How to choose a bathroom and toilet door

What can differentiate the door to the bathroom and the toilet with ordinary interroom? Until recently, the difference between the first and the last was their size. Now, the doors to the bathroom are evaluated according to such criteria as aesthetics, practicality, ease of maintenance and use, durability, compatibility with the overall stylistics of the interior of the room.

Doors for bathroom and toilet

Wooden doors for the bathroom and toilet must be resistant to moisture.

Consider how to choose a door for such a special room in the house, like a toilet and a bathroom.

Suitable constructions

Humidity of the atmosphere in the bathrooms due to the specifics of these premises is always above the norm, even if the ventilation system the bathroom and toilet provides sufficient ventilation. Therefore, it makes sense to consider those door designs that are not afraid of moisture or steam, are capable of serving a long period and retain, and at the same time, their original decorative appearance.


Let's list the variants of products that meet all the requirements.

Select by material

  1. Glass doors to the bathroom and toilet. Glass from the point of view of water resistance, of course, is the optimal material for finding in humid conditions. He is not afraid of changes and stratification under the influence of water and high temperature.
The scheme of the installation of the door to the bathroom or toilet

The scheme of installing the door to the bathroom or toilet.

In addition, glass distinguishes hygienic, ecological, sufficient sound and heat insulation.

Doors for this kind of premises do not of ordinary glass, but of hardened high strength. Therefore, with all the desire to break them will not be easy.

Glass doors are in great demand in recent times, as they have almost all possible advantages, including stylish design and elegance.

Their surface can be embossed, tinted, matte or with a mirror coating of varying degrees of translucency. Expensive options from glass can decorate inserts made of wood, plastic, metal, colorful mosaic, delightful drawings and ornaments.

It is the glass that is responsible for the creation of the most elegant models of canvases. Because of their deceptive lightness and airiness, space begins to be perceived lighter and wider.

Glass entrance products to the bathroom and toilet perfectly complement the interior of the house, decorating it with its presence. Deservedly high is their cost.

  1. Doors in the bathroom of plastic are regarded as one of the acceptable options for wet rooms. Plastic constructions are not afraid of rot and deformation from humidity and hot air masses. They are characterized by light weight, hygiene, durability and convenience in operation.
Tools for installing doors

Tools for installing doors.

Their properties of heat and sound insulation are pretty good. Thanks to special coatings, plastic constructions are a skilful simulation of the surfaces of many natural materials.

PVC-constructions are various both on configurations, and on color decisions. Despite the fact that plastic products lose in the aesthetics of wood and glass analogs, they are in demand with the majority of consumers. And all because such doors - this is an economical option, affordable in price to any landlord.

For the unpretentious design of a bathroom in a democratic style, a more acceptable option is simply not to be found. If there is a desire to find out which doors are more appropriate in the bathroom, then be sure to pay attention to the PVC-construction.

  1. Classic is the setting in the bathroom of wooden doors. Everyone is well aware of the fact that wood does not like water, and therefore it soon becomes unsuitable in a warm and humid environment. This does not mean that the doors of wood can not be put in the bathroom and toilet. In particular, they are not replaced by any other material in the luxurious design of the classics, where naturalness and naturalness are so highly valued.

Manufacture of such products from the best quality wood (beech), pre-prepared according to all the rules of technology. Wooden models are impregnated with antiseptic agents and varnished. For their installation it is desirable that the opening into the room is not close to the water and steam supply devices. This option is also quite expensive.

Door hinge adjustment scheme

Diagram of door hinge adjustment.

  1. Laminated chipboard (MDF) doors are popular among buyers. These models are indispensable for wet conditions. Their design is diverse and modern. But their main advantage is availability.
  2. Do not put doors from natural veneer in the toilet and bathroom, since the finest veneer will not last long contact with the hot moist air.
  3. When the installation of doors is planned in a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen or living room, in such a situation it should be taken into account the possibility of convenient opening of both doors. Because the doors of the compartment type and "accordion" are the most successful option with such a cramped layout. In addition, the originality of the construction of such a door will not remain unmarked by both household members and guests.

Take into account, from whatever material the door to the bathroom was made, it must be equipped with a vent hole. They can make a gap between the floor and the door leaf. When searching for a suitable product, attention should be paid to the reliability of the hinges, handles and locks, since they will experience the greatest load during operation.

The door for the bathroom is selected on the basis of its own material possibilities, as well as a stylistic direction in the design of the interior.

Fineness of installation

Layout of the door before installation

Layout of the door before installation.

The doorway in the bathroom is usually equipped with a door with a height of up to 5 cm, which protects the dwelling in case of flooding. Therefore, the doors to the bathroom are set a little higher in comparison with the rest, this difference is about 10 cm.

Often, owners tend to install the same type of products throughout the house and buy similar typical two-meter interior paintings in the bathroom. However, the standard sanitary plumbing has a door opening height of only 1.90 m. Therefore, one of the two - or a door or an opening is fitted to get the desired result.

The walls in a typical bathroom are thin and are only 4-5 cm. Therefore, when choosing doors, you should also choose the appropriate box. Ideal version of the box, when its thickness exceeds the wall no more than 1.5 cm (necessary for a layer of cement and tiles).

In this situation, the side of the box from the inside will be placed in the same plane with the surface of the walls, finished with tiles. Otherwise, you will either have to thicken the wall, or remove a few centimeters from the box.

Do not recommend cutting off centimeters from a box of veneer because the remaining veneer will begin to peel off after a lapse of time. Similarly, it can also damage the boxes with coniferous contents coated with veneered hardboard (MDF). Staining the place will not give the initial color effect, which will make the saw line noticeable even when masked with its clypeus.

Based on these considerations, it is better not to conduct experiments with sawing boxes. Significant cracks (about 1-2 cm) between the thickness of the wall and the clypeus are covered with gypsum.

Consider the proposed advice and get a decent door.

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