How to assemble a shower cabin with a bathroom

There are lovers to soak in the foam bath, but there are those who like to take an invigorating shower. In this case, it is best to install a shower in the bathroom. It is also great for small rooms, as it saves enough space. Arrangement of a shower cubicle with a hydromassage effect by one's own hands must be done carefully following all the steps.

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.



  • roulette;
  • plumb or level;
  • brick;
  • cement;
  • putty knife;
  • a wooden bar;
  • plasterboard;
  • perforator;
  • screwdriver;
  • pipes.

First you need to determine the location, size and shape of the cabin. The most convenient place for its installation is in the corner, since space is freed. Its size depends on the area of ​​the bathroom itself. The shower cubicle can have a variety of shapes: angular, square, etc. Its installation can be carried out either directly to the ceiling, or not reaching it a few centimeters.

Tools for mounting the shower enclosure

Tools for mounting the shower.

Further on the size the markup of the future design, both on a floor, and on walls becomes. After that, capital partitions are built, for which moisture resistant brick or blocks of concrete are used. You can also mount the frame on the walls. In this case, a wooden beam or galvanized profile is used, which is sheathed with a moisture resistant gypsum board. The walls in the bathroom should turn out to be strictly vertical, which is checked by a plumb or level.

The next stage of work in the bathroom is the installation of a water pipe. First, the installation location of the faucets and shower hose is determined. Then pipes are brought to it, which are heated to the stroba on the wall. To do this, you can use pipes made of plastic or metal, covered in 2-3 layers with a special paint to prevent the appearance of condensation on them. Next, the pin locations and the end connection points are set. Since the partitions must necessarily be waterproofed, they are covered with moisture resistant plaster. On the frame, gypsum plasterboarded, first reinforced mesh of fiberglass or metal, and then applied a layer of plaster. After its complete drying, the walls are ready for laying the tile.

Installing the pallet


  • сливная труба;
  • metal pipe;
  • cement mortar;
  • putty knife;
  • tile.

To drain the water, a pallet or an inclined floor is installed. If there is a shower in the bathroom without a shower tray, then a groove is first made in the floor and a drain pipe is laid. In this case, it should be located with a slight inclination. After that, everything is poured with a concrete screed, which should dry completely. Then a layer of waterproofing must be laid out on the prepared surface. It is installed on the floor tile, which is laid with a slight inclination (2-3 degrees) towards the drain hole. When installing a car with an inclined floor, it must be remembered that the lowest point of the floor is the drain hole, and the highest is the joint with the common floor covering in the bathroom.

The scheme of installation of the shower tray

The scheme of installation of the shower tray.

If the shower enclosure is installed with a pallet, then first it should be noted the place of water flow. Then a pipe is taken out to the sewer, and the drain is installed without fixing. In this case, it should be located about 20 cm above the floor. After that, the correspondence of the drain with the pallet is checked, and if everything is the same, it is finally fixed to the floor. Further, a large diameter pipe is gently inserted into the metal pipe, and the pipe itself is fixed to the floor using clamps.

Для выравнивания поверхности пола его заливают стяжкой, которая должна полностью высохнуть, и выкладывается tile. Затем к поддону фиксируются регулируемые ножки. При этом под каждую, для предотвращения скольжения и царапания, подставляются подкладки. Края поддона должны плотно прилегать к стенам комнаты, а сливной узел на нем должен совпадать с раструбом трубы канализации. После этого ножки регулируются так, чтобы поддон располагался строго горизонтально. Далее по всему периметру он закрывается плиткой. В конце проводятся облицовочные работы стен, например плиткой, мозаикой и т.д.

Assembling the shower cubicle


  • walls for a shower cabin;
  • door;
  • profiles;
  • electric drill;
  • vaterpas;
  • kerner;
  • a hammer;
  • sealant.

To build a shower cubicle, you will need walls, for example, made of fiberglass, matte or clear glass, plastic, etc. their number depends on its shape. When the floor is inclined, a special profile is attached to the walls, the floor and, if necessary, to the ceiling with the help of dowels through the finishing material. Then the box for entering the cabin is fixed.

After this, one of the walls is installed in the prepared guide profiles, being fixed in four rigid bases. The other wall is fixed at two or three points, such as the floor, the wall and, if necessary, the ceiling. Between the two walls is the entrance to the cockpit, which is closed with a sliding or swinging door. In order to seal the shower enclosure, one of its sides must rest against the spacer between the floor and the ceiling.

In the end, all seams should be carefully sealed with a special sealant or silicone to avoid leaks.

If hydromassage shower cabins are installed with a pallet, then the wall profile is attached directly to its edge. Then it is vertically aligned with a special device - the level. After that, points for subsequent drilling are marked on the wall, which are punched by a small chisel or punch. In this case, blows should be applied very carefully, so as not to damage the finishing material.

Then the holes are drilled in the rotational mode of the drill to the depth of the dowel, and the wall profile is fixed. After that, fixed walls are fixed without fixation. Then the doors are suspended and the hinges are adjusted. At the end, the walls are finally fixed. Care must be taken to ensure that the seal fits snugly against the edge of the pallet when the door is closed.

After the shower cabin has been fully installed by yourself, you should check the work for quality, and also connect hot and cold water and lead to the sewage system.

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