How to choose the right lighting in the bathroom

To create the correct lighting in the bathroom is very important. This will not only depend on the design of your bathroom, but also the ease of operation. For many women, the bathroom is a strategically important center, since it is here where they make their make-up. Is it possible to make beautiful makeup in insufficient light? Of course not. Therefore, even at the repair stage, you should think about the proper lighting of your bathroom.

Lighting in the bathroom

When choosing the lighting method and the design of the luminaires, attention should be paid to the general style of decorating the bathroom.

General and decorative types

Before you proceed to the choice of fixtures, they must be divided into general and decorative. From the general lighting sources, the entire light in the bathroom will depend. Thanks to them, the bathroom will be illuminated. Decorative lighting, in turn, is used to give a special style to the interior and design of the bathroom.

That all important elements of furniture were well lighted at any time of the day, it may be necessary to install several lamps. If the room is relatively small, as a ceiling light, you can choose one powerful enough for the strength of the light source. It can be a lamp or chandelier - at your discretion. In rooms of large sizes, one light source is not enough, therefore, experts recommend highlighting the desired places with the help of spotlights.

Separation into zones

The choice of lamps for a small bathroom is not difficult. And for good and properly lighting large bathrooms should be divided into zones and choose the way of lighting.

Arrangement of lighting fixtures in the bathroom

The layout of the lamps in the bathroom.

Thus, a large room is divided by specialists into four main zones:

  • The place where you spend water procedures (this can be a shower, a bathroom, a Jacuzzi, etc.);
  • mirror and sink;
  • washing machine and other furniture;
  • toilet.

There are many possibilities for lighting the bathroom, everything will depend solely on you - like you are a bright straight light or you are more used to relaxing with scattered and muffled.

However, for a zone such as a mirror and a sink, a good lamp is simply necessary.

A washing machine should also have a good light in case you need to read the instructions, etc. If your washing machine has a backlight (which is very often found in modern models), a bright directional beam can be replaced with a more diffuse beam.

Mirror over the sink

Why is it so important to make good coverage of this zone? Because this mirror meets every household every morning and for everyone it should be convenient.

  1. For women and men who watch themselves, a particularly important factor is uniform illumination of the face.
  2. It is equally important that the lamp is not dazzled and not reflected in the mirror, as this can greatly complicate the procedure for shaving in men and applying makeup to women.

The best option in this case will be a mirror with built-in lighting, it is able to illuminate correctly. A great idea is to install a movable spotlight along the perimeter of the mirror. You will be able to direct their light in the right direction, which will create maximum convenience for each member of the family. Choosing fixtures for your bathroom, it is especially important to listen to your own feelings. For example, if you like reading in the bathroom, do not hesitate to install an additional lamp for more convenience. Among the variety of different lighting fixtures, you will definitely be able to find a suitable option for yourself.

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