How to clean a cast iron bath

Bath, like any other plumbing, loses its attractive appearance in the process of long-term operation. The main reasons for the appearance of stains on the enamel are poor water quality and untimely or incorrect care.

Cleaning of a cast iron bath

Contamination of the cast-iron bath can occur due to improper care or poor water.

For example, many housewives prefer to wash a cast-iron bath with the help of ready-made cleaners. However, it is the substandard household chemicals that can provoke the appearance of yellowness on the enamel coating of the bath. Of course, to clean a cast-iron bath is not so difficult, if you know some tricks. In addition, you can clean the surface with the help of the simplest tools available in each house.

Methods of purification

The method of cleaning the bath should be chosen depending on the nature of the contamination. For example, if the contamination is insignificant, then usual food baking soda, which will quickly dissolve the dirt and do not damage the coating of the bath, is quite suitable as a cleaning agent. Before use, the soda should be diluted with water to a mushy state, after which it should be applied to the surface. When the soda dries, gently remove it with a sponge. As a rule, to achieve an ideal result, the procedure is repeated 2-3 times.

Wearing gloves

Cleaning should be done with gloves, and all the details of the bath should be covered with cellophane.

If the contamination is strong enough, then a mixture of food and soda ash, mixed in equal amounts and slightly diluted with water, will serve as a cleanser. The resulting gruel is applied to the contaminated area for 5-10 minutes, after which it is poured with a mixture of vinegar and any powdered bleach, also taken in equal amounts. After a few hours, wash the tub thoroughly with running water.

Rust on the surface of the bathroom perfectly cleanses the solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. To prepare the mixture, take a clean dry glass container, pour 100 ml of ammonia into it, then add 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide and mix. A clean rag is impregnated with the resulting solution and the contaminated areas are treated. After 10-15 minutes, the solution is rinsed with running water using a shower.

Another tool that allows to effectively clean the cast iron bath from rust, consists of table salt and wine vinegar. To make it, you need utensils that can be used in a microwave oven. In a prepared container pour 0.5 cups of wine vinegar, add 2 tbsp. l. table salt, stirred and heated in a microwave oven to 65 ° C. A clean soft cloth is impregnated with a solution and the necessary areas are treated. Leave the mixture on the surface of the bath for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with running water.

Folk remedies for bath cleaning

Folk remedies for bath cleaning.

Clear the bath of yellow spots, which, as a rule, appear due to various kinds of impurities contained in water, can be done with hydrochloric acid. However, use the tool should be very careful.

Hands should be protected with rubber gloves, and chrome parts (taps, mixers, shower hose) - wrap with cellophane.

Acid first impregnate a clean rag, and then treat it with all contaminated on the enamel surface of the site. Do not use a paintbrush to apply acid, as there is a possibility that the spray will get on the body or in the eyes, which is extremely unsafe. The acid is washed off with running water after 10-15 minutes. Before the first use, the bath is again thoroughly washed with a soap solution and rinsed with clean water.

Care instructions

Take care of the bathroom, following a few important tips:

  1. To wash the bath it is desirable to use either a sponge or a brush with soft bristles. If the surface is treated with a brush with a hard pile, then the probability of damage to the enamel is high. As a result, small scratches appear on the surface of the bath, in which the remains of soap and dirt constantly accumulate.
  2. It is also not recommended to use abrasive cleaners because they damage the enamel surface. To wash the bathroom it is better to use liquid solutions.
  3. Do not soak for a long time in the bathroom clothes in a solution of detergents. This is due to the fact that some powders in their composition contain agents that negatively affect the appearance of the enamel.

To wash a cast iron bath is easy. Just listen to the above tips and choose the right cleaner.

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