How to choose a toilet bowl

The acquisition of a toilet is only at first glance a simple matter. A toilet bowl for a modern person is an everyday, irreplaceable thing. It is necessary to approach the choice of a toilet bowl very seriously, it must be of high quality and durable. Selection of plumbing is a fundamental step in the renovation of the interior when you are repairing an apartment. We all know that with the breakage of the toilet there is a huge number of unpleasant problems. So, we'll figure out how best to go to buy a toilet bowl and what you need to know when you choose it.

Тип смыва

Before you buy a toilet, ask the seller what kind of washing it has. One of the main tasks performed by the toilet is flushing. There are two types of flushing - direct and reverse. With direct flushing, the water does not change the direction of movement, it flows straight. On the contrary, the water changes direction, washing the shell completely. The main difference is the quality of flushing and hygiene. Direct flushing is inferior to the reverse in both cases.

Another principle feature is the method of discharge into the sewer. The water can be discharged directional, downward at an angle of 30 degrees, vertical (the water is discharged by a pipe entering the floor) or horizontal (it is more convenient, since using an adapter, the pipe is exposed to the floor or to the wall).

Material for the device

Before you buy a toilet, pay special attention to the material of the toilet. As a rule, they are made of steel, ceramics and polymers, they are similar to the same materials from which the baths are made. The most famous and common are porcelain and faience. They differ only in raw materials, their various ratios, and also processing technologies. For this reason, they have different physical properties. Sanitary faience has its drawbacks. One of them is that it is too porous and therefore absorbs moisture, about 9-12%. For the above reasons, it is covered with a layer of glaze. It performs both protective and decorative function (the toilet bowls are washed, and detergents are caustic, so the protection is necessary in order not to damage the toilet with aggressive cleaning agents).

Porcelain has a principle minus - it's its cost, it is much more expensive than faience. But the pluses are much greater. Toilet bowls made of porcelain are made of the best clay varieties, hence their strength is higher than that of faience and the protection from detergents is much higher. They also outperform the absorbency of water, absorbency is only 0.8%. Remember better to give preference to a quality toilet, even if it will be more expensive. In the price you will not lose, it will pay off in the future. If suddenly a cheap toilet is broken, then you have to make unscheduled repairs (well, if only at home, and if neighbors have a floor below), call plumbing, etc. And all this costs a lot of money, so why not buy a more expensive option.


The toilet is compact, the most popular this day. In the barrel of the toilet bowl, water is supplied in two ways: from below and from the side. The lower water supply is quieter. Also in many toilet bowls you can choose the flushing regime. There is a full one, when the whole tank is used, and there is an economical one, there is already only half a tank left, respectively, two buttons for the two modes. The toilet bowl can be supplied with barrels having the function of stop mode. That is, when one presses a drain, when it is repeated, it stops. An important part of the toilet is its lid. The cover is plastic, polypropylene, duraplast with antibacterial coating, soft with various patterns. Now in all respects originality and creativity. If you want to pay for it - it's yours.


Цены бывают разные, они могут доходить до нескольких тысяч долларов. Всегда при покупке придерживайтесь правила "цена-качество" и найдите наиболее оптимальную модель именно для вас. Pricing также может зависеть от цвета унитаза. В общем, в большинстве случаев это ваше дело, куда вы будете ходить в туалет, в роскошный унитаз или простой.

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