How to build a bathroom in khrushchev

The bathroom in the Khrushchev area with the advent of the newest sanitary equipment has acquired the possibility of changing the design for the better. Now it can be made more functional, cozy and convenient. The main problem of this room is its small area and a combined bathroom. Also there are obsolete communications and pipes.

Small bathroom

With the help of light finishing materials and good lighting, you can visually increase the size of the bathroom.

Modern compact plumbing allows you to visually expand the room, and equip it with devices that previously could not be installed. Visually increase the space, making a fashionable room will help hiding the pipes.

Installation of plumbing in Khrushchev

Each owner has his own ideas for installing sanitary ware, but we must remember that in a small room in a bathroom in Khrushchev it is not recommended to install large-sized plumbing.

In the case when the bathroom is connected to a bathroom, the best option is the equipment in it of the shower cubicle. These modern devices are more convenient than bathtubs. The embodiment of such an idea, will save a place where you can put other equipment.

You can put a modern corner in place of the usual bath in Khrushchev, which will immediately improve the appearance of the bathroom. In addition, this will make it possible to free a place on which you can install a washing machine.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev

The bathrooms in the Khrushchev's have a small area, so you need to choose the sanitary equipment of a compact size.

The current manufacturers of home appliances have developed two original types of washing machines, the installation of which makes a small bathroom in a Khrushchev more spacious:

  1. A model that is placed under the sink, sold together with a washing machine.
  2. A laundry machine called a flop. Having installed it, you can save the area of ​​the bathroom and water. A washing machine is placed above the toilet, this allows you to combine the flushing function in it. Its original design will add an unusual look to the bathroom in the Khrushchev.

The original solution when reworking a bathroom in a Khrushchevka is the organization of a plum in the floor and the perfect refusal of the bath. Put only a shower device. To protect the walls from splashing water, a sliding partition made of impact-resistant glass is installed. Well, if it will be matte.

The bathroom in the Khrushchev will become quite spacious if the pipes are hidden in the wall. In the case where you can not hide them in the plane of the wall, a good solution is to hide in boxes that are tiled with tiles. Their upper planes will serve as shelves for various bathroom accessories.

Standard Bathroom Layout

Standard layout of the bathroom.

In the bathroom in Khrushchev it is better to put one of the following options of toilet bowls:

  • not requiring a tank, fastening directly to the wall;
  • Angular, which visibly saves the area.

Bathroom can be equipped with a washbasin, which is combined with a washing machine, or glass. Of course, it is desirable to have a large mirror and wall cabinets, the color of which will merge with the walls. Since in this room it is important to save free space, only the most necessary things should be visible, all the rest should be hidden in the lockers.

Optional Accessories

An excellent idea to provide a bathroom in Khrushchev with light - several lamps built into the ceiling, scattered and soft light from which will give the small room a mystery.

Standard bathroom can be completed with:

  • bright towels;
  • radiant heated towel rails;
  • all kinds of accessories.

Color Solutions

The area of ​​the bathroom in Khrushchev is quite small, so an important task is the use of some methods of visual expansion of the room. Designers recommend using light as the basic tone. One way to increase space is to use narrow strips of curbs and wider vertical bands.

Locker under the sink

Under the sink can be placed a cabinet for storing various bathroom accessories.

Do not make the walls of the bathroom in the Khrushchev area the same color. One of them may be a little darker or brighter than the others, and a vertical picture will also look good.

Designers are advised to make the bathroom decor in a Khrushchev not boring. At the stage of selecting panels or tiles there is an opportunity to find many interesting solutions:

  • aged surface;
  • copying trees, skin of reptiles, animal skins;
  • Marine theme.

In modern design, the most colorful trend is the comparison of old and new, an exciting mixture of styles.

To decorate the walls with white color should be cautious, since a sterile room does not allow the body to completely relax. You can experiment using opposite combinations, but shades look much better:

  • sand;
  • beige;
  • green;
  • blue color.

A traditional option for finishing this kind of room is ceramic tiles. It is to long-lasting material, its range is great. Designers recommend for the bathroom in Khrushchev use a small tile-mosaic. The tile, which surface is smooth, reflects.

The most economical option for finishing the bathroom in the Khrushchev will be plastic panels. With their help, you can simply and quickly zadekorirovat necessary surface.

Of course, this room is the wettest, so all the accessories in it must be made from the corresponding durable materials:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • tempered glass.

Uneasy and troublesome, however, the completely solved task is to create an unusual interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev.

The owner's task is to make it so that all elements of sanitary ware and decor harmonize with each other, and also be combined with the walls and the floor of the bathroom.

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