How to choose a cast iron bath

One of the main features of the bathroom is the presence of a bath. Correctly selected bath not only creates a design of a premise, but also provides all conditions for comfortable rest in warm water.

Cast-iron foot bath

A cast-iron bath on the legs will make the interior more attractive, but it will only look good in a spacious room.

The choice of a new bath is a very important and difficult task. To understand how to choose a cast-iron bath that will serve you for a long time, you need to know the basic parameters of the choice. If you consider them in the complex, you can buy a quality product at the lowest price.

Value for money

The choice of the manufacturer is considered a very important parameter. Pricing policy and protection against numerous fakes depend on this. So, to avoid forgery, you need to check the presence of protective holograms on packages, instructions, sometimes on the bath itself.

The device of a cast iron bath

The device of a cast-iron bath.

For yourself you need to decide what kind of money you are willing to pay for a bath. Define the upper price limit to avoid paying attention to very expensive models during the selection. Today there are different prices for baths. The minimum cost is usually about 1,600 rubles, and the maximum is about 35,000 rubles.

So, you set the price limit for yourself. Now choose the manufacturer. Now almost every developed country produces baths. The most profitable producer is considered to be Russia. Due to the fact that domestic raw materials and technologies are used, the cost of such baths will not be too high.

The most expensive baths are produced in France. In this country, unusual in appearance baths. As practice shows, usually French baths are more suitable for spacious rooms. More democratic are Turkish, German and Chinese producers.

Please note that each country has several firms that are engaged in production. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a cast-iron bath of a well-known company whose products have already been tested by time and practice. Lesser known firms produce inexpensive baths, but usually do not guarantee quality.

Choice of shape and design

The next important parameter for choosing is bath design. In this issue, you need to consider such issues as the total area of ​​the bathroom, the desire to save or reduce space, the need for additional places to store household items.

Hidden cast iron bath

A hidden cast-iron bath is suitable for those who want to decorate space around it at their own discretion.

So, before choosing a bath, you need to design the interior of the room. In this case, take into account all the smallest details, since it is the small parts that can be decisive in the final choice. Determine the location of pipes and other necessary communications, after which you can go to the furniture.

First select the place where the bath should be. From it directly depends on what it will have forms and designs. The shape of the bath is divided into straight and angled, and according to the design - on built-in and separately installed.

As for the form, everything is very simple here. Ordinary rectangular baths are considered standard. They are easy to install near any wall, whereby the rest of the room space will remain free. Rectangular bathtubs are suitable for small rooms. The width of the bath can vary. You can choose a bath narrower in conditions of limited space.

Corner baths are considered more beautiful and original. To some extent they are even more convenient. This shape is ideal for a square room. As for rectangular rooms, it is advisable to install the corner bath only when it fits normally under each wall. The design should not block the aisles.

Equally important is the design of the bathtub. The most convenient is the built-in bath. This design allows you to mount a special screen, behind which you can hide the various necessary items.

Mold of a cast iron bath

Cast-iron baths usually produce a classical form, but sometimes they meet with bends.

If you do not have such a need, then instead of the screen you can make a decorative tile that fits the texture and shade of the floor and walls. The built-in bathtub can have different shapes. In any case, this type is considered the most functional for small rooms.

A separate bathroom is a piece of furniture for spacious rooms. As a rule, these structures can look great even in the middle of the room, providing a sufficient amount of free space around them. Usually, such baths are more expensive, despite the low degree of functionality. The presence of decorative carved legs gives this bath a more majestic appearance.

When choosing a bath, pay attention to additional functional elements. These include armrests, head restraints and other such attachments. Curiously, some models have built-in fixed elements, but with other designs they are included.

If you do not want to overpay for this, you can negotiate with the seller so that he sells you a bath without accessories. If this is not possible, you can stop at another (standard, inexpensive) model.

Correspondence to communications

Bathtub siphon

Place the drainage of the bathroom must necessarily coincide with the distribution of pipes.

The next most important parameter for selecting a bath is its compliance with engineering communications. As a rule, each model of the bath differs in its peculiar arrangement of holes for draining the water, for mounting the crane.

If you have a drain part at the bottom, there must also be a hole in the bathroom under it. This structure has the majority of bath models. The presence of a hole for the installation of the crane is required only when you prefer to make a separate supply of water to the bathtub. It is necessary to have such a hole on separately installed structures.

Do not forget that some models have a front and back. Especially it concerns baths, in which there is a special place for sitting (especially common for angular constructions). This part of the bath is considered the back. Think in advance the correspondence of communications to the holes on the front of the bathroom.

Cover for bath

Finally, the last parameter is the selection of the bath cover. Today, there are a variety of technologies that cover cast iron for sanitary use. These coatings differ among themselves in color, and in texture, and thickness.

So, with regard to texture and color. The standard is a white semigloss surface. Also available are color baths. It looks original in the interior, but in terms of functionality is not very good. A white bath can be cleaned almost everyone (as opposed to a color bath). And to restore colored enamel is not so simple as the standard white. The texture is usually smooth, with a slight waviness. Ideal smoothness will indicate maximum compliance with standards and the use of cast iron of the highest quality.

The thickness of the enamel coating also matters. The thinner it is, the greater the savings in the internal volume of the bath. Now, manufacturers have the opportunity to apply a thin enamel on modern technologies so well that it will not yield even very thick coatings.

Finally, you need to inspect the surface of the bath for the absence of chips, cracks, large pits or bumps, notches. Absence of the listed defects will say that this bath is safe and durable in use.

In addition to the main enamel, two more types of bath cover have been developed. This is a special coating, preventing slipping on the bottom, and antibacterial coating in the bath, which prevents the formation of fungus and reproduction of all kinds of bacteria.

Anti-slip coating the manufacturer applies exclusively to the bottom of the structure.

It will not let you fall when you go into the bath or leave it.

Antibacterial layer is applied to the entire internal surface, including even the side walls of the bath. This characteristic is a prerequisite for expensive hotels and sanatoriums, various salons and medical institutions. For ordinary residential premises it is desirable. It should be noted that the cost of such a bath will be high.

The undoubted advantage of such a coating is not only protection from germs and fungus. Antibacterial layer protects the enamel itself. As a result, you will have to do a thorough cleaning of the bath much less often. The risk of cracking is significantly reduced.

So, how to choose a cast iron bath, you now know.

Taking these parameters into account will help you easily make the right choice, which you do not have to regret later. The main thing is to take into account all the factors in time and compare the quality with the price. A good cast-iron bath is assured!

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