How to choose a bath with hydromassage

From the correct choice of the bath depends not only the quality of everyday water and hygiene procedures, but also the improvement of the body. How to choose a bath with hydromassage? Acquisition of a bath with hydromassage is necessary first of all for those who care about their healthy. The benefits of hydromassage are well known, today it is possible not to visit a medical institution or a private clinic for it, but to carry out the procedure directly at home, for which it is enough to buy a bath with hydromassage. What you need to know about the varieties of such plumbing, so that the purchase is not a waste of money?

Bath with hydromassage

The bath with hydromassage has a positive and relaxing effect on the entire body.

Features of jets and streams

There are different types of sanitary hydromassage products. Baths with hydromassage function are divided into two large groups:

  • conventional;
  • combined.

The cost of the first products is much cheaper. From the combined they differ in that the nozzles are attached to them on the sides and the massage is carried out by an air-water jet. Combined baths with hydromassage apply not only air-water jets. During the healing procedures, another kind of streams is used in such a bath - air bubble. In such a bowl, a combined hydromassage is performed, it is considered more effective and beneficial for health.

All modern sanitary products for health procedures have different modes of operation. Solving the question of how to choose a bath with a hydromassage, it is necessary to take into account: the more operating modes of the product, the higher its cost. If plumbing has a wide range of options and a very low price, there is a high probability that you will get a poor-quality bath and the funds for the purchase will be wasted. The plumbing product has an average of about 10 regimens, they are enough for the implementation of procedures.

Air bubble streams

Air bubble jets are considered more useful, but the cost of a bath with a combined massage is more expensive.

Criterias of choice

Hydromassage is the main function of such products, but most modern hydromassage baths also have aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and disinfection systems. If the first is important for greater comfort, the latter provides higher sanitary and hygienic conditions for the operation of the bath. Be sure to pay attention to the materials from which plumbing products are made. The lifetime of the bath and the materials are closely interrelated. An inexpensive option is a plastic plumbing, which has the lightest weight and is easy to install. But if you choose a bath with a hydromassage made of plastic, you must always take into account the weaknesses of this material.

Plastic is easily exposed to aggressive chemicals. Its quality is adversely affected:

  • hard water;
  • salt;
  • temperature changes.

Example of a spa bath device

Plastic baths with hydromassage quickly lose their aesthetic appearance. If the product is made of poor-quality materials, its color will soon fade and the bath will be covered with cracks and chips. It is important to know: plastic is more quickly contaminated than other materials. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to treat it with strong chemicals, rub it with a sponge, too, because it causes scratches on the material. If the bath is not planned to be regularly operated, then it makes sense to give preference to plastic.

Fiberglass, acrylic and steel

Plumbing products with hydromassage, made of fiberglass, are the exact opposite of plastic. More durable, it is not as susceptible as plastic, mechanical damage and deformation of the polymer structure under temperature changes. Cleaning the bath of fiberglass is easier. But the given material on the technical and operational characteristics while considerably loses:

Installation of a whirlpool bath

Installation of a whirlpool bath.

  • acrylic;
  • become;
  • A consortium.

The listed materials are the most popular in the manufacture of sanitary products with hydromassage. Each of the invoices has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Acrylic for the production of sanitary ware was introduced relatively recently. In medical institutions, private clinics, sanatoriums, they are mainly made of acrylic baths with hydromassage. The service life of these plumbing products can be further increased if the thing is reinforced from the outside by means of fiberglass. The average duration of the acrylic bath is about 10 years. It has the following distinctive features, which should be taken into account when choosing almost any sanitary product:

  • the surface is pleasant to the touch;
  • practically not afraid of mechanical damage;
  • not subject to the influence of an aggressive environment;
  • easy to clean and clean.
Corner Whirlpool Baths

Corner hydromassage baths are equilateral and with sides of different length.

Acrylic baths do not deform from frequent changes in temperature. The products have no joints and seams, which is also important, because the latter shorten the life of things.

The average cost of a sanitary ware made of acrylic is 500-1000 $. To buy a cast iron bath in comparison with it is almost 1.5 times cheaper, but there are also cast-iron baths that stand on a par with acrylic, and sometimes even more. Steel products are heavier than acrylic, but lighter than cast iron, which complicates the process of their delivery and installation. The steel bath is characterized by a slower cooling of water in the bowl, a high level of noise absorption - it provides special sound-absorbing materials.

Classic Edition

Если есть желание и финансовые возможности приобрести классическую ванну, предпочтение лучше отдать наиболее долговечному и прочному материалу - A consortium.

The cost of such a purchase will cost from 700 to 1500 $. The price of the product will also be affected by the quality of the whirlpool equipment: the higher it is, the more expensive the item. Install a cast-iron bath is much heavier, you must be prepared for the fact that the cost of its installation will cost 1.5-2 times higher than the steel. The best option is to purchase the product from the seller who installs sanitary ware. This move is considered the most profitable and allows you to save significant funds. Important factors affecting the choice of cast iron sanitary ware are:

  • durability;
  • low noise level;
  • such a bath is easy to handle with detergents;
  • a longer period of operation compared to similar products.

Example of a standard set of hydromassage nozzles for a bath

Not only the material, but also the form of sanitary ware is an important criterion of choice. The easiest way is to choose a bath with a hydromassage for a spacious room - in this case, it makes sense to purchase a fancy-shaped product, it will also decorate, be a design accent. If the room is small, experts advise to purchase a compact rectangular bath with hydromassage, which is installed near the wall to save space. Correctly calculate the length of the product is quite simple, if you take into account the length of the wall where the plumbing will be installed. If the area of ​​the room does not differ large dimensions, it makes sense to pay attention to corner baths, whose range is wide and oriented to different categories of customers.

Bath installation plans

Schemes of installation of a bath in an angle and between two walls

Modern manufacturers make 2 types of corner baths:

  • equilibrium;
  • with sides of different lengths.

When choosing it is important to take into account not only the specifics of the layout of the room, but also the style of its interior. The advantage of corner, as well as rectangular, baths is their ergonomics and that they fit in almost any style of the interior, provided that the decoration of the room corresponds to the texture and decor of the materials used in the manufacture of sanitary ware.

Oval and round bathtubs require large areas. These products have their own advantages, consisting in increased comfort of the procedures they take. Placing such a plumber, as a rule, in the center of the room. When choosing any baths, you must take into account the technical and operational characteristics of the floor, bearing walls and ceilings, for which the weight of products and water is calculated, which will fill them. When selecting plumbing, you must pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • capacity of the compressor and pump;
  • number and arrangement of injectors.

Try to get acquainted with the reviews of customers who have already installed hydromassage equipment, and be guided by the products of well-established manufacturers.

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