How to choose the optimum height of a bathroom sink

Without a sink it is difficult to imagine any modern bathroom. The height of the sink in the bathroom should be chosen perfectly. Despite the seeming simplicity, it's not so easy to do. Therefore, the assembly of the shell must be taken seriously. Even before the start of editing, it is worth learning that its main result should be the undeniable convenience of each of the household members.

Varieties of shells

Varieties of shells.

Optimal height

It is not easy to do this. And the difficulty lies in the fact that people of different heights can live in the family. Well, is everything so hopeless? The height of the sink in the bathroom will be quite reasonable, if it is guided by regulatory documents designed specifically for this purpose.

If we talk about adults, this parameter should be determined 80 cm to the side of the shell. A teenager is only 70 cm, and the child needs only 60 cm. Alas, it is unlikely that a standard bathroom will provide a separate sink for everyone. But a compromise is still possible, naturally, taking into account all the existing nuances.

A separate sink for everyone? It would be just fine! In the meantime, the bathroom requires the installation of compromise sanitary equipment.

Anthropometric considerations

Anthropometric considerations

Anthropometric considerations.

In the design, even the most primitive, anthropometric considerations were not always taken into account. As a rule, the sink was installed at a distance of 78-86 cm from the floor level. And it was considered quite functional. Although modern research confirms another: the overwhelming majority of users such height is uncomfortable.

It is better when the washbasin in the bathroom is at a height of 94 to 105 cm. Yes, the parameters of the tenants can differ significantly. Ideally, the possibility of adjusting the altitude would eliminate many problematic issues. However, everyday life does not require such a radical solution. It finds its embodiment in the installation of hanging shells. Special fasteners or brackets make it possible to realize this desire. Determined with the height of the washroom equipment, it is necessary to remember initially about the optimal distance from the floor. The male variant is 94-102 cm, for women it is enough 93 cm. They should be oriented to their convenience.

Different types

If the choice is made in favor of the so-called tulip, adjusting for height is unrealistic. The same if the shell hits the countertop. Here it is necessary to be content with factory parameters, making in cm a run from 80 to 85.

How to place the equipment in relation to the drain? This aspect is very important if the device is mounted in height. It is necessary to anticipate in advance that in the future there will be no serious problems when replacing it. It may happen that the opening of the siphon is much lower relative to the opening of the drain pipe than is required by technology.

The situation is ambiguous, but it can also be solved. Which way? Different ways:

  1. Raise the sink so that it is higher than usual.
  2. Install the drain pipe again.
  3. Shorten the pipe by cutting off part of the drain pipe. This case does not hurt: most often its ends are made a little longer than necessary, so there is room for maneuver.

When installing the sink, it is necessary to take into account all distances (from the drain pipe to the siphon, from the bottom of the equipment to the floor).

With the help of these recommendations, the height of the sink will be determined correctly, the plumbing equipment will be operated correctly, and all members of the family will miss potential discomfort.

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