How to choose the right shower cabin

Today, many people opt for shower cabins, refusing the usual baths. Indeed, this device has many advantages. This and saving space in the bathroom, and multi-functionality, and stylish design. When deciding to acquire this miracle of technology, the question naturally arises: how to choose a shower cabin in order not to be disappointed in its acquisition? In order to make the right choice, you need to approach it comprehensively, evaluating the models in different parameters.

Shower cabin

Before buying a shower you need to decide on its size, since a too large cubicle can take up a lot of space in the bathroom.


Shower cabins can be built-in, open and closed according to their design:

Outdoor shower cubicle

The open shower cubicle does not have a roof

  1. Embedded versions are a set of internal panels, a transparent door and an internal steam generator. Such cabs are built in a specially constructed or already existing niche. Inside, in addition to the steam generator, the seats with backrests and handles are additionally installed. The built-in version is quite easy to use.
  2. Open models are a structure without a roof, consisting of a pallet, fences, panels, a mixer, a watering can, devices for hydromassage. Typically, this type of cabin is installed in a special niche, between two walls in the bathroom or in the corner and fence the structure from the rest of the space with the help of a door or sliding doors. The advantage of this model, especially the corner, is its small volume, making it ideal for small bathrooms. But this type of cabin does not allow you to take steam procedures because of the lack of a roof.
  3. Closed shower cabins are ready-to-use designs that can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. This type of cabin has walls, doors, a pallet, a roof, a watering can, a mixer. The closed model is convenient for acceptance of steam procedures, as it is hermetic. In addition, it is multifunctional, so that the consumer can use various functions, for example, hydromassage, aromatherapy, steam bath, inhalation.

Shower cabins can have different shapes: rectangular, square, pentagonal, round, oval, angular (triangular). The most compact are triangular, or angular, cabins. The cabins along the wall take up more space.

Infrared shower cabin

Infrared shower cabin has a thermal effect, which heats the human body.

Another option shower enclosure may be a shower box. This model is a fenced-off bathroom. Such valves are located along the perimeter of the bathroom or on any one edge. The shower box can also be equipped in one part of the bathroom or in its center.

Recently, infrared showers have become popular. They are equipped with infrared emitters, which have a thermal effect that warms the human body. This is not only pleasant, but also healthy procedure.


When choosing a shower, you need to pay attention to its size. They should reasonably relate to the size of the bathroom, where it is supposed to be installed. So, in a small bathroom it is reasonable to install a corner booth or a small wall cabin. For a spacious bathroom you can purchase a free-standing model. The standard for the cabins is a size of 80x80 cm. Such minimal parameters make it possible to take a shower comfortably. A smaller size will constrain movement.

The very design of the shower cabin is very important. We must try to shake her. If the design is "soft", that is, gives in to the movements from the outside, it is better to choose a more "rigid" model, which is difficult to loosen. This option will last much longer and will be less prone to breakage.

Shower enclosure

The device of a shower cabin.

Particular attention should be paid to the pallet. He has a big load when a person takes a shower. If the pallet rests on the bottom only on the legs located along the perimeter, then this is an unreliable option, since it can bend under the weight of a person. This means that such a model will quickly become worthless. It is better to choose a cabin, the pallet of which rests on five legs, one of which is located in the center. The pallet can be located on two crossbars.

When choosing a cabin it is important that it is suitable for a person who will use it, for growth and other parameters. Often the cabs are equipped with seats. Before making a decision to buy, you should try to sit in such a seat, stand in the cabin itself. Movements should not be constrained, the seat should be as comfortable as possible in width and height.

Doors of a shower cabin are better to choose with a sliding mechanism. This saves space in the bathroom. The same advantage is possessed by doors opening inwards, but they are less convenient to use. Swing doors are more suitable for spacious rooms.

The mixer installed in the shower enclosure can be single-lever and thermostatic. The first version of the mixer allows you to reduce the flow of water, and the second - to maintain a static temperature when taking a shower.

The nozzles (the holes through which water enters the whirlpool) should preferably be chosen with a rotary mechanism, since it allows you to regulate the direction of the water jet.

For the convenience of shower procedures, it is preferable if the cockpit provides not just a watering can, but a whole shower set, which includes a ceiling, mobile watering can and various nozzles.

In the shower there should be no sharp corners, which can cause injury to a person, and hard-to-reach places.


Shower enclosure installation

Installation of a shower cabin.

You need to pay attention to the material from which the cabin is made. Doors and doors, as a rule, are made of materials that are difficult to break and break. It can be acrylic, plexiglass or tempered glass. Glass is superior to other materials, because it is more safe and durable. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the cockpit with doors and doors made of tempered glass. In this case, its thickness should be at least 6 mm.

Also an important characteristic when choosing a cabin is the material from which the pallet is made. It can be made of acrylic, cast iron, steel, ceramics, faience. The most preferable option is acrylic: it is quickly warmed up, durable, reliable, not very noisy, pleasant to the touch. Other materials have drawbacks. So, faience can easily break. Pottery is slowly heated. Cast iron and steel, like ceramics, heat up badly and thunder when taking a shower.

Shower enclosures (walls, curtains) can be frame and frameless, they are made of plastic, plexiglas or tempered glass. Plastic is less reliable in use. Preferred fences of glass: it is almost impossible to break it, it retains its appearance for many years. Frame fences are more versatile, and frameless can be installed only in a room with very flat floors and walls.


To choose a shower, you need to think about what features in it will be needed and in demand. Otherwise, you can overpay money for something that a person will never use. The most popular features:

  1. Hydromassage. It is better if several massage regimes are provided.
  2. Steam or Turkish bath. To implement this function, a reliable steam generator and fan must be built in the shower enclosure to circulate air and create a uniform temperature inside.
  3. Cold and hot shower. This is a healthy function that involves alternating exposure to cold and warm water.
  4. Aromatherapy and inhalation. When taking a shower it is useful to inhale various aromas that have a curative effect on the human body. A function of inhalation will help in certain diseases, for example, with colds and runny nose.
  5. It's good if the device has a water purification system. Such a measure will allow you to serve a purchase much longer.

In stores today there is a large selection of such a device as a shower, which one to choose? Correctly selected cabin will be convenient, practical and pleasing to the body and soul for many years.

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