How to choose a ceiling in the bathroom

Suspended ceilings with their appearance made a real sensation in the sphere of interior decoration of premises, because they allow designers to realize their boldest projects, and workers - quickly and without extra dust to install everything. The most popular material for suspended ceilings is plasterboard. But it is more popular in living quarters. But in a room like a bathroom, materials that are more resistant to moisture, steam, frequent changes in temperature are more popular. After all, all this is peculiar to the bathroom.

Glossy stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling features a long life and easy maintenance.

Not surprisingly, it is usually chosen between tension belts or aluminum racks. Choosing a ceiling in the bathroom rack or tension, you need to know in advance the properties of each of these materials. It should initially be noted that they are much more expensive at a price than drywall, but the quality and durability are higher. We can assume that this is also suspended ceilings, only the material is different.


Usually in residential houses and apartments, the lath ceiling is used in most cases in the bathroom, while the hanging can be used in residential premises.

Scheme of the rack ceiling

Scheme of the rack ceiling.

The reason for this is the "cold" metallic color of aluminum rails, which are not very suitable for living quarters, since they interfere with the creation of a cozy environment. The rack ceiling in the bathroom is good just because it has a mirror effect and reflects the contents of the room. After all, in most homes and apartments, the bathroom area is small enough, and with this effect a visual expansion of the space is created, it becomes lighter.

This ceiling consists of a standard frame, which is constructed of a special lightweight and very durable aluminum profile. Of course, you can make, if desired, a multi-level ceiling from this material, but in most cases, the rack ceiling is made single-level. Some additional decorative effects can be achieved due to the arrangement of lighting devices.

You should also pay attention to the rails themselves. They can be matte or mirror. In most cases mirror slats are in demand, but you can alternate them to create a decorative effect.

In addition, the slats can be painted in some metallic color. They still retain their mirror effect. You can again alternate colors and thereby achieve a beautiful effect.


The rack ceiling, when compared with the tension structure, is much more durable.

The shelf life as such it does not, because they are aluminum slats, which, with proper care and maintenance, will last for several decades.

Types of suspended ceilings

Types of suspended ceilings.

  1. Reiki are located horizontally. So they are attached to the frame. Between them leave small even gaps.
  2. In the event that neighbors from the top flood the bathroom, all the water will simply flow through these gaps between the slats and there will be no harm to the ceiling. It will be necessary to simply wipe the slats with a damp cloth and the ceiling in the bathroom will again be as good as new.
  3. And there are no special rules for care. It is necessary to wipe the slats from time to time with a damp cloth, using available detergents for this.
  4. Aluminum itself is a very light metal, so the entire ceiling weighs very little, the walls, the main ceiling and the frame itself are under minimal load, so there is no need to worry about safety.

However, it is very important that the ceiling installation be carried out by professionals. This guarantees first of all high reliability, and safety of construction. As for lighting fixtures, they can be installed any number needed.

It is better to focus on zoned lighting, for example, when necessary, to illuminate the area near the mirror, near the bathroom, shower cubicle, etc. It is advisable to make controlled lighting to include not all bulbs at once, namely those that are needed at the moment . Of course, at a price the lath ceiling is more expensive than its counterparts, but it will last a lot longer.


With regard to tensioning structures, they are also great for a bathroom. They also cost more than plasterboard ceilings, although, if desired, you can find an inexpensive canvas. Stretch cloths are good in that they can contain various drawings, inscriptions, photographs, if you order individual printing. The canvas itself can be matte, with a mirror effect, glossy, etc.

Types of stretch ceilings

Types of stretch ceilings.

  1. If, in most cases, the rack ceiling in the bathroom is single-level, the stretch ceiling can be made multilevel if the height allows. Stretch can also perfectly cope with moisture, steam and temperature changes.
  2. But not every canvas will cope with this. It is very important to know in which country it was manufactured. The best is what was manufactured in Europe. But at the price it is the most expensive. Models manufactured in Russia and China are cheaper, but the assortment and quality are much lower.

Especially careful to be with canvases from China. Of course, not all products manufactured in this country can be harmful, but many unscrupulous entrepreneurs produce canvas in artisanal conditions from poor-quality recyclables, which, moreover, may contain harmful substances, toxins and radiation.

And in the bathroom, even if it's cheap, you can not install it in any case, because the bathroom is a room with high humidity, temperature drops. All this will only accelerate the release into the air of harmful and toxic substances from poor-quality canvas.

Figured lath ceiling

The rack ceiling can be made both flat and figured.

That is why, if you choose a suspended suspended ceiling for your bathroom, it is better to give preference to products from European manufacturers. This will cost more, but you can be sure of the quality, safety and durability of the installed tensioning structure. As for the canvas itself, it can be fabric or vinyl.

Fabric and vinyl

Stretch Ceiling Mounting Stages

Stages of installation of a tension ceiling.

Fabric models are more durable and reliable, are more expensive, but they can not boast of an assortment. Vinyl is also quite good, but not so much as fabric. They can boast a large selection of colors and textures, drawings and patterns.

One of the advantages of suspended suspended ceilings is that if suddenly neighbors from the top flood the bathroom, they can not pass water for a certain time, but save it. It can be seen from a deformed ceiling. This will allow you to make a small cut and drain the water without damaging the trim in the bathroom, the appliances, for example, the washing machine, etc. After all the water has been pumped out, the canvas will take its original form, which is very convenient.

As for the color of the canvas, it is better to choose light shades with a mirror or glossy effect, because the bathroom is usually small in size and all this will visually increase its area and make it lighter.

The shelf life of the stretch cloths is 10-15 years. This is quite enough, because sooner or later you will want to do a new repair and change something in the bathroom.

Summarizing, it can be concluded that both types of suspended ceilings are perfect for a bathroom. Here, everyone can choose to their own taste and financial possibilities.

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