How is the shower equipped in the khrushchevka

Shower cabin in Khrushchev - just an ideal option. Everyone knows how small a bathroom is in such houses. Because of the installation of a large bath and frontal washbasin in the washbasin, it becomes so tight that it is not even necessary to talk about some kind of comfort.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

With the help of a shower, you can give a beautiful view of the bathroom and save a lot of space.

It is quite another matter if the bath is replaced with a shower. Then the free space appears, and you can even install a small washing machine. Below are some helpful tips for installing a shower in a small bathroom.


Shower enclosure

The device of a shower cabin.

There are several options. The simplest is to make a shower cabin. You can do it yourself. To do this, you need to lay out the corner of the tile where the shower will be located, place the water pipes there, install a mixer and a pan. After everything is done, the corner with the shower is closed with a transparent partition. You can buy ready, and you can make the partition yourself from impact-resistant glass. It should be noted that the glass partitions look much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones, much less than polyethylene curtains.

So, the work on the installation of the shower corner in Khrushchev is as follows:

  • perform waterproofing of walls, level them with plaster and lay tiles;
  • install and connect a drain pan to the drain;
  • To draw in a corner water pipes and to connect a mixer;
  • install the curtains.

This is one of the options for arranging a shower in a bathroom in a Khrushchev. There are other design solutions.

If you wash the washbasin in a corner, choosing a compact model, you can easily install a small jacuzzi. You need to choose a model that is installed in the corner. This design will serve as a small bath and shower corner at the same time. You can do without a washbasin, and wash right above such a bath. This will save a little more space.

If the bathroom in Khrushchev is narrow and long, you can separate a quarter of its area by a partition and make a shower there. In the remaining space, a sink and even a toilet bowl will fit perfectly if the bathroom is combined with a bathroom. The partition should be of transparent glass.

The scheme of the shower tray device

The scheme of the shower tray device.

This is for self-made shower cabins, which can be done by thinking through the design of a small bathroom. You just need to buy a ready pallet. Its dimensions should not be too small, otherwise it will be very inconvenient to take a shower. Manufacturers produce pallets for shower cabins from 70 cm in width, you need to choose the same, the width of which is not less than 80 cm.

The purchased pallet is mounted on a raised platform so that it can be easily connected to the sewer. You can use bricks. For draining, you can take a corrugated plastic hose. It must be carried to the old drain hole, which is left from the bath. It is necessary to use silicone cuffs and sealant, so that the connection is strong. If the shower is removed from this hole a considerable distance, then it is necessary to extend the sewer pipe. It is much easier to push the cockpit closer to the sink.

For plumbing, use plastic pipes from well-known manufacturers and connecting elements to them. This will avoid the use of welding in the bathroom. In addition, plastic structures do not require painting, and keep such connections, if they are properly mounted, for decades.

Ready-made options

Determination of the size of the shower cubicle

Determination of the size of the shower.

But in addition to self-made booths, you can buy and ready-made construction and install it in the bathroom in Khrushchev. Even if it is a large cabin, it will still take up much less space than a bath. However, before making such a purchase, you need to decide on the size. You can draw a plan of the bathroom with the dimensions on it, and with this plan to come to the store. The salesperson will help pick up such a shower that best fits in the room.

When choosing a design in a store, you should shake hands with the assembled cabin. She must remain motionless. If you want a shower with hydromassage function, you first need to find out if there is enough pressure in your house's water supply system for this function to work. When buying a ready-made shower, you need to choose models with clear glass.

Of course, for many people the presence of a full bath is important. This allows you to soak in the warm water. But if you and your family think that you can completely do without such water procedures, it is much more practical to install a shower in Khrushchev. This will make the bathroom more spacious and cozy.

A well thought out interior, you can make such a room that it will please you not only with its convenience, but also with its beauty and attractiveness, and you will not regret having abandoned a large bath.

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