How to choose the right sink

There is no bathroom or kitchen in which there would not be a washbasin or a washbasin. The very first products were made of durable material and could stand for almost 15 years. The fastening of the structures was done on heavy steel brackets. As time went on, such a white system began to become lime-coated. Cope with him was impossible.

Varieties of shells

Varieties of shells.

Nowadays the original washbasin forms are offered in the assortment. With such abundance it is necessary to know exactly how to choose a shell. It is necessary to get acquainted with all the nuances in advance.

Experience shows that the shape of the shell depends on its main purpose. In connection with this, several types of shells are made:

  • Corner washbasin;
  • a bowl having two bowls;
  • Countertops in the form of a sink.

Features and types

Shell size chart

Size table of shells.

The most common type of shell is walled. Its cup is fixed to the wall. A siphon is attached to the bottom and water is supplied. This washing can be seen absolutely in every house. This is the cheapest option, but not everyone likes it. The fact is that in such shells all communication podvodki remain in sight, and this is not for everyone.

Another type of shell was called tulip. It is made of several parts - a special stand and a drain bowl. The stand is fixed to the floor surface, the bowl is mounted on the stand and for greater reliability is attached to the wall. Only one negative quality is in the tulip - he never changes the height. It is always 80 cm.

Basic Materials

To choose a washstand, you need to know what material it is made from. For a long time, shells made of cast iron have ceased to be used. The latest models are made of a variety of materials. Here you can find:

  • ceramics;
  • marble;
  • glass.

If it comes to metal, it's stainless steel. Basically, these are the cheapest systems that are very popular. The weight of such a washbasin is minimal, since thin sheet metal is used for its manufacture. One of the typical drawbacks is its loudness. The sound of falling water spreads throughout the room, and the surface can be easily scratched.

Shell drawing

Drawing shells.

Another very popular form is the ceramic shell. They are designed for 20 years of operation. Absolutely any color, different sizes and fancy shapes are made. Their only drawback is low strength, they can split when a heavy object falls.

The most expensive and exclusive are glass and marble sinks. Almost always the most expensive material was considered to be natural stone. Shells made of glass are made only by individual order.

Choose such a shell is only if you need to implement the idea of ​​the designer. After all, glass can easily split, and it is simply impossible to repair it.

Nuances of choice

Choose a wash basin seems very simple. But all the same when choosing you need to follow a certain sequence. First you need to determine the place where the shell will be installed.

If this is not done, then later it will not correspond to the chosen location with its dimensions. Therefore, you must first make measurements of the place where the shell will be mounted. It is necessary to measure the height of future installation.

Having asked a question how to choose a qualitative design, be sure to take note of the style. In other words, if a bathroom has the same style with a toilet, then the washbasin must fully correspond to this style.

When a sink or washbasin is selected, one must remember the material.

This determines the operational period of such a product.

Product Differences

The first place can be given to appearance. They are made in different shapes, for example, rectangular or oval. It is necessary to buy that sink, which by its shape will be suitable for the interior. In addition, washbasins differ in shades, design design. This helps to choose the right model, which will best correspond to the interior of the room. When buying, you need to consider the dimensions of the sink.

Porcelain products have become very popular today. How to choose a sink made of this material? If it is necessary to have a high-strength washbasin, the porcelain design will be at hand. Such a washbasin is considered a high-strength construction, it rarely splits, it can not be scratched.

Due to the minimal surface attraction, water does not accumulate on the surface, it quickly goes down. In addition, porcelain sinks are hygienic and ecological elements intended for the kitchen and toilet.

How to choose a washbasin made of metal? Here everything is simple. It is easy enough to choose the shade and the right size. The surface of such washbasins is covered with enamel, which is not afraid of temperature fluctuations. But the negative side is the possibility of chipping the enamel.

The most expensive is a washbasin made of natural stone. The appearance of this product attracts attention with its colorfulness and form. The negative side can be called the microcavity of the stone, where dirt accumulates quickly. In this regard, for such a shell requires constant care.

The glass sink is a very beautiful product, but requires extra care. This is a fragile enough product, but at the same time capable of withstanding heavy loads. For this solid construction you need to look after all the time. On the glass are stains, traces of hands and dirt. Such divorces make the appearance unattractive, they have to be constantly wiped.

For many years, the excellent characteristics of the stainless steel washbasin please their owners. The construction is protected against transfusion. This is a huge advantage. Fastening is carried out on brackets, with usual dowels.

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