How to choose the right water towel warmer

During the repair of the bathroom, the question often arises as to how to choose a heated towel rail. To do the right thing, you need to decide which towel warmer you want to buy, electric or water.

Types of heated towel rails

Types of towel warmers.

From the correct choice of the specified equipment will depend on how comfortable it will be in your bathroom. Do not buy the first available and cheapest model, you need to understand the characteristics and choose the right towel heater, only after this go to his purchase.


In order to understand how to choose a towel warmer, and do it right, you need to understand what it is and what you need.

Water towel warmer is made in the form of a curved pipe, it can be made of different materials and installed on a wall in the bathroom. It is possible to install an electric model, it is effective when there are interruptions in the house or apartment with the supply of hot water.

The assembly of a towel rails

The assembly of the towel rails.

Based on the name of the equipment, it becomes obvious what it is intended for:

  1. In order to be able to dry wet towels. Since there is a high humidity in this room, simply sitting on the hanger, the towel will be dried for a very long time, in this case the towel warmer or electric helps.
  2. In addition, this equipment is also a radiator, therefore it also heats the room and becomes more comfortable in it. If you choose the right electric or water towel by power and size, it will prevent condensation on the mirror and other surfaces in the bathroom.

Design Features

A water towel heater is one of the components of a common apartment or house heating system.

Its connection depends on the layout of the pipes in the room, electric models can be placed in a convenient place for you.

In order to adjust the temperature, the heated towel can be equipped with a thermostatic head. In our apartments, the standard diameter of the pipes is 1 or 1 and ¼ inches, and the imported towel warmers are designed for connection to pipes with a diameter of ¾ or ½ inch.

To solve this problem, you need to know the diameter of pipes and connectors before purchasing equipment, if they are different, then immediately purchase adapters.

The cheapest and affordable are the steel models. When choosing them, we must pay attention to the quality of the workmanship and the way in which the protective coating is applied. The normal quality of the production is indicated by the fact that all joints are rolled up and there are no sharp edges on them.

Scheme of fixing the heated towel rail

Scheme of fixing the heated towel rail.

If the coating is made with pentaphthalene paints, then it does not provide a sufficiently reliable protection against corrosion, usually such a coating is used in budgetary models.

More effective is the coating method of polarization, or even better, when such a coating is made inside and outside.

The most durable are the stainless steel heated towel rails, but they have the highest cost.

Brass models are slightly cheaper, they are covered from above by the chrome plating method, but their shortcoming is a short service life.

As a disadvantage of a water towel heater, it should be noted that its operation depends on the availability of hot water in the system. Such equipment is warmed up long enough, even if you have autonomous heating in your apartment, after a certain period of time it will start and exit the specified equipment at the operating temperature.


The main task in deciding how to choose a towel warmer is that the model has an attractive appearance, worked effectively, but was easy to install and maintain.

Domestic manufacturers mainly produce models in the form of letters "M" and "P", but recently they have started producing models of "ladder". Towel warmers in the form of a ladder are considered more comfortable and beautiful. They allow you to use more space for drying towels and other things.

Usually the color range is limited by white gloss or chrome plating. Colored and opaque surfaces are still very rare and their cost is much higher.

For our heat supply systems, it is better to choose a home-made towel warmer, which is better adapted to the pressure of the coolant. In our systems, the coolant pressure is much higher than in such systems abroad. But foreign models have proved themselves well in our conditions.

If we talk about the connection, namely about the interaxial distance, then it is usually the same for all models. Very popular are Finnish towel warmers, they have a 20 cm distance in the U-shaped models, 63 cm in the M-shaped ones, and 31 cm in the S-shaped ones. This should be taken into consideration immediately so that there are no problems during the connection.

Some models are designed to be rigidly connected, but there are models that are equipped with a swivel mechanism and can be rotated through 180 °. This is more convenient, but it is necessary to decide whether the dimensions of the room allow such a towel warmer. In comparison with stationary models, such equipment is designed for a load of not more than 5 kg.

Recently, two-contour models are quite popular. In this case, one circuit is connected to the hot water supply, and the second one to the heating system. The reliability and efficiency of the structure increases, but in order for it to function normally, there must be sufficient pressure in the heating system.

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