How the ball mixer is repaired

Mixers in everyday life are used quite often. They are classified by various indicators, for example, by type of installation (shower, bathroom, kitchen). Regardless of where this device is used, its malfunctions provoke the same reasons.

Single lever ball mixer

The ball mixer has a simple design and is easy to operate.

Repair of the ball mixer, which is the most commonly used, has its own peculiarities. This is because its design is characterized by a special modification. However, the repair of the ball mixer is simple. The main thing is to observe the rules and consistency.

Major breakdowns

Such a device, as a ball-type mixer for a bathroom, can have the following breakdowns:

  • the liquid flows out of the tap;
  • the water pressure is weak;
  • the water temperature is set incorrectly.
The device of the ball valve

The device of the ball valve.

The reason for lowering the pressure of water, can serve as a clogging of the crane. To avoid this problem, you must install a special filter in front of the mixer. The liquid flows, as a rule, because the cartridge is clogged with a gap between the swivel element and rubber gaskets. The tightness of the installation can be disturbed even by the small grain of sand.

Repair in this case is to disassemble the bathroom faucet and clean the clogged place. In the opposite case, the leakage will only increase, because even a small grain of sand will completely ruin the rubber gasket over time. Due to a strong change in water temperature, one of the holes may become clogged with rubber pieces from the gasket or sand particles.

If it is not possible to determine the cause of the failure or repair, it is necessary to completely replace the bathroom faucet.

Some people buy mixers at a fairly low cost. Such products are made from cheap silumin. It is completely unreliable and even with a small mechanical impact it can break down. Such a crane is not subject to repair. It is better to buy once a qualitative non-expensive model.

Tools and materials

To effectively repair the bathroom faucet, it is necessary to prepare such materials as:

Tools for fixing the mixer

Tools for fixing the mixer.

  • aerial operator;
  • a ceramic head;
  • the head cover;
  • cartridge for single lever mixer;
  • control knob;
  • plastic and rubber rings;
  • decorative cover.

In addition, the following tools will be needed:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • pliers;
  • a hammer;
  • knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • hex key;
  • drill.

Technology of repair

First of all, the repair of the ball valve begins with the disassembly of the crane. For this, the handle is removed:

  • shut-off valves are closed;
  • The screw is loosened by means of a hex key;
  • the pen is removed directly.
Disassembly of a standard ball mixer

Disassembly of a typical ball mixer.

Then you need to press a screwdriver on the groove of the threaded ring and gently turn the ring anti-clockwise. It is necessary to ensure that the mixer does not turn all the way, and the water hoses are not damaged under it.

With the help of pliers, the chrome-dome is removed in such a way that the 4-toothed ring, which is under the dome, is not damaged. It is removed, as a rule, together with the dome itself. The tightening of the thread corrects the water flow, so the wheel arrangement can be adjusted down or up. Experts advise to unscrew the plastic ring from the dome to see that the threaded joint rotates well and is not contaminated.

Next, a piece of plastic is removed in the form of a shield, which consists of 2 parts of white and black. The black part is a seal. Its conical shape is broken often after long use, or it becomes rusty. Because of this leakage is formed. Usually, to repair a bathroom faucet, simply remove the contamination. However, if it's not the sealer, then you need to take it further.

The ball is extracted from the mixer by moving upwards. It has a bounding hole that specifies the rotation of the mechanism. It is necessary to carefully examine the ball stopper for the presence of dirt, chips and cleanliness of the coating. If the ball is damaged, it should be replaced.

Cartridge replacement scheme in a ball mixer

Scheme replacement of the cartridge in a ball mixer.

When installing a new ball, you need to focus on ensuring that the cutout that goes to the right side completely falls on the ledge next to the top of the faucet. Then a shield is inserted, which is placed by a plastic fuse into the slot of the tap side.

Springs, located under the black seal, should be in working condition at the time of disassembly. If they do not work, then you need to change them to new ones. To do this, they are eliminated with a neatly flat screwdriver. Since the new springs are somewhat stronger and longer than the old ones, it is recommended to use several platypuses when mounting them, and also pull the shield downwards until the springs are clamped. Next, a ring and a chrome-dome are installed, which are tightened by pliers. The longer the ring is tightened, the more difficult it will be to turn on the mixer in the future.

When repairing seals, use silicone grease (it extends the service life).

It does not wash with water and improves the running of the rubbing elements of the crane.

To assemble the mixer, it is necessary to do all the described operations in the reverse order. This completes the repair. After repair it is necessary to check the valve for leaks.

Often a leak begins near the base or in the upper area of ​​the tap. To fix this problem, you need to lift the spout at the base and pull it up. The ball mixer for the bathroom has 2 O-rings. Usually they provoke the flow of the crane over time. These rings should be carefully removed using a small flat screwdriver. The field of how they are replaced and the valve has not yet been delivered, it is necessary to coat the O-rings with silicone grease to minimize wear.

When installing and repairing the crane, all threaded joints should be sealed with a special thread or fluoroplastic tape. It must be remembered that the plumbing market offers a huge variety of ball mixers, so their repair may be slightly different.

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