How to choose a quality tile in the bathroom

Tile is an indispensable material that no interior of a modern toilet or bathroom can do without decoration. Many are interested in the question of how to choose a tile for the bathroom, because modern manufacturers offer a huge assortment of ceramic and tile tiles today. You can choose it for almost any design of the bathroom and emphasize the peculiarity of any interior.

Tile in the bathroom

Photo 1. Tile is the most used material in the finish of bathrooms due to its strength and durability.

There are tiles in shape (square, rectangular), in tone (monochromatic or with the presence of a picture), in size, as well as matte and glossy. Characteristics that describe the appearance of the tile are quite a lot. Every year new types of this necessary finishing material appear. The popularity of tiles is due to its practicality, water resistance, aesthetics and wear resistance.

Ceramic tiles are not afraid of thermal and chemical effects. It is very durable, because the repair in the bathroom, decorated with ceramics, you can forget for many years.

Production methods

Tile for the bathroom, made by casting, is not suitable, because the walls turn out to be rough and uneven. But the extruded method is the best way for finishing. This way of manufacturing is used by manufacturers who have proved themselves to be very high-quality finishing materials. Floor tiles are most often made by pressing, since in this case it turns out to be less porous than when extruded.

Color design

Combination of tiles

Photo 2. Very beautiful look combinations of different tiles, the main thing is to choose the combined colors.

Many are interested in the question of how to choose a tile in the bathroom in such a way that it competently fits into the overall interior of an apartment or house and is combined with it. First you need to decide on the color design. It all depends on your preferences and taste. You can see photos of various examples of the bathroom interior (photo No. 1,2,3). But do not immediately copy the design you like, try to add something from yourself, something that would be combined with your personal design of the apartment.

The most common colors for decoration are white, pink, blue and green. The urgency of these colors is unshakable by time.

As for the shape and size of the product, it all depends on the area of ​​the bathroom itself. The smaller the size, the smaller the size of the tile is recommended. Conversely, the larger the area, the larger the size of the ceramic can be used.

Also, if a small room, it is better to give preference to light tones, since the dark ones strongly hide the space and are very susceptible to splashes of water and foam that leave strong stains on a dark background after drying.

Do not choose too variegated colors - yellow or bright red, because the bathroom - a place of relaxation and relaxation, and excessive brightness of the colors will create the opposite effect.

Finishing the bathroom with ceramic tiles or tiles is not an expensive pleasure, but if you have at least some experience in this area, you can manage on your own.

Features of choice

Tile separation of the bathroom space vertically

Photo 3. You do not need to divide the bathroom horizontally with the tile, because this visually reduces the area of ​​the room.

The selection of floor tiles must be taken with full responsibility. Separate 5 classes of tiles in strength. The first class (PEI I), the most durable, is recommended for use in the bathrooms. The second class (PEI II) is used in the kitchen and in the living rooms. The third class (PEI III) can be used both in apartments and in office premises. The fourth class (PEI IV) is finished by entrances and public premises. The highest class is the fifth (PEI V), it is used for finishing on the streets in places of large crowds.

Do not choose too large a tile on the floor in the bathroom, because it should look harmonious. Recently, rectangular floor coverings have become popular, as they can visually expand or stretch the bathroom.

The color of the tiles should be chosen based on the color of the furniture. It should be in harmony with the walls and the main objects of the interior.

If the tile and all the other elements of the interior of the bathroom are selected correctly, it will certainly create coziness and make the pastime in this room truly priceless.

Quality tiles

The most stable is tile AA, so if you want to get the best quality and durable result of bathroom repair, choose this brand.

It can be cleaned with almost any cleaning agent. The floor is usually laid square type of tiles, and the walls are rectangular. When choosing a tile on the floor, it is advisable to prefer a rough one to avoid getting injuries after taking a shower, and great for the sake of reducing the number of seams and, as a consequence, the opportunities for moisture penetration.

You need to buy the tile with a margin, as it is cut in many places, and it is not possible to use the remaining pieces.

Grout for seams use the highest quality, because it is one of the main components of the guarantee that the wall will not form mold and fungus.

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