How to choose a ceramic tile for the bathroom

In many cases, the creative process of bathroom equipment begins with the study of tile patterns. Choosing this product, it is necessary not only to evaluate its appearance, but also to know something about its properties.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Ceramic tiles - the most common finishing material for bathrooms, it has strength, moisture resistance and ease of maintenance.

Tile Properties

Ceramic tile refers to the basic finishing material for the bathroom. This choice is based on its individual operational features, which are:

  • hygienic;
  • sufficient strength;
  • огнеупорность;
  • not conductivity in dry form;
  • ease of cleaning and handling;
  • does not support burning.

Recommendations for selection

Choose a tile is not easy. There are two goals to be achieved:

  1. Acquire the one that will meet with the least loss of quality.
  2. Buy a tile that will appeal to all people living in this area.

When deciding how to choose a ceramic tile, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations.

Tile inspection for integrity

When choosing, you should inspect the tiles for irregularities, as well as the presence of cracks and chips.

Its choice is to stop high quality products. The manufacturer's name can be a guarantee. However, all the same, it is necessary to ensure that in the acquired party on both sides it is not:

  • cracks;
  • chips;
  • depressions;
  • convexity.

The sides of the bathroom tiles should be smooth and distinct.

Important is the chemical resistance of tiles, because in the bathroom it has to come into contact with various detergents.

It should be distinguished by low porosity and considerable resistance to alkalis and acids. To do this, it is necessary that the front side has an immunity to the influence of cleaning preparations.

Choosing a ceramic tile, you need to pay attention to its porosity, because with the constant influence of steam and water, its outer side will lose its beauty. Tiles when absorbing moisture is significantly heavier, which can lead to its peeling off.

Pictograms indicating the purpose of ceramic tiles and other features

Pictograms indicating the purpose of ceramic tiles and other features.

Before choosing a ceramic tile for the bathroom, you need to pay attention to the lighting in the room. In case it is inexpressive, the color scheme will look darker. For today, preference is given to the facing materials of pastel tones. It is necessary to see that in the purchased lot the tiles were strictly the same color without any discrepancies in shade or tone.

If you choose a tile for facing the bathroom with pale tones, then the room will visually become larger.

And when facing a small room with dark tiles, it will look less. Quality tiles have a beautiful and smooth pattern, which is performed with the help of high-tech equipment.

Floor option

It must be borne in mind that the material for the walls should have a thickness of not less than 6-7 mm, for the floor - not less than 9 mm. Tiles for the decoration of walls and floors in the bathroom have some differences. They are different for roasting:

  • single;
  • double.

Single-fired bathroom tiles are best used for laying the floor, because it has a greater strength, less cracking and breaking.

The process of production of ceramic tiles

The process of production of ceramic tiles.

Double firing tiles are great for wall and ceiling finishing, as it is less durable. The number of anneals is indicated by the petal of the flame painted on the package with a figure about it.

Be sure before choosing a tile on the floor you need to consider that it should have:

  • rough surface, as getting water on the floor can increase the risk of slipping and injury;
  • greater thickness and density;
  • durability - quality is important only for products on the floor.

Buying Tips

When asked how to choose the right tile, the answer is:

  1. The presence of perpendicular edges. See the whole box.
  2. Equal thickness. This will control the amount of glue and eliminate the need to adjust to each product.
  3. Homogeneous coloring. The presence of even minor points is an excuse to refuse such a purchase.
  4. Absence of curved products.
  5. Glazing on the edges of all slabs should be the same. Broken glaze is a sign of broken technology or improper transportation.
  6. To cause suspicion should be a vague coarse-grained pattern.

Based on all the recommendations, we can conclude that to finish the walls in the bathroom can be purchased smooth glazed tile. The optimal option for the floor is a tile with a matte surface.

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