How to choose the right tile for the bathroom

Comfort, spaciousness, cleanliness and comfort are the perfect bathroom. To create such an atmosphere in the hygiene room, every self-respecting person tries. To implement this idea in life is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Properly thought out repair of the bathroom will help make the desired possible. The most suitable and practical material for the implementation of the idea will be tile.

Bathroom tiles

Before buying a tile, you should determine its size, since a small tile visually increases the space, and a large one - on the contrary.

To choose a tile for the bathroom, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the possible options. By appointment, the tile is floor or facing, indoor and outdoor. The structure is slightly porous, porous and very porous. The surface of the tile is glossy and matte, with a pattern and without it. Tiles are also classified in the form: square and rectangular. The size can also be large and small.

Currently, mosaic tiles have gained popularity. Despite the fact that such a tile is small enough, it looks very unusual. The result is seen in Fig. 1, and this kind of bathroom tiles can be used for both wall finishing and floors. What kind of tile to use, everyone decides for himself. The only thing that is important to consider is quality. This is an indisputable criterion by which you can get the conceived option.


Cladding of bathroom walls with ceramic tiles

When choosing a ceramic tile, you need to pay attention to its characteristics, as conventional tiles are not solid, and therefore suitable only for walls.

The tile can be classified according to several criteria: by type of production, by texture and by ability of moisture absorption. White and red clay are used for making tiles. When using white clay, the whole mass is forced under the press, so the tile is immediately given a certain shape, and in the production of red clay tiles, the mass is first run through the molding machine. This process is called extrusion.

Selection кафеля для ванной комнаты играет важную роль, поскольку сохранение комнаты в сухом состоянии - это главная цель при выборе материала для отделки ванной. Поверхность кафеля бывает матовой и глянцевой. Глянцевая хорошо чистится и моется, а вот с матовой дела обстоят посложнее, но она обладает хорошей влаговпитывающей способностью. Вот почему для этой цели лучше выбрать матовую поверхность. Естественно, плитка первого класса считается самой качественной, но она и стоит дороже. Плитка второго класса тоже имеет хорошие качества и характеристики, но она все же больше подходит для кухни. Все остальные типы обычно применяются для облицовки общественных мест и прочего.

Another point that should be taken into account when buying a tile is visual study. In other words, it is necessary to examine the tiles well and, if there are any defects, for example, uneven edges, to refuse to purchase. Check the tile on the irregularities is very simple. It is enough only to put one tile to another, and immediately everything will become clear.


Bathroom tiled, very convenient option.

It helps to turn even the most nondescript room into a royal one. The tile is very practical, easy to clean, does not require special care. Thanks to a different pattern and color, the room can be expanded to make it more bright and pleasant to the eye. For such purposes, the color of ivory, peach, pale blue and white, as well as other similar shades, is suitable. To decorate the bathroom, you can use a variety of ornaments.

Tile at all times was considered the most practical material. The thing is that modern tiles do not require special efforts for cleaning, there are no divorces on it, it practically does not wear out, therefore it is considered durable. In addition, the bath must be waterproof and dry, it should not contain fungus, mold and other unpleasant moments, which is why the tile is excellent for this purpose. To lay the tiles do not need to be a professional, because this work does not require special skills.

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