How to choose the right towel warmer

How to choose a towel warmer? It is a curved pipe that is located on the wall in the bathroom. In old houses it is connected to pipes with water. While reorganizing a bathroom, people need to replace this element.

Water towel rail

Towel dryer - an indispensable attribute of the bathroom, it can dry clothes and towels, in addition, it significantly affects the microclimate in the room.

Choosing a towel, it is worth paying attention not only to the aesthetic aspect of the device, but also the strength of the base material. This is important, since this subject will later be seriously affected by pressure drops, especially if it is an apartment in a multi-storey building. This value can reach a value of 10 atmospheres. In addition, the installation process itself can cause controversial issues for beginners in this matter, because the installation of the heated towel rack must be carried out before the finish finish is completed.

Types of heated towel rails

Before you already choose a towel warmer, you should familiarize yourself with the available models. There are three main groups:

Types of heated towel rails

Types of towel warmers.

  1. Water. This is the kind that is the standard equipment of bathrooms. It looks like a curved pipe, inside of which hot water flows. This design is not very convenient: if suddenly the heating is switched off, then such a heated towel heater will not perform its functions. In addition, the work of this element directly depends on the heating season, which is also not very convenient, because in the summer the pipes remain cold.
  2. Electric. This is a more convenient model. They work in an autonomous mode and do not depend on other systems in the house. Installation of such equipment can take place absolutely anywhere, which allows you to place them not only in bathrooms, but also in kitchens or hallways. The only requirement for such a heated towel is the availability of permanent food. When choosing such a model, you should be prepared for the fact that the electricity consumption will increase. This, accordingly, will affect the accounts.
  3. Combined. These models combine the two previous views. This, in turn, is very convenient, as if necessary they switch from one mode to another. Immediately worth noting is the high cost of such products.

To properly choose a towel, it is worth carefully comparing its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the features of the apartment or house for which it is purchased. After all, this heating device should be beautiful, profitable and functional.

Features of choice

Table of choice of pipes of the heated towel rail

Table of choice of pipes of the heated towel rail.

The choice of a towel warmer is repelled by the level of working and pressure testing. According to the GOST requirements, the heated towel rail is part of the sanitary and technical fixtures, therefore its operation in the water supply system should only take place at a pressure reading of 6 and above atmospheres. The main working parameter is 4 atmospheres, but it can drop to 2.5 and increase to 7.5. At this point, it affects how many floors there are in the building, where exactly it is located, in what state are all the engineering communications. Of course, the choice of a towel warmer for a home is much easier than for an apartment, because in this case the water pressure is only 2-3 atmospheres.

When choosing a model, you should consult the seller about the working pressure of the device. This figure must be correlated with the index of "home" pressure, while experts recommend adding values. This increase helps to protect the device during operation from possible water hammers.

Any quality plumbing fixture always has documents in which manufacturers enter the technical characteristics of the product.

Attention should also be paid to foreign products. First of all, you should pay attention to the diameter. The water supply systems "here" and "there" are still different, that is why for imported instruments the cross section is not the same as for domestic ones. And this, in turn, allows such products to have a more elegant and expressive appearance. Such towel warmers are used more often in modern interiors, as they have a wider palette that allows implementing any ideas of the designer.

Import production has a variety of variations not only in color, but also in form:

  • MP-shaped;
  • M-shaped;
  • U-shaped;
  • «Lesenki».
Types of connection of heated towel rails

Types of connection of heated towel rails.

Depending on the shape, the product may have a side connection, ribs of various types and other configurations.

But, before choosing a foreign-made towel warmer, you should pay attention to its size. Such a device will take up space. So, when making repairs, you should think over the situation in the bathroom so that it does not interfere. To solve such a problem, you can use rotary models. Such products can be found from German (DM), Italian (Global Ship), Finnish (Korin), Swiss (LVI), Norwegian (Varmos) firms. Such structures can be installed on walls, and it is possible to turn them in both directions, since the angle of rotation is 180 °.

The coating can be made from gilding, silver or chrome.

There are models of a heated towel rail, which have a shut-off valve that allows you to control the pressure level by lowering the air. This, in turn, will help to eliminate the emerging air congestion. What is it for? Such a control system contributes to a more even heating of the product during operation.

But, when purchasing imported appliances, it is necessary to take into account domestic systems, since there is still a difference. The correct solution will ensure the long service of the heated towel rail.

Materials for manufacturing

To towel warmer for a long time and was pleased with its owner, you should carefully select the material. The quality of water in the water pipes is not the best, and this, in turn, adversely affects the plumbing. The presence of harmful components contributes to the fact that the materials are corroded, so stainless steel is used for these purposes. The exterior design can be chrome-plated, polished or painted. By the way, the latter have an optimal price.

If you choose a heated towel rail made of brass, aluminum, copper, you should immediately note that such a product has a shorter life.

Scheme of fixing the heated towel rail to the wall

The scheme of fixing the heated towel rail to the wall.

The urgency of using stainless steels for such devices led to the fact that falsifications appeared. To avoid such trouble, before choosing a heated towel heater, special attention should be given to the quality of welded seams. It is not superfluous to ask the seller for documents confirming the authenticity of this product.

The use of stainless steel significantly affects the service life. Therefore, experts recommend to stop their choice on these models, especially if the equipment is selected in a private house. As for multi-storey houses and apartments, then it is better not to use ferrous metals, because the water contains salts and other impurities that have a harmful effect in the form of corrosion and sediment. Disregarding this recommendation, you can suffer from a pipe leak, and with a sudden jump in pressure - from a breakdown.

Focusing on the material that was used to make the towel, you can calculate how long the product will last.

Safety in use

Electric towel warmers are bought when there is no possibility to connect a water appliance.

Advantages of the heater:

  1. It has an aesthetic appearance that allows it to harmoniously fit into the interior.
  2. The design is made in such a way that it is possible to eliminate the possibility of leakage.
  3. There is no attachment to the riser with water. This, in turn, makes it possible to choose the location and installation of the device.
  4. If this is an imported model, then you can choose the appropriate temperature.
  5. Turn the device on and off as needed.

However, there is one nuance, namely the difficulty of the connection, especially if the electric dryer is installed in the bathroom, where there is a constant effect of moisture. It is better to entrust the installation to professionals, since it implies the work with concealed wiring and specially built-in sockets.

Additional points

For those who are not unimportant about the fact of electricity consumption, it is worthwhile to say: the more powerful the heating element of such a heated towel rack, the higher the consumption. This figure ranges from 100 to 2000 watts.

Experts recommend that when purchasing a device, one should be interested in: does the installation service provide a selling point? Of course, it will be better if the choice of a heated towel is entrusted to installers. This approach will be optimal in solving all issues.

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