How to choose the right mixer for a bathroom with a shower

Bathroom faucet has long been not just a device that is used in practice to perform its direct functions. Many people acquire this technique, paying attention to the aesthetic component of the issue. Of course, quality is also a priority. On how to choose a faucet for a bathroom with a shower, and will go further.

Bath mixer with shower

When choosing a mixer, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of which it was made, its technical features, functionality and ease of installation and operation.

Selection rules

Regardless of which particular type of bathroom faucet was preferred, the following rules should always be guided:

  1. It is worth choosing those specimens that are equipped with a flexible water regulator. Most modern models are just that. In some situations, people choose complex devices that have additional functionality. They are equipped with special electronic regulators. These are rather complex mechanisms, but it is not worth overpaying for them. There may be several additional holes, similar to the handles.
  2. When choosing it is very important to remember that the standard bathroom faucet is not only an element of decor, but also designed to perform its direct duties, that is, mixing hot and cold water. Experts in some cases advise to purchase several mixers at once for installation in the bathroom. This is especially true if it has impressive dimensions.

Basic Types

Single lever mixer system

The device is a single lever mixer.

Now it's time to talk about the main types of mixers that are used by modern humanity. To such it is possible to carry:

  • single-lever;
  • two-valve;
  • thermostat.

It is worth talking about each type of device in more detail, so that the reader had an idea of ​​what he expects when buying a particular type.

  1. Single-lever. Every day in the market of our country, this option is beginning to enjoy the greatest demand. This is due to the functionality and ease of operation. They can have the most diverse design, so the aesthetic beauty of the bathroom with their help is difficult to spoil. In order to make the water supply, it is necessary to turn the lever in one direction or another. The temperature of the liquid and the head in this case are automatically adjusted. Another positive feature is the ease of installation of equipment. With this task any person can cope. Despite the fact that this model has all of the above advantages, it still loses in terms of prevalence of the standard two-valve.
  2. Two-valve. This is the most popular model among those that exist in the modern market. These mixers for the bathroom people used in the Soviet era. They are easy to install, and the principle of their work is clear to every common person. There are two cranes here. One of them serves to supply and adjust the pressure of cold water, and the other - hot.
Scheme of a two-valve mixer with a slide switch

Scheme of a two-valve mixer with a slide switch.

In order to obtain the desired temperature at the output, it is necessary to twist both valves and set each of them to a certain position. As a result, you can get almost any temperature to within a degree. It turns out that this type of bathroom faucets is most convenient and economical. These advantages cause more and more people to make a choice in their direction.

Several modern models of such devices are presented in the modern Russian market. First of all, they can be divided into mixers with ceramic and rubber seals. Specialists recommend using devices with rubber seals. This is due to the characteristics of the material, which perfectly tolerates the effect of various impurities, which can be located in the water. Ceramics are more sensitive to aggressive environments. However, if a person has only soft water in the house, then this option can be purchased.

Constructions with thermostat

Recently, the technique presents surprises. This also happened with bathroom faucets. Now the process of water heating becomes easier due to the use of mixers with thermostats. They are the last two years have become a real breakthrough in technology and technology. Such devices differ not only in their increased reliability, but also in their progressive and magnificent design. They fit perfectly into any interior, and there are no any additional devices for them.

Plastic Bathroom Faucet

Plastic mixers are light in weight and convenient to install, but their downside is fragility.

Basically, this is a conventional panel that contains two handles. One of them serves to adjust the water supply, and the second one allows to adjust the temperature to within a degree. You just need to turn both knobs in a certain position and enjoy the shower or soak in the bathroom. The settings that a person sets when using such a device are then saved and can be used for further use.

An unconditional advantage of such models is the presence of a thermostat in them, that is, there is an element of protection. There is a maximum limit of 38 degrees, that is, a person is completely protected from the flow of boiling water, which can not but rejoice. Similarly, everything happens with cold water. Such a mixer is ideal for a family in which there are small children.

If we talk about a specific choice, then we can not make any definite recommendation. People prefer to use the classic versions of mixers, since they are just accustomed to them. Some people prefer to innovate. Everything depends on the person. How to choose a bathroom faucet? In fact, everything is simple. Everyone who has read the foregoing, now knows for sure the advantages of this or that model offered by the market. Based on the information provided, you can determine exactly the type of device.

Selection of material

Many people also think about the mixer material. In fact, this is also an important characteristic.

Some manufacturers produce devices made of alloy steel, but this option is not considered the best.

For working with a liquid, bronze and brass are always used.

Brass Bathtub Faucet

By purchasing a proprietary brass mixer, you can be sure of its ecological compatibility.

These materials are considered to be the best.

It is not recommended to use options made from silumin.

This material is not considered the most reliable. His fragility is great, so for the bathroom it fits poorly. Well, and it has its advantages.

The most important thing is the durability of the device.

Bronze mixers are considered the most reliable.

They have excellent strength characteristics. In addition, they are practically not affected by particles contained in the water. There are some disadvantages of such models. The main one is high cost.

Sometimes it is easier to purchase a less expensive option, which is made, for example, from brass, and which basically does not differ much in many respects from this one.

Ceramics is also used in production. This material does not interact with any corrosive media, besides it is resistant to any materials. Most often, ceramics are used for internal parts of mixers. This is due to the fact that this material has a tendency to mechanical destruction. In the bathroom, a completely ceramic unit can be harmful to health.

Using the recommendations, choosing a mixer will be much easier. Good luck with your purchase!

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