How to connect a bath with hydromassage

Every year the demand for baths with hydromassage (jacuzzi) is only growing. Basically, this is due to the fact that hydromassage has a therapeutic effect on the human body, strengthens the immune system and weakens nervous tension. The works connected with the installation and connection of such plumbing are rather complicated, therefore it is better to entrust them to specialists. But if you are confident in your abilities, you can try to install a jacuzzi with your own hands. Next, we will consider how to independently connect a bath with hydromassage.

Arrangement of nozzles in the hydromassage bath

The location of the nozzles in the hot tub.

Choosing a Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi has a hydromassage system, which consists of an electric pump, water intake, compressor and injectors (Figure 1). Water is pumped through the water intake with the help of the pump, and, passing through the compressor, is fed under pressure into the jets for the whirlpool. They are designed in such a way that the water at their outlet is mixed with air, thereby increasing the healing effect of such a massage.

Bath device with hydromassage

Figure 1. The device of a bath with hydromassage.

When choosing a jacuzzi, it should be taken into account that the nozzles in it can be different and installed in different places. It depends on the type of massage (for example, for the waist or back). Some models are equipped with an air compressor, allowing the use of turbo mode, which increases the flow of water, mixed with air.

Expensive types of jacuzzi are equipped with additional functions:

  • aeromassage;
  • aromatherapy;
  • ozone therapy;
  • chromotherapy.

These functions can be switched on and off by means of knobs, cranes or buttons, if necessary. Their control is carried out by pneumatics, so that the best level of electrical safety is achieved. In the jacuzzi mixer is mounted directly on its frame. This hot tub differs from conventional bathtubs, for which mixers are installed on the wall.


Before buying a Jacuzzi, you need to measure the bathroom. Based on the results obtained, the choice of the sanitary ware corresponding to the dimensions is made. It should be noted that the minimum dimensions of the room should correspond to the size of the bath with the addition of 1 m on each side to it. This will allow, if necessary, free access to all elements of the structure.

Scheme of installation of an oval hydromassage bath

The scheme of installation of an oval hydromassage bath.

Buying a jacuzzi, you need to consider that such a product has a lot of weight, so its installation is strongly recommended only in homes with reinforced concrete floors. It is important to take into account the dimensions of the doorway so that the bath can freely pass through it.

Installing a jacuzzi is necessary in a room in which all repairs are completed. This is a prerequisite, because otherwise, during the repair after the installation of the bath can damage its individual elements. The room should be equipped with a reliable electrical wiring, hidden in the wall. Another important condition for proper installation is the availability of a functioning sewerage and water supply system, without which no plumbing equipment will be used.

For successful installation, you also need to prepare the following tools:

  • tester;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • pliers;
  • gas key;
  • screwdriver;
  • knife.

Connection to sewage

Before connecting the jacuzzi to the sewer system, it is necessary to set the bowl to the height using the adjusting legs and the construction level. After that, you can go directly to plumbing the connection to all systems. If the sewage system in your house is constructed of plastic pipes, the siphon must be connected to it with a special flexible pipe with a diameter of 40 mm. If the sewage pipe has a diameter of 50 mm, then for a qualitative connection you will additionally need a special adapter with the same diameter.

Scheme connecting a whirlpool bath in the corner and between two walls

The scheme of connecting a whirlpool bath in the corner and between two walls.

The first step is to collect the siphon according to the instructions attached to it. Particular attention should be given to all sealing gaskets, which must be of proper quality and without visible defects. Then attach the siphon to the tub and the sewer outlet. Tightening the fasteners, you need to be very careful, because with excessive force you can tear the thread.

Connecting to an electrician

Scheme of connecting the whirlpool bath to the power supply

Figure 2. Scheme of connecting the whirlpool bath to the power supply.

Connect the jacuzzi to the power supply with the following rules:

  1. The connection must be made taking into account all the rules of technical safety of electrical installations. The electrical equipment of the whirlpool works from an alternating current network with a voltage of 220 V.
  2. It is necessary to connect the bath to a special outlet, which can be operated with high humidity. Installation of the outlet is made on the wall in 0,3 m from the floor and 0,5 m from the side of the jacuzzi.
  3. The lead-in to the outlet is carried out by a separate cable with double insulation and cross-section not less than 3х2,5 мм².
  4. To protect the electrical equipment of the jacuzzi from overloads and voltage surges, a 16A automatic switchgear and a protective shutdown device are visible in a prominent place outside the bathroom. It is recommended to look at the scheme of connection of the bath to the electricity network (Figure 2).

In order not to violate safety rules, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • do not use the outlet without proper grounding;
  • It is forbidden to design grounding through heating, plumbing or sewer equipment;
  • It is forbidden to operate the jacuzzi in case of damage to the insulating layer of the power cord, or if the grounding is faulty.

Connection to water supply

To use the whirlpool it is necessary that the operating pressure in the water supply system is not less than 4 atmospheres.

Due to the presence of a large number of various impurities in the water pipe and the increased sensitivity of the nozzles to such elements, it is necessary to take care of cleaning the water before it enters the Jacuzzi system.

For this, a system of multistage filters installed at the bath inlet is used.

The connection of the whirlpool bath and the installation of the mixer are the same as with conventional baths. These works are carried out with the help of flexible water hoses. Their length should be such that it would be possible to move the bath against the walls by at least 50 cm. Hot and cold water supply is equipped with water-proof faucets with external threads. When installing