How to choose the right electric towel warmer

The bathroom should be as comfortable as possible and contain all necessary items. Therefore, very often the question arises, how to choose an electric heated towel rail. It is from this element of the bathroom and will depend on the microclimate of the room. It is very important to take his choice with full responsibility and understanding.

The scheme of the correct connection of the heated towel rail

The scheme of the correct connection of the heated towel rail.

Basic information

In order to purchase the most suitable version of the heated towel racks, it is worth starting to study what kinds of species are. In the basic form this element is a pipe in the form of zigzags, which is attached to the wall. Most often this system is connected to the general water supply system.

This kind of device is called water. Heating of this element is carried out due to the passage of hot water in it and directly depends on the temperature of the coolant. The second option that can be installed in the bathroom during the repair is an electric heated towel rail. It works from the electrical network. This type of appliance is best installed in the event that the apartment has a fault with hot water or heating.

Objectives of use

The scheme of the device of a heated towel rail

The scheme of the towel warmer.

Based on the name, you can draw conclusions for what purposes this element of bathroom arrangement will be used. Given that the room has a very high level of humidity, wet towels that just hang on the hook will dry long enough, and in order not to endure such linen constantly on the balcony, a coil is used. On such a pipe, the products will dry quite quickly.

In addition, such a coil performs the role of a heat radiator in the bathroom. With it, the necessary microclimate and a normal air temperature are maintained in the room, which will make you feel comfortable immediately after taking a shower. Correctly chosen for the size or power, the device will prevent the formation of condensation on the mirror and other surfaces, which can subsequently lead to the formation of mold and fungus.

To date, the market of sanitary equipment represents two types of heated towel rails - electric and water. Before making a choice, it is worth familiar with the features of both types, their advantages and disadvantages.

Electrical analogues

It is a household appliance that performs like drying towels, so an aesthetic function. This variety is quite economical, since it consumes no more electricity than a conventional incandescent lamp, so they are often installed after repairs.

Types and dimensions of heated towel rails

Types and dimensions of heated towel rails.

They can be used for a long time without shutting down. As usual, it has the shape of a curved tube, while the very shape of the bend can be very diverse. On average, such a device can be heated to 70 ° C.

The temperature mode can be adjusted using the thermostat with which the appliance is equipped. For fixing to the wall, special fixings are used - brackets. Such a heated towel can be installed indoors after completion of the repair, since there is no need to connect to the water supply system. The advantage of such a heating element is that it will be heated regardless of whether there is hot water in the tap or not.

This variety has two subspecies:

  • with concealed wiring;
  • with open wiring.

Most models have a thermostat that prevents overheating and when the temperature reaches 65 ° C it automatically turns off the unit. This feature is relevant, if the family has small children, this will prevent the possibility of getting a burn. Structurally, such devices can have inside an oil fluid, which acts as a coolant, or a heating cable. The first option, in accordance with the principle of operation, resembles an oil cooler.

It is very important to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instructions before purchasing, which indicates technical indicators, operating methods and recommendations for installation. In addition, there must be a guarantee for the product, which can be used in case of a breakdown for repairs by the service center.

Water coil

Scheme of connecting a heated towel rail in stainless steel

Scheme of connecting the heated towel rail in stainless steel.

Most often in the bathrooms, you can find exactly such devices, especially if the room was not renovated. This type can be called the simplest and most economical. Such a device is connected to a heating system or hot water supply. It should be understood that such a device will operate day and night from day to day, therefore, when choosing a model, it is worth paying special attention to reliability and quality of construction and the material from which it is made. During operation, such a device is susceptible to very high temperatures and sufficiently high pressures.

Such devices can be divided into two groups: U-shaped and M-shaped. In order to make the first option, a thick enough steel is used - galvanized or stainless. This design is very easy to install during the repair. In addition, this towel has a low cost. For the manufacture of the second group of instruments, various materials can be used:

  • non-ferrous metals - aluminum, copper, brass;
  • black steel - such devices inside are treated with anti-corrosion agents, creating a protective layer;
  • stainless steel;
  • black steel with heat exchanger.

Among all the options worth noting products made of stainless steel, which are most popular. They are the most durable among all presented options.

Combined view

There is a kind of towel warmer, which includes the main advantages of water and electric type. The appearance of such a product resembles a water model, but in addition it is also equipped with heating elements that operate from an electrical network. Thin-walled pipes are used to make such models.

The connection to the water supply system is carried out exclusively by intermediate heat exchangers.

Scheme for connecting an electric heated towel rail

Scheme connecting the electric heated towel rail.

The price of such devices is relatively higher. With the help of such a product, you can warm up the rooms and dry the towel. Due to the fact that heating is carried out by heating elements, the temperature can be adjusted by means of a thermostat.

The towel heater today not only performs the main function of generating heat and drying things, but can also become an excellent element of decor. This is due to the fact that manufacturers pay great attention to appearance. It can be a classical form of a serpentine, a half-oval, an ellipse, a horseshoe.

You can also find models that are made in the form of a tree branch or a wave crest. Such devices for convenience can be equipped with various shelves and hooks, on which you can easily place items and bath accessories. In order to make this element of the interior more attractive, it is covered with chrome, nickel, various paints, which are suitable for different styles of bathrooms.

Key recommendations

Having become acquainted with the existing varieties of this device and having made conclusions, what is better to buy, you can safely go for a purchase. Choosing the right model in the store, it is worth paying attention to these points:

  1. General view and design of the device. It is worth to look inside and, if possible, assess the condition of the inner layer. In the case of electrical options, it is worth checking the insulation quality of all places.
  2. It is very important to pay attention to the diameter of the pipes. If necessary, it is necessary to purchase an adapter that will allow to connect the pipe of the water pipe with the product in a qualitative way during the repair.
  3. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the technical passport of the product on site, to study all its characteristics. It is worth paying special attention to the ability of the device to withstand pressure and clarify these indicators.

Following these recommendations, you can buy a quality towel heater that will last a very long time, creating comfort in the room and giving it a complete look.

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