How to change the mixer in the bathroom

No matter how perfect the devices and devices in your home, you can not do without their periodic replacement or repair. You can invite a specialist for these purposes, but often with such works it is quite possible to manage independently. For example, everyone is quite able to change the mixer in the bathroom.

Scheme of mounting the mixer to the wall

Scheme of mounting the mixer to the wall.

Most often the mixer in the bathroom comes into disrepair due to poor quality tap water. This happens more often if there is no filter at the entrance to the apartment on the water pipe. The mixer can go bad if you forget to replace the cartridge with a filter. If this happens, your task is to perform a replacement, without spoiling the system.

Causes of breakdowns

First of all, it is necessary to find out what kind of failure. The most common types of damage include:

  1. Corrosion. Very many manufacturers offer buyers cheap mixers made of brass alloy of low quality. This is mainly the sin of Chinese manufacturers. European companies produce more quality and durable equipment from stainless steel. With him, this problem is much less common.
  2. A low-quality brass alloy can lead to thread failure. This is another common cause of the mixer failure.
  3. Leakage with closed tap. This can happen as a result of using substandard water with impurities that just clog and damage the mixer cartridge.

Tools and materials

Stages of installation of faucets in bathrooms

Stages of installation of faucets in bathrooms.

After identifying with the damage, you need to find the tools needed for repair. You may need the following tools and materials:

  • adjustable wrench of several sizes;
  • pliers;
  • gaskets for water pipes;
  • tape-fum or tow;
  • flax plumbing;
  • insulating tape;
  • sealant;
  • water drain;
  • graphite liner molding.

If any tool or material is not at home, you can easily purchase it at any construction store.

Preparatory work

First of all, it is necessary to block hot and cold water in the bathroom. Unscrew the two valves to remove the remaining water from the pipes. After that, unscrew the two main nuts with which the old mixer is attached to the eccentric adapters, which serves to connect the water pipe and mixer. Disconnect the mixer and remove it. Carefully inspect the eccentric adapters. If they have become unusable, you may need to replace them.

Diagram of the device of the valve mixer

Diagram of the device of the valve mixer.

The standard distance between the pipes in the mixer is 15 cm. But in reality this figure is not always met. Correct position can be with the help of eccentric adapters. They need to be tightened or, on the contrary, released in such a way that part of the branch pipe is displaced and has come in line with the desired place on the mixer.

После того как вы отрегулировали нужное расстояние между патрубками, монтируйте новый смеситель. Отрегулированные эксцентрики нужно зафиксировать и исключить протечки в данном узле. Примените формовщик прокладок и сантехнический лен. Немного льна намотайте на внешнюю резьбу, сверху нанесите graphite liner molding. Также можно воспользоваться герметиком. Еще один вариант фиксации - применение уплотнителя в виде ленты-фум.

When working with eccentrics, one trick is observed. Synchronism is very important here.

Turn the eccentrics into both pipes in a mirror manner and if possible simultaneously, since any violation will cause the mixer to tilt.

The mixer itself should be mounted only after all the work on installing the eccentrics has been correctly performed. Once again, carefully check the distance between the pipes and only then mount the mixer.

Another important stage of work is fixing the fixing nuts. Brilliant polish coating nuts can be very easily scratched, thereby spoiling the appearance of the mixer and the entire bathroom. In order to protect the outer coating, the nuts must be carefully wrapped with an insulating tape and then tightened with a wrench or pliers. When you are finished, remove the insulating tape from the nuts.

When the change is made, let the water run in the bathroom to check how well the work is done, whether there are leaks. If the technology of changing the mixer in the bathroom you mastered correctly, you can always save money and do without calling a professional.

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