circulate in the system. Therefore, such a bundle should consist of such components as:

  1. Damper for protection. It will feed the heating system with a hot carrier as much as is needed, as a result, the inlet temperature will be controlled.
  2. Pump for circulation. This device will drive fluid in the circuit of the structure at a specific speed. As a result, the heating of the entire area of ​​the structure will be the same.
Water supply in the mixing unit

Water supply in the knot of the admixture.

The mixing unit for the warm floor can consist of the following elements: shut-off flaps and elements for venting.

Node of the admixture всегда монтируется до контура системы, но место его монтажа может быть различным. К примеру, его можно расположить в комнате с отапливаемым полом, в помещении на разделении коллекторных конструкций, которые идут в контуры с низкими и высокими температурами. Если комнат с отапливаемыми полами несколько, то узлы подмеса понадобится устанавливать в каждом помещении или в шкафчике, расположенном рядом с коллектором.

In the construction it is possible to mount various shutters for protection. In most cases, three-way and two-way valves are used.

Two-way valves

Site map подмеса

Scheme of the knot.

In some cases, such an element is called feeding. This element is equipped with a thermostat head with a liquid sensor that will continuously monitor the temperature of the heated liquid. The head changes the position of the flap, as a result of which the supply of the heated carrier that comes from the boiler is added or cut off.

As a result, the heat carriers are mixed as follows: the liquid from the return pipe is fed continuously, and the hot liquid is supplied only when necessary. In this case, the feed will be controlled by the flap. As a result, the system will not overheat, due to which the period of its operation will increase. The two-way valve has a small flow capacity, so that the control of the liquid temperature will be carried out slowly, without changes.

Professionals recommend installing a two-way valve in the underfloor heating system.

However, you should know that in this case there is a restriction. Appliances should be installed only if it is planned to heat an area of ​​more than 200 m².

Node of the admixture

Node of the admixture нужен только для водяных теплых полов

Three-way valve

Данное приспособление выполняет все функции клапана питания и байпаса для балансировки. Главное его отличие в том, что оно будет смешивать нагретую жидкость с холодной водой из обратной трубы. Three-way valve иногда комплектуется сервоприводом, который управляет термостатами и системами контроля погодных условий. Внутри клапана размещается заслонка, которая установлена под углом в 90° между трубкой подачи горячей жидкости от котла и обратной трубкой. Можно выставить элемент в любую позицию (срединную или с наклоном в какую-либо из сторон). В этом случае все будет зависеть от нужного соотношения смеси остывшей и нагретой жидкостей.

This type of valve is considered to be universal. It is recommended to install it in heating systems with devices for controlling weather conditions, as well as in large systems with a large number of circuits.

Three-way valves have drawbacks. It is impossible to exclude the cases when, on the signal from the thermostat, such a shutter opens slightly and lets a hot carrier with a temperature of 95 ° C enter the circuit of the system. Sharp swings are not allowed when using such surfaces, since the tubes can burst from strong pressure. Three-way valves have a high throughput, and therefore even the slightest change in the adjustment of the device can lead to a significant temperature change in the circuit.

Site map

Mixing of heat carriers can be carried out both before the collector structures, and on all the groups' offsets, installed collectors. Each group of collectors should be equipped with their own thermostats, dampers and flow meters.

A damper for balancing must be installed in the system. With this device, it is possible to adjust the ratio of the flow rate of the heated heat carrier and the cold liquid from the return pipe. In this way, you can set the temperature in the loop. Turn the valve using the key.

After installing the mixing unit according to the selected scheme, it must be adjusted. For installation, you only need to connect all the pipes. For adjustment, perform the following actions:

  1. The servo is removed.
  2. The damper is set to its maximum position.
  3. Balancing of branches is carried out.
  4. The construction is connected to other heating devices.

It is not difficult to install the mixing knot for a warm floor with your own hands, you just need to know the sequence of actions.

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