How to choose the right bathtub

Bathroom is the place where residents of apartments and private houses rest, gaining strength. No man can do without a bathroom. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a bath correctly. In the process of choosing a similar design, it should be borne in mind that its service life is at least 10-15 years. Therefore, the approach to buying should be thorough.

Snow-white curly bath

The bath is chosen depending on the size of the room, the style of the room, as well as the taste of the future owner.

In stores selling plumbing, there is a fairly large number of different baths, which differ in functionality and appearance. You need to choose a bath, based on the service life, design. Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance about the advantages of various types of structures. In this case, you can protect yourself from surprises in the process of operating the bath.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cast-iron constructions appeared long ago, but they are still popular now. You should know that the water in such a product cools down more slowly. In addition, the design has the following advantages:

  • durability;
  • strength.

The disadvantage is the large weight of the bath. Such a product is difficult to raise, for example, on the last floor of an apartment building.

Cast iron is a heavy material, despite the fact that modern technologies allow the manufacture of thin baths from this material.

The average weight of the structure is 100 kg.

However, it is worth noting that a lot of weight can guarantee the stability of the bath, if it is properly installed. Cast iron products are placed close to the wall, in connection with which they can be glued tiles.

Cast-iron bath

The advantage of the cast-iron bath is that it has a long service life, keeps the heat well, is strong, aesthetic.

It is worth paying attention to the enamel coating, which shines more than acrylic. However, such a coating requires careful and regular care. If you drop an object in a cast iron bath with a large weight, the enamel will be damaged, and it will be very difficult to restore it. Therefore, in the selection process, special attention must be paid to the enamel: it should not be chipped or scratched. In addition, it should be smooth, without streaks, to have a uniform coating. If you carefully look after the enamel and do not use harmful chemicals, it will not turn yellow and will have a neat appearance over many years.

Quite often people want to choose a bath of cast iron because of its heat capacity. Such a product is heated longer than others, but as a result, the heat is stored for a long time. Completely the water will cool down in about 1.5-2 hours.

Of great importance to almost all people is the appearance of the design, so designers make masterpieces of art that can decorate any bathroom. Most often, cast iron baths have a rectangular shape. If you like intricate shapes or designs with bends, you need to choose among products made of steel or acrylic.

Recently, pig-iron constructions with a hydromassage have been produced. Similar models are represented by a large number of Russian and European manufacturers, therefore it is not difficult to choose a bath with such a function.

Characteristics of steel

If you plan to save a small amount of money on the arrangement of the bathroom, you can buy a bath of steel. Prices for these designs start from 3000 rubles. The weight of products on average is 30 kg. It is worth noting that the construction of this type has a small weight, and therefore its installation is difficult. However, the biggest disadvantage of a steel bath is the thermal conductivity: the water in this product will cool down faster than the user will finish washing. In the process of collecting water, the bath will produce a strong ringing, which is most often heard not only by the residents of the apartment, but also by neighbors.

Steel bath

Steel baths have the longest service life, one is faster cooled and quite noisy.

In order to eliminate this drawback, it is necessary to glue special rubber elements on the body of the bath, which are intended to muffle the resulting noise. In the process of choosing a steel bath, you need to pay attention to the presence of such elements. It is also worth considering the thickness of the walls of the structure. Steel baths with walls of small thickness can bend under the weight of the human body, as a result of this, the enamel will deteriorate.

Steel baths are not durable structures, but if they are properly and regularly taken care of, they will last a long time.

Features of acrylic

The designs of acrylic have appeared on sale relatively recently, but have already become popular. Such popularity is connected, first of all, with design.

It is worthwhile to understand that the prices for products made of acrylic can be completely different. It all depends on the type of material from which the design is made, the number of reinforcement layers, the design and the availability of additional functions.

General scheme of bath installation

The general scheme of installation of a bath.

To choose a bath correctly, it is first of all to deal with the origin of the material from which the construction is made. Acrylic belongs to the group of synthetic polymers. The material has no color, it is glue and resistant to light, oxygen and chemicals. To make an acrylic bath, you will need to heat the sheet from acrylic to the appropriate temperature, then in a chamber from a vacuum to blow it into a container of the desired shape. The thickness of such a sheet, like the quality of the material, can be different. Acrylic has one specific property: the worse the material is bent, the better it is. The leading manufacturers for the construction of baths use acrylic 5-6 mm thick. Particular attention should be paid to the model of meandering forms.

