How to clean the toilet properly

Cleanliness of the owners of the house is assessed by the condition of the bathroom. On how to clean the toilet, so that he will please you with cleanliness, will be described below.


Weekly cleaning of the toilet will help avoid the appearance of hard-to-remove plaque.

If you belong to the category of people who perform cleaning daily, then your plumbing will not need to be washed for a long time. It is sufficient to use ordinary cleaning agents to maintain its sterility.

But what to do for those who do not have the opportunity to conduct hygienic cleaning? Over time, contaminants can accumulate on walls and in hard-to-reach places. This can lead to the formation of a hard coating. His removal is not an easy task.

First, care should be taken to ensure that the water in the drain tank is not very stiff. On sale it is possible to find special means which not only will exude a pleasant aroma at contact with a moisture, but also will soften its harmful influence. They can both be put in the tank, and hang on the edge of the seat.

Secondly, it is necessary to determine the type of contamination. In some cases, enough warm water in which a small amount of "Toilet Duck" is diluted. But to clean the thick fossilized layer, methods will be needed more seriously.

Cleaning from simple and medium pollution

Ways of cleaning the toilet:

Clean the toilet bowl with gloves

All work on cleaning the toilet is carried out in protective gloves.

  1. The first way is to use whiteness. You will need to buy a whole bottle. It is sold in any department of household chemicals. First you de-energize the plumbing, in other words, remove all the internal fluid. You can use the plunger.

Then, untwisting the lid on the container with the product, apply it on the entire surface of the toilet bowl. For hard-to-reach places, use a brush or sponge.

To achieve maximum effect, the solution should be left overnight. Therefore, cleaning is carried out late at night.

If the first time to completely remove the raid failed, the procedure can be repeated for several days in a row.

  1. The second method requires citric acid. She perfectly copes with a urinary stone.

You should stock up a few large bags of granular powder. Their contents pour inside. Wait a few hours. During this time, the raid should dissolve. Then, using a toilet brush, treat the surface. When finished, click on the sink.

Folk remedies for toilet bowl cleaning

Folk remedies for cleaning the toilet.

This procedure can also be applied for 2-3 consecutive days until the desired result is achieved.

  1. The third method is the most popular method. It is to use vinegar. It is allowed to use diluted acetic essence.

Take one glass of vinegar, heated on a steam bath. The optimum temperature is 40 ° C.

In order that you do not annoy the unpleasant odor, it is best to cover the container with a lid.

In a warm liquid, add a little baking soda and a few drops of iodine. Then use a brush to treat the toilet bowl. After 3 hours, you can remove the remnants of the solution. It's enough just to drain the water.

It is necessary to perform the procedure late at night, leaving the sanitary ware untouched till the morning. During this time, the raid is better to dissolve, and removing it will be much easier. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

Sophisticated options

Toilet brush

In order not to damage the surface of the toilet bowl, the brush should be chosen medium hardness.

If you are faced with such a problem, do not be upset. Of course, the usual means here will not help. But there are several effective ways:

  1. Use of a storage liquid.

In other words, you will need an electrolyte. Work with this chemistry should be very careful. Be sure to wear protective clothing. Be sure to cover your hands with gloves and eyes with glasses. Do not neglect the respiratory mask. Avoid splashing the electrolyte. Leave it with the utmost care.

This method can be attributed to the category of cardinal measures. Apply it in case you can not replace the old plumbing.

Do not use chemicals if plastic pipes are connected to the plumbing.

  1. There is another way: it is cleaning with the help of a world-famous drink, that is, Coca-Cola. Strangely enough, after processing the surface with a cola and leaving it in this state for several hours, you can get an amazing result. In addition, you can use the brush.
  2. A very effective tool that allows you to remove even old-time dirt, the Sanox gel.
Gel "Sanox"

"Sanox" allows you to remove from the surface of the toilet, even the old spots.

It contains acid. Therefore, you can not use it more than twice a month. Otherwise, the coating may be damaged. Using a toilet brush, apply the composition to the walls and ledges.

Leave it for a few hours. Then rinse with water.

  1. For dense and perennial deposits, oxalic acid is allowed.

It is sold in packaged form. Take care of the skin of your hands by putting on rubber gloves. On a sponge or dense fabric, apply a handful of powder and moisten it with water. On the places of the accumulation of urinary stone, apply the resulting gruel. An hour later, you can wash off the acid.


On sale, you can find a huge selection of detergent compounds for plumbing fixtures. But how many people study in detail the composition or instructions for use? Most act on the peephole.

When choosing a cleanser for the toilet, you should consider the shape of the bottle. The curved nose will allow you to reach complex and hidden elements.

Dense liquid will treat the plaque much longer than the liquid agent

Be sure to remember: in order to kill most of the bacteria and infections, the drug should be left on the surface for at least an hour.

If you decide to use the folk method with the use of hydrochloric acid, do not forget about the observance of safety measures. Be sure to wear protective clothing and accessories.

Of course, cleaning the toilet is not the most pleasant process. In order for the harvest to take a minimum amount of time and not cause dislike, it is better to conduct it regularly. Leaving the staff for the night, you can enjoy an excellent result in the morning. Cleanliness of the bathroom is the guarantee of the health of the whole family.

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