How to choose the right shower tray

To date, the shower is not a tribute to fashion, but a functional product, with which you can easily equip a bathroom of small dimensions, as well as enjoy the adoption of water procedures. One of the main elements of the shower cubicle is a pallet, on which all the rest of its equipment and appliances are installed. It is from him will be the convenience of using the booth and its functionality. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose a pallet for the bathroom, which will be discussed further.

Shower tray scheme

Scheme shower tray.

Criterias of choice

To properly choose a shower tray, you need to pay attention to its main characteristics:

  • overall dimensions;
  • form;
  • material of manufacture.

Shape and size of shower trays

These products are manufactured in different shapes and sizes, which allows you to select the most optimal option for a particular case without much effort. Choosing the shape and size of the pallet, you should take into account not only your taste preferences, but also the dimensions of the bathroom.

Forms of shower trays

Forms of shower trays.

Today you can find pallets of the following forms:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • radial;
  • pentahedral;
  • round;
  • oval.

Square products, regardless of the material of manufacture, have standard sizes from 0,7х0,7 m to 1,3х1,3 m, where the step is 50 mm. The most popular models are up to 1,0х1,0 m inclusive. This is due to the fact that they can be installed in almost any bathroom. The bases under a shower of the rectangular form which, thanks to the compactness and ergonomics, perfectly join in any premise for acceptance of shower have huge popularity. Rectangular products have the following dimensions: 70х85, 70х100, 70х120, 80х100, 80х120 cm, etc.

Semicircular models are installed in the right angle of the bathroom. Most often such products are used in premises with a small area where it is important to win every centimeter of free space. They can be bought with sizes 80x80, 90x90 cm, etc. The most ergonomic are the pentahedral pallets, which have one right angle. Due to this they can be densely installed in a certain corner of the room.

In most cases, the dimensions of the bathroom do not allow you to purchase a large pallet, but this does not concern its depth, which can be chosen based on your needs.

Diagram of shower tray formwork

Scheme of shower tray formwork.

For example, if you are used to taking a shower every day, but you can not boast of good health, then it will be difficult for you every time to get into the shower and get out of it.

In this case it is recommended to buy a 40 mm deep pan.

If you have small children who like to splash in the water, then you are well suited base with a height of 300 mm. Also, deep products are recommended to be installed in old houses, in which the sewage system is often clogged or poorly operated.

In this case, the water in the sewer will merge slowly, which at a low base can lead to its flow through the edges.

Material of manufacture

Choose a pallet by the material from which it is made, is difficult. This is due to the fact that each of the materials used has its advantages and disadvantages:

The scheme of the shower tray device

The scheme of the shower tray device.

  1. Cast iron. Cast-iron pallets, like all plumbing from this material, could become the most popular products, if not for their high weight and relatively high cost. They are not deformed, have a long service life, but they are heated for a long time under a stream of warm water. Today, cast-iron pallets are produced by domestic producers, although such goods are difficult to find in sanitary ware shops.
  2. Steel. Products made of this material are much lighter than cast iron, but during their installation it is necessary to provide an additional reinforcement frame, since such pallets have a small stiffness. Another disadvantage is the considerable noise during operation. To reduce noise, some firms use polyurethane, increase the thickness of steel walls and additionally cover them with a layer of enamel.
  3. Acrylic. Acrylic bases are the most popular in all price segments. The technology of their manufacture practically does not limit the shape and dimensions of such products. The modern method of constructing acrylic pallets assumes their strengthening with the help of glass fiber and polymer layer, due to which they have increased mechanical strength, and in terms of their rigidity they can be compared with steel bases. To protect the shower tray from possible deformations, usually a special metal frame is attached to it. Unlike metal products, acrylic bases emit much less noise during operation, warm up sufficiently quickly under a stream of warm water and do not need to create a ground loop. Thanks to special additives used in the production process, their surface is reliably protected from fungus and mold. Prices for acrylic products directly depend on the thickness of the reinforced layer. For example, an additional reinforced base can cost 35-45% more than usual.
  4. Ceramics. The bases from sanfarfor or sanitary ware are not as popular as previous models, although for simplicity of care and sanitary standards they are considered the most ideal option: they are easy to clean and wash, there are no scratches on their surface. The main disadvantage of such products is the duration of warm-up. Therefore, before taking a shower, it is recommended that they warm up for some time under the stream of hot water.
  5. A rock. Shower bases made of stone perfectly fit into any interior of the bathroom. Such pallets are made of natural or artificial stone. Natural stone has a fairly high cost, but the pattern of such a foundation will be unique and unique. Pallets made of artificial stone have a much lower cost than the first option, but their service life will also be less. Shower bases made of stone are resistant to various mechanical damages and have good thermal conductivity, so they quickly warm up under warm water.

Taking into account the size of the bathroom and your preferences, you can choose the most optimal version of the shower tray, which will please you with its convenience and attractiveness for many years.

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