How to clean the toilet bowl

Every person has ever faced with such a phenomenon as a lump in the toilet. Of course, the procedure for cleaning the toilet will not bring joy to anyone. But, without taking any action, you can face even greater problems. For example, the disruption of the entire sewer system at home.

The device of the water drain in the private house

Sewerage in a private house.

Many people who have faced such a disaster, not knowing how to clean the toilet, immediately panic and start calling emergency services. This is especially true of the weak half of humanity. But as a rule, all brigades are on sites, and help can not come immediately. Not to mention those who live in remote settlements or on the outskirts of the city.

In this case, it remains to rely on your own strength. Cleaning the toilet is not the most difficult task.

Sewerage plugging scheme

Scheme of sewerage clogging.

If you intend to eliminate the blockage by yourself, then first you need to determine the cause of its occurrence.

A very common reason for the plugging of the toilet is the presence of insoluble objects in its interior. These can be rags, bags or children's toys, which little fidgets are happily thrown into the toilet.

But it also happens that the sewer branch of your apartment can get rubbish from the next floor. After all, the entire sewage system of a multi-unit residential building is a single mechanism.

If you are sure that the cause of the blockage is an object, it must be removed or removed from the toilet bowl.

Methods of cleaning

You can apply several methods of cleaning.

The scheme of cleaning the toilet bowl with a cup

Scheme of cleaning the toilet bowl with a plunger.

  1. Clean the toilet using a plunger. It is a tool widely used in the plumbing sphere. It looks like a wooden stick with a hemisphere of rubber on the end. In order to eliminate blockage, the plunger is installed in the drain hole. After that, it is strongly pressed and the rubber part, as if absorbed into the surface of the toilet. Then, several sharp and strong jerks should be performed. Advice! Take care that at this point the plunger does not come off the surface. After performing these simple actions, water begins to break through the blockage and helps to eliminate it.
  2. You can use the improvised means and make a plastic hood of a 1.5-liter bottle. You will need to cut off its bottom. Then put it as far as possible into the toilet bowl. It is important to do sharp pushing movements.
  3. And finally, the third, but the most effective option for cleaning the toilet is the use of a special cable.

It has a handle made in the form of the letter G. To start the cleaning, the cable is lowered into the drain. The handle is rotated. This is to ensure that the cable is screwed as far as possible into the hole until it clogs. After the cable reaches the right place, the obstacle will be removed.

Preventive measures

In order for your plumbing to always serve as faith and truth, you must follow the elementary rules for keeping the toilet clean. This helps to increase the level of hygiene and excludes the occurrence of fungi and deposits.

The scheme of cleaning the toilet with a flexible cable

The scheme of cleaning the toilet with a flexible cable.

From time to time, it is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning.

For this purpose it makes sense to purchase and store in the bathroom special means for disinfection. They are both applied to the surface of the toilet bowl and poured into the tank.

The inner surface of the toilet bowl, the so-called joints, should be regularly treated with a brush. It is better to use a tool with a stiff bristle. It is applied a disinfectant and evenly distributed over the surface.

Important! Do not use metal brushes for plumbing, as they can scratch or damage the coating.

In such places, dirt accumulates most often, which causes an increase in bacterial growth.

Rust marks can be removed using the following solution. You will need:

  • basin with warm water;
  • vinegar;
  • baking soda.

All ingredients are dissolved in water, then the solution is applied to rust traces. After 15 minutes, you can flush the surface by pressing the drain button located on the tank.

If there are dirt on the surface of your toilet bowl that can not be removed by folk methods, then you will need to use chemicals with a chemical composition. They are made on the basis of hydrochloric acid.

Important! Using these tools, it is necessary to follow instructions for use clearly. Otherwise, the coating can be damaged.

Folk ways

Among the most common cleaning methods, we can distinguish:

Devices for mechanical cleaning of obstructions

Devices for mechanical cleaning of blockages: 1 - a plumbing cable, 2 - a brush-ruff, 3 - a pear-shaped nozzle for cleaning the toilet bowls, 4 - a device for cleaning pipes, 5 - a manual debris.

  1. Baking soda. For this method, take a ½ pack of soda and dissolve in a basin with warm water. After that, the solution is poured into the toilet bowl. To achieve the fastest possible effect, the water in the sink must be thoroughly mixed. This method allows you to cope with a small blockage.
  2. Doll. This method will require:
  • a bag of dense fabric;
  • sand;
  • long string.

In the bag, you should fill in the sand, carefully tie it and attach the cord. Then, the bag should be lowered into the toilet. After that, you need to press the drain and loosen the cord tension. The so-called doll will go inside the toilet to the place of the blockage and pierce it.

The disadvantage of this method is that the cord can untie or tear off. And then, you need to remove the blockage in another way.


  1. Use a cleaning gel. This method effectively removes clogging. But, after using it, the toilet should be thoroughly rinsed to remove the remnants of the remedy.
  2. In addition to gels, agents such as granules or powder can be considered. You can ask advice in a store selling such chemistry.

Remember that whichever cleaning method you choose, you should always weigh the pros and cons. If you have no idea about the structure of the sewer system and its functioning, it will be better and more correct to call specialists.

Compliance with preventive measures plays an important role.

If you regularly clean the toilet and wash its surface, such a problem as blockage, it is possible, you will not arise.

The use of folk methods is possible, but it also does not guarantee an excellent result, since baking soda can only overcome a small amount of blockage, and cleaning with a "doll" can create a whole problem.

In any case, the decision is yours. And by accepting it, you must be aware of the responsibility for the final result. If you live in an apartment building, do not forget about neighbors who may also suffer from your initiative.

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