How to attach a sink to the curbstone

Like a gas stove, a must-have attribute of the kitchen is a sink. But, unlike the stove, you can install the sink yourself, without involving a specialist. However, for this you must first make a cabinet under the sink.

Scheme of installation of a sink in a table-top

Scheme of installation of a sink in a table-top.

It is not uncommon to make a cube according to an individual scheme, forcing the complex arrangement of sanitary details in the kitchen, especially in old "Khrushchevs". After you have installed the cabinet under the sink, you can figure out how to attach the sink to the curbstone.

At present, several ways of mounting this device are known. In particular, it is possible to attach the sink through the holes in its rear wall and directly to the kitchen wall by means of self-tapping screws. But most often homeowners prefer to put a sink on a special curb either with the help of fixing corners, or using wooden bars, or "planting" it on the glue.

Materials and Tools

To qualitatively make a cabinet and attach a sink to it, it is necessary to prepare the following tools and devices:

Scheme of assembly of a corner curbstone under the sink

The scheme of the assembly of the corner cabinet for the sink.

  • electric jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • a curb under the sink;
  • brackets;
  • drill;
  • wooden bars;
  • metal corners;
  • glue;
  • adhesive tape (scotch tape);
  • sealant;
  • cardboard sheet;
  • pencil.

Mounting brackets

The whole process begins with the purchase of a kitchen attribute for washing dishes and fitting the bedside table to its dimensions. You can, of course, make the cabin under the sink by yourself, sacrificing your precious time for this and without confidence in the final result, if practical experience is not enough.

However, a huge selection of products in the modern kitchen furniture market allows you to buy a ready-made, made by experienced craftsmen, a kitchen sink that perfectly fits both in size and design style.

Therefore, it is possible to focus on the technology of a properly reliable connection of the two specified parts into one functional whole.

The scheme of installation of a curbstone under a sink

The scheme of installation of a curbstone under a sink.

First of all, a ready-made cabinet for washing is installed in the place where it will be located all the time of its operation. All the necessary communications, pipes and, if necessary, electrical wiring should be provided in advance.

Before installing the washbasin, ensure that there are special mounting brackets (mounting brackets). Currently, these fasteners, together with screws, are usually included in the standard delivery.

Even before the actual washing is installed, the optimal location of the brackets is determined. It is desirable that they are placed symmetrically in relation to each other.

You can do this simply by eye, attaching the brackets to the intended attachment points. Then the four fasteners should be fixed with screws using the inner side of the cabinet. For this, screws (usually up to 16 mm in length) are screwed into the wooden panel approximately 5-6 mm. This will allow them to hang fastening brackets on them, the corner side of which should be turned to the nightstand.

After hanging the brackets the screws are slightly twisted. On top of the sub-table, a sink is installed neatly. The brackets are inserted into the slots in such a way that the main fixing screw is fixed in the recess of the bracket.

When the washing bath is finished, it is necessary to turn the brackets to the stop. Thus, the sink is sufficiently close to the countertop. At this stage, it is recommended that the place of contact between the ends of the sink and the surface of the cabinet be treated with silicone glue or any other sealant to make the junction tight. After this the screws should be fully screwed.

Using wooden bars

This type of installation is usually used in those cases when the foreman at hand for some reason did not have the corresponding mounting brackets, when the fastening using standard mounting angles does not seem to the householder to be completely reliable, when standard fixing methods do not fit or in the substructure on which the sink is mounted, serious defects are found.

Scheme of types of fastening of a mortise sink

Scheme of types of fastening of a mortise sink

To use this method, you need to stock up in advance with wooden blocks of the appropriate size. In addition, we must select the standard corners for furniture installation works. Only after this they begin to make the upper frame for the substructure.

The carcass thus obtained is inserted into the washing box. The whole structure is fastened with 4 metal corners, with which wooden slats are pressed against the washing container along its entire perimeter.

Only after this the design of the washing rack prepared for the final installation phase is installed on the pedestal base. The whole simple operation is completed by screwing the walls of the second part of the metal corners to the walls from the inside.

Application of glue

The only real complication of this option is that the dimensions of the substructure itself and the sink installed on it should almost coincide. Meanwhile, the special curbstone (substage) should be only a few mm narrower than the width of the washbasin.

Thanks to this, the overhead sink is easily installed between the side walls of the base. In this case, it is necessary to make sure that the sides of the washing device conveniently cover the upper ends of the curbstone from above.

This method assumes that before the "sowing" of washing the ribs of the substructure are covered with a continuous layer of silicone glue or other high-quality sealant. The shell must be pressed against the ends impregnated with an adhesive, and leave this for 2-3 hours until the bonding agent has dried completely. Subsequently, it will not only firmly hold the container in a fixed position, but also protect the platform from the penetration of water into it.

Flush version

Well, if the overall dimensions of the washing device will fully match the size of the lower cabinet. But this is not always the case.

Kitchen design drawings

Drawings of kitchen design.

In addition, very often the kitchen sink is installed on the sectional furniture with a common table top. In this case, the sink is placed in an arbitrary order, depending on the location of the communications and the general design of the room.

Therefore, at the present time, most shells are sold together with cardboard templates, according to which it is relatively easy to cut this device in the most convenient place. If such a template is not included in the kit, you can simply transfer the main washing circuit to the paper using a pencil.

After the optimal arrangement of the sink, taking into account all the features of future operation, is selected, a template is fixed on the table top with adhesive tape. On the contour the boundary of the sink appears. Then from the line inward they retreat by 1.5 cm and draw a contour of the cut of the countertop.

At the next stage, several holes are drilled along the entire inner contour through small intervals. With an electric jigsaw neatly, strictly along the intended line, an unnecessary segment of the countertop is cut out. The so obtained saw is sanded with sandpaper.

A large hole is inserted into the large hole. Fastening it is carried out on one of the above described methods - either with the help of tie-down brackets, or the container is "planted" on the sealant sealant.

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a casket with a sink fixed on it. The main thing in this business is to be precise, consistent and accurate.

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