How to choose the right mixer for a washbasin

Buying a product, it is desirable to determine which model suits you, as in our modern world the choice is very large and sometimes not always a high price or an attractive appearance mean excellent quality. How to choose the right mixer yourself, with what characteristics are they?

Single lever mixer

Single lever mixer is convenient in that it has a mechanical limiter for hot water and a water pressure lock.

Before choosing a mixer, some people immediately go to the store, spending a huge amount of time, others ask the advice of experienced friends, some watch advertising and so on. In order to have more objective information about this device, it is necessary to use in its arsenal several reliable sources of information, including the Internet.

If the water in your region has a high content of various minerals, especially lime, then you will need to put a special filter. It should be borne in mind that the use of luxury and expensive sanitary ware in such conditions without the use of a filter is irrational and dramatically shortens its service life, and also requires more frequent maintenance.

Classification by species

Mixers are divided into many types.

The kitchen is well suited to a high turntable. Its spout usually goes to the middle of the sink, this swivel design makes it possible to conveniently use a two-piece washbasin. This device successfully allows you to gain even a large capacity of water, without experiencing discomfort. Variants with a rounded or L-shaped appearance and a single lever make it easy to start and adjust the head of the liquid with your hand or elbow when cooking in the kitchen.

Types of mixers by design

Types of mixers by design: ball, valve and thermostats; two-lever, single lever.

For a washstand in a hygiene room, a fixed mixer with both a low and a shortened spout, where the number of levers is not so important, can well suitably. Single-lever and double-lever are equally comfortable and well-suited to their intended purpose, and also easy to care for.

Single-lever mixer circuit

Single-lever mixer circuit.

For toilets in public places, so-called contactless faucets are best suited. They are more hygienic, since you do not need to touch them. They are designed in such a way that if you have an electronic sensor, you just need to hold your finger or bring your hands under the tap, as the sensor immediately catches the movement of the hand and releases water at the set temperature for a certain amount of time.

Directly for the bath itself, you can choose a product with a low spout level. Depending on personal tastes, you can choose either a long one with a turn, or a shortened fixed mixer. The main difference between bath products from all the rest is that they have an adapter for the shower head and, of course, a good switch. The switch sensor itself can be rotary or telescopic. As practice has shown, with wet fingers it is much easier to cope with the rotary switch than with the telescopic switch. Lovers of exotics can choose a special model for a kitchen with a dispenser and a specialized faucet for water filtration.

Also there are bidet mixers that have ball joints and aerators. This makes it possible to conveniently change the direction of the jet. Such mixers are today novelties in the market. Please note that the cost will be slightly higher than all other models.

Variety of constructions

An important question is how to choose a mixer for the washbasin by design. Most mixers of the classic type have the usual appearance in the form of a curved or C-shaped tube. Recently, cascade mixers are gaining popularity. They are exotic and remarkable in terms of design and are increasingly beginning to be in demand. But traditional products have more variety in designs and colors of coatings. This provides a wider choice for buyers.

The scheme of the device kitchen mixer with aerator

The scheme of the device kitchen mixer with aerator.

Compact and fixed spout can well fit for small wash-hand basins in the bathroom or shower. On a large kitchen sink in the bathroom or bulky washbasin is best suited rotary mixer. To increase the radius, choose a mixer with a retractable part of the spout.

Products length of about 15-17 centimeters are great for small sinks and showers in hygiene rooms. The design of about 20 centimeters can be the most versatile option for both wash rooms in the bathroom, and for the kitchen. It is important to take into account the installation features and the spout configuration during the selection.

For a shower and a sanitary room, a vertical installation is suitable, while the configuration of the spout can be in the form of a C-shaped or slightly curved. For a washstand in the bathroom or in the kitchen, a horizontal method of mounting the structure is suitable. Spout about 30 centimeters is good if it is designed for a separate washbasin or for a hygiene room in general.

Thermal mixers can independently control the pressure set by you and a certain water temperature due to the presence of a thermostat. One controller can control the head pressure, the other is responsible for the temperature mode set by you. These devices are equipped with a special screen and buttons.

Select by material

The right mixer is the perfect decoration in your home. But you need to pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to ask the seller about what material this design is made of.

Sanitary stainless steel, brass and bronze are the materials most suitable and in demand, but the last of the named ones are more expensive. Their price is justified by quality, the service life of products made of bronze and brass is much higher, they can last much longer.

Material for mixers

Material for mixers: steel, brass, bronze.

Some inexpensive models of mixers are made of plastic and brass, they are usually coated with chromium spraying, which makes them attractive, more durable and hygienic. When choosing such products, you should always ask the consultant what is the thickness of the metal coating. If it is less than 5 microns, then the purchase should be discarded.

Among the huge choice is the ceramic models of products. As you know, ceramics - the material is brittle, but quite expensive. This is the main disadvantage of goods in this category. In order not to see dried drips of water and fingerprints on the surface, often the mixers are covered with enamel. They become opaque, and the granular texture complements the effect.

Types of valves

Diagram of the device of the shut-off valve

The diagram of the device of the shut-off valve.

Today you can choose from classic as well as unusual exotic models. When purchasing a mixer, it is always necessary to take an interest and draw your attention to one of the main parts responsible for the supply of liquid, this is a check valve.

In most cases, a two-piece mixer is fitted with a rubber seal, which makes it possible to dispense with the help of plumbing when maintenance is required.

Single-lever model should be equipped with either a ball, or plastic, or ceramic cartridge. All options are good, but the ceramic valve is scared of fine debris in unfiltered liquid, plastic has a short service life, unlike ceramic or steel ball, while its price is noticeably lower.

Now you know how to choose a faucet mixer. If you already have experience in installing and maintaining sanitary ware and are not limited in means, you can not infringe on yourself and your loved ones in the range and features of choice. You can purchase an accessory as a work of art, but in any case, you need to take into account the fact that when installing you should nevertheless contact a specialist. After all, the complex design of the product does not always mean a simple installation, installation and maintenance.

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