How to clean pipes

It often happens that the house is clogged by a faucet or a water pipe. Some useful tips will help you to solve this problem yourself without wasting money on the services of a master. It is important to go carefully to the matter, in order not to break anything.

Scheme of sewage clogging

Scheme of sewage clogging.

Pipe cleaning

In everyday life there are many of the most ordinary, but necessary to perform tasks that women like to call "men's work." For example, the tap is hammered, and it should be cleaned, and often there are such troubles as the contamination of pipes.

All that needs to be done in this case is to do the cleaning yourself.

So, let's look at ways to clean a water pipe:

Scheme for eliminating blockage in the sink, toilet bowl and bath with a plunger and cable

Scheme for eliminating blockage in the sink, toilet bowl and bath with a plunger and cable.

  1. It is necessary to open the water and make a strong head, while tapping lightly on the water pipes. It is necessary to measure the force of blows, so that nothing breaks and does not bend the metal. Thus, it will be possible to remove the rust, which can become a hindrance to the passage of water. If the reason is this, then its particles will come out by means of a crane.
  2. The second method requires a plumbing cable. It is necessary to remove the mixer and insert the device into the pipe, previously shutting off the water. The structure of the cable helps him not to get stuck in the bends of the plumbing design, but to repeat them, thus purifying. After several movements, you need to remove it and open the tap to see if there are any shifts for the better. If so, it is worth continuing in the same spirit.

In general, it is worth noting that the plumbing requires careful care. If it becomes obsolete, it is worth changing equipment to a newer one. For example, an excellent solution today is plastic pipes, they are not corroded and are not littered with rust.

Cleaning the chimney

Now consider the options for cleaning the chimney:

  • mechanical;
  • chemical.
Siphon cleaning scheme

Scheme of siphon cleaning.

With the chemical method, everything is simple. It is enough to sprinkle a special substance in the pipe, and it will eat a cork of soot. With mechanical cleaning everything is more complicated, for this you will need the following materials:

  • threesomes;
  • safety belt.

Before starting work, open all the dampers so that the tool moves freely through the pipe. Now consider what the ruff is. This metal roller on a very long leg, it just pushes the soot that accumulated on the surface. Такая чистка проводится на крыше, поэтому необходимо быть крайне осторожным и обязательно применять safety belt. If the length of the chimney is more than 3 meters, it is better to clean two.

Often you have to deal with cleaning the toilet bowl. It's a common thing if something accidentally falls out of your pocket, or just a passage is clogged by the method of gradual accumulation of precipitation. How to help solve such a problem? This helps the plunger. He collects water and sharply directs it into a narrow passage, causing water hammering. Thus, the object that closes the passage of the liquid is pushed further.

If there is no such tool, you must act differently. From the plugging of sewerage by sediments can save the chemical method. It is necessary to take auxiliary items:

  • boiling water;
  • soda.

Возможно, пригодится целое ведро кипятка, в котором следует растворить soda. Жидкость медленно выливаем, чтобы хорошо прочистить трубы, и ждем результата. Через какое-то время вода должна начать проходить.

So, we managed to find out how to clean the faucet or hammered pipes with our own hands. Homework can be not so laborious if you know the best ways to solve the tasks. In addition, an independent solution to the problem will save a lot of money on the services of masters, because such a pleasure is not cheap. All the materials mentioned in the above recommendations are quite common and should be at hand in every home to eliminate such everyday problems.

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