Durability and strength of the product is obtained at the final stage of manufacturing, which consists in multilayer reinforcement with a mixture of fiberglass and resin. If you do not perform such a reinforcement, the structure will bend under the water column. The thicker the reinforcement, the better the quality of the bath. From the reinforcement directly depends on the cost of the product.

One of the significant advantages of this design is its light weight. That is why it is very easy to transport and install such a bath. Acrylic product can have any shape, so that the interior of the bathroom can become unique. The range of colors can also be varied. Today, you can easily find a suitable model in an interesting color. Color will not repeat its initial appearance, since it is specified at the stage of manufacturing.

Another advantage of acrylic constructions is a good heat capacity. This indicator of acrylic products is almost inferior to the properties of cast iron models. Lowering water at 1 ° C will occur at the following rate: in the cast-iron structure, the temperature will drop in 10 minutes, and in acrylic - in 20 minutes. This design is recommended to choose those people who like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

The disadvantage is the fragility of the design, but you should know that there are models that are based on a metal grid. Such products are reliable. There is another option for strengthening (using fiberglass). Any of these methods is acceptable.

Acrylic bath

The advantage of an acrylic bath is that it is strong, light in weight, large choice, water retains heat for a long time.

The drawbacks include a slight damage to the base, but this element is easy to return the initial look. To do this, you will need to use sandpaper. This device is able to easily remove small damage. To look after baths from acryle it is enough simply, it is necessary to pick up suitable paste-like mixtures for cleaning which in structure do not contain solvents.

Stone and quarry baths

More recently, new bathtubs have appeared, namely designs that are made from quark. Kvaril is a material that is obtained by the combination of quartz and acrylic. Кварц способен придать конструкциям высокую strength. В данном случае дополнительное армирование производить не нужно.

Stone Bath

Stone baths are made to order and have an individual design.

Products from artificial stone are also popular. Their disadvantage is that they are quite expensive. Despite this, a similar bath will decorate any room, while all other elements of the decor will be adjusted for it.

Stone products mimic constructions from natural rocks. They are not made from solid stones, because in that case their cost and weight would be huge. In the process of making such structures, manufacturers mix natural stone crumb and quartz filler.

Suitable size

After choosing the material, you need to determine the size of the structure. There are some standards that can help buyers make the right choice. The maximum height of the structure is 65 cm.

The dimensions of the product should be chosen based on the overall size of the bathroom. It should be borne in mind that, in addition to this design, it is necessary to place a washing machine, a washbasin in the room and leave space for passage. Choose the size of the design you need, based on the dimensions of the person.

An inconvenient but enclosed bathtub

The size of the bath is chosen based on the bathroom room.

Different manufacturers of external dimensions can have different internal volumes. It is recommended to choose the design in which it turns out to take the position of reclining with elongated legs. In this case, the difference between the temperature of the body and the protruding knees will not be annoying during bathing. If there are not enough places in the apartment, you can buy a sedentary bath: it has small dimensions and a small projection for sitting.

The depth standards are 50-60 cm. Different roundings, armrests, ledges, as well as the angle of the walls will influence the internal volume. It is not recommended to choose a design with a stock in the volume, since the descent and water set will take a lot of time, the fluid flow will also be large.

Today on sale you can find bathtubs of both standard and extravagant forms. The shape of the product is not only a beautiful appearance, but also a guarantee of a pleasant time.

The shape of the product should ensure the correct placement of the body. This is especially important in the baths with the hydromassage function. Forms are as follows:

  • rectangular;
  • triangular;
  • round;
  • oval.

Bath can be made to order. In this case, the manufacturers will take into account all the requirements of the customer. The choice of the form must be done, based on personal preferences, weight and dimensions of all family members.

Bath with hydromassage function

The hydromassage function is carried out by using directed water jets that mix with air. This construction consists of a pump, nozzles, a compressor, injectors and a control panel. Most often this function is found in acrylic bathtubs. In some cases, the whirlpool is installed on cast iron structures, but such products are very expensive.

Choose a product with a hydromassage follows, based on the power of the pumping structure. For example, a pump with a capacity of 1 kW is installed in a bathroom with a capacity of 250 liters. If there is a desire to purchase a design in which additional nozzles for the back are installed, the power of the pump should be greater. You can also choose a bath with two pumps, one of which will be used by the injectors. Such a system is able to properly separate the load. In addition, in this case, the injectors can only be turned on as needed.

The compressor is intended for mixing with water of water, which comes from injectors. In some models, the ratio of water to air can be adjusted.

In the selection process, you need to pay attention to the number of nozzles. Ideally, massage of the trunk, legs and lower back should be performed simultaneously.

It is quite easy to choose a quality bath, if you know the features of each design.

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