How to choose the right water heater

The flow-through water heater is becoming increasingly popular due to:

  • exquisite appearance;
  • high functionality;
  • small dimensions;
  • good performance.
Instantaneous water heater

A flow-through water heater does not take up much space and is able to quickly heat several water leaves.

It is a device consisting of a container in which several dozen liters of water are heated.


The water heater is able to supply water to all rooms in the house, plastic pipes will help in this. This device, in order to heat water, there is no need to collect it in a container, it heats when passing through the device of the water heater.

The downside is its power, because for the heating needs a huge amount of electricity. If the heater is connected to a standard outlet, it is likely that the wiring will fire. Therefore, manufacturers of this device are advised to:

  • conduct for him an individual cable;
  • put a small shield with an automatic device to turn the device on and off.


Before deciding which water heater to choose, it is necessary to know that they are:

Table of characteristics of the instantaneous water heater

Table of characteristics of the instantaneous water heater.

  • free-flowing;
  • pressure, functioning under the influence of pressure.

The pressureless ones are placed directly on the water tap, or they contain a watering can. These flow-through water heaters are able to supply hot water only a single point. The water heater, if it has the necessary pressure, can serve a number of water intake points synchronously.

According to the type of operation regulation, these heating devices are divided into devices with control:

  • hydraulic;
  • electronic.

The presence of electronic control allows much more flexible control of the heating, depending on the amount of water flowing and the set temperature. The water heater, which has hydraulic control, the design is simpler. Its heating element has the ability to sequentially switch or does not have a power adjustment.

Selection by type of fuel

The electric water heater with a capacity of 380 V is very popular. It is explained by the presence of electric energy in all houses. A modern running water heater, functioning on liquefied gas, has a huge protective level.

There is a possibility to choose a water heater with one of the ways of ignition of the furnace:

  • automatic - more expensive;
  • manual.

A flow-through water heater refers to an accurate and complex device. The reliability of its functioning depends on how good the water passing through it is. To ensure that it lasts longer, it is necessary to put a filter with rough cleaning in the form of a grid no more than 100 microns in front of it.

Power effect

Flowmeter of the instantaneous water heater

Diagram of the device of the instantaneous water heater.

The price of a water heater depends on its capacity. It is the greater, the higher the power, because a strong device will require availability:

  • internal materials of high strength;
  • capital fuses and protection mechanisms.

If there is a question, which one to choose a water heater, then first of all it is necessary to proceed from their needs and possibilities. In the presence of a large family, it is not a bad idea to purchase a unit with considerable capacity, which will be able to heat a significant amount of water.

The boiler is perfectly capable of supplying private cottages and houses at the cottage with hot water. Although the operation of a flow-through water heater running on gas is much cheaper, electric install more often.

It should be noted that a flow-through water heater of 2 kW is not capable of heating more than 3 liters of water per minute. A person spends about 20 liters of water per visit, so you should give preference to higher power devices. To receive hot water of this amount, this water heater will spend 10 minutes.

It should be remembered that even a 220-volt flow-through water heater can not be plugged into an outlet. This can lead to:

  • switching off the machine;
  • melting of the plug;
  • spoilage of the outlet.

It is necessary to stop the choice on the technician with high capacity if it is planned to use the water heater for:

  • dishwashing;
  • washing clothes;
  • taking a bath.
Table for determining the volume of the water heater

Table for determining the volume of the water heater.

On sale there is a flow-through water heater with a capacity of 12 kW. This device can heat about 15 liters of water in 1 minute to 35-37 degrees. There are also 15 kW heating devices, but their differences from the above are insignificant, only in the final result of the water will be more than a liter by two.

An excellent solution for a family of several people will be the purchase of 24 kW of flowing water heater, which can easily raise the temperature to 40 degrees. For a minute the total amount is 20 liters.

Determining the price

A large number of people when choosing a water heater pays attention to the cost, because it sometimes makes 30-40 thousand rubles. Price directly depends on:

  • complexity of the device inside;
  • from the type of fuel.

The cost of a flow-through gas water heater is higher than that of an electrician.

This is due to its complex production technology, its presence in it:

  • burners;
  • Ignition method;
  • several protection valves.

Select by manufacturer

Nowadays it is possible to choose a flow-through water heater of any manufacturer. Each of them tries to monitor their quality.

One can mention one of the most famous models of this technique:

  1. A domestic hot water heater EHRZ 15. Our manufacturers are not inferior to Western partners, they are also trying to introduce innovative technologies. In the production process, great importance is attached to wear resistance.
  2. The water heater of Israeli production Atmor stands out for its excellent quality and attractive price. On sale you can find many kinds of models from this manufacturer. All of them are endowed with a warranty period of service.
  3. Also inexpensive are the Turkish water heaters Demir Dokum, Czech ETA 1733. This is made possible by using a simple heating element - a special thread capable of rapid heating. The disadvantages include increased susceptibility to the quality of the original water and air plugs. This reduces the period of their operation.
  4. According to most experts, water heaters Ariston (Italy), ETA (Czech Republic), Clage (Germany) and Redring (UK) are quite consistent with the quality-cost indicator. In these devices there is a heating element made of copper.
  5. The stamps of the Stiebel Eltron and Vaillant water heaters are characterized by increased reliability. Such devices, depending on the models, differ in the existence of additional functions, which also affects the cost. For example, models DHE Stiebel Eltron, VED 18EE Vaillant have a liquid crystal display that provides control and adjustment of water temperature, remote control panel and much more.
Choosing a water heater brand

Choice of water heater brand.

The leading role in the cost of heating appliances is allocated to transportation. The cost of Russian-made equipment is significantly lower than imported, because it does not need expensive transportation.

Before deciding which water heater to choose, it is best to heed the advice of the store's consultants. They will introduce models that are in high demand and those that do not bring back because of marriage or breakage.

The decision to purchase a flowing water heater should be taken after the parameters of the electric network are determined:

  • number of phases;
  • input power.

Since, in the sum of one apartment with gas central supply, the maximum power is about 4-5 kW, it is not enough to connect the supply water heater.

If there are electric stoves in the house, a heating device with a capacity of 6-9 kW is possible to install 220 V, it is quite possible. An excellent option would be the availability of a three-phase network, whose power is 15-25 kW. This will allow installing a powerful instantaneous water heater, which can be used all year round.

Flowing water heater

It happens that hot water is needed only in the summer at the cottage site. In this case, the best solution would be to use a single-phase instantaneous water heater with a capacity of 6-9 kW.

These devices are of two types:

  • closed;
  • open.

Closed water heaters function under the influence of water pressure, they also need the presence of water intake fittings. Connection is fixed. You can carry out a hidden installation, without the need for direct proximity to the water sampling points.

Non-pressure water heaters are open type devices, which are necessarily provided by built-in temperature and flow controllers. They can include one of these elements:

  • kitchen spout;
  • set shower.

It is necessary to install such a water heater near the sink or bath. These devices are not provided for wiring to several consumers.

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