How to choose the right curtain for the bathroom

The curtain for the bathroom is a functional and comfortable element of the interior. From the spray of water can protect any curtains, if they are made of a material that does not allow water. To date, there are a lot of trends in the design of the bathroom, but all diligence can spoil the ineptly selected curtain. At the same time, with the right approach, it can become a decoration of the bathroom.

Bathroom scheme with a sliding curtain

The scheme of the bathroom with a sliding curtain.

Classic Options

The installation of curtains for the bathroom has not suffered any changes in recent decades. The supporting structure is a cornice. It can be tubular or stringed. The cornice is held by the end of the telescopic tube end to the opposite walls of the room. The mechanism of this design includes a spring hidden inside, or a thread at the joints. To the cornice is not striking, it can be masked by a special beam on the ceiling. If this option does not work harmoniously with your interior, then choose other suitable methods.

In recent years, more and more popular use of the design with guides. This option is quite expensive, but it allows you to repeat all the curves of the bath. It is mainly used in combination with its angular species.

Scheme of folding curtains for the bathroom

Scheme of the folding blind for the bathroom.

If before the average buyer was available curtains only from polyethylene, then today there are many options for the canvas. They allow you to choose a curtain for the bathroom for every taste. The following materials are most often used in the manufacture of canvases:

  1. Cotton.
  2. Polyester.
  3. Vinyl.
  4. Glass.
  5. Plastic.
  6. Tree.
  7. Linen.

Among all the variety of options, the first place belongs to vinyl. Products from it do not tear, do not absorb dirt and can wear off in a conventional typewriter. Vinyl curtains can serve up to 3 years without losing their appearance. They have a higher price range than polyethylene, but the quality is much better.

Modern tendencies

What kind of curtain for the bathroom you choose, it should emphasize all the advantages of the interior, rather than detract from them. After all, in the unfolded state, it occupies a considerable area and immediately catches your eye. For a long time images in the form of fishes or shells on the canvas are not relevant. The modern curtain for the bathroom will allow you to realize any fantasies and creative ideas. Various variants of such cloth are produced.

You can even make a blind for yourself or as a gift.

There are various waterproof stickers, paints and glue on sale. Having a material from vinyl, you can even build an application with your own hands or draw an image. This will allow you to give free rein to your own creativity.

Wiring plan for curtains for bathroom

Scheme of installation curtains for the bathroom.

In addition, a homemade bathroom curtain will be an excellent gift. It will allow you to take into account the taste preferences and hobbies of the person you are targeting.

Recently, the tendency towards combining the bathroom and the shower has gained increasing popularity. Not every family has the opportunity to purchase simultaneously these 2 components of the bathroom. Therefore, a wonderful way out of this situation are shower curtains. This option is the best way to please family members who prefer to luxuriate in the bath for a long time and lovers of fast water procedures. With accurate handling of the doors, they can last for decades. This element of bathroom finishing will look more original than any fabric curtain. The cost of such a product is an order of magnitude lower than that of a conventional shower cubicle.

Rigid curtains are made of an aluminum frame and canvases, for which glass, plastic and polycarbonate are used. Toners or matte coatings of products are often used by manufacturers. On sale it is possible to find variants with patterned inserts. Tempered glass with a strong impact can be scattered into small pieces, and plastic eventually fades and loses its properties. From a security standpoint, polycarbonate is the optimal choice. But the glass curtains have a more presentable look.

The most expensive options are products without an aluminum frame based on tempered glass. You can choose a curtain for the bathroom, which will match your tastes and incomes.

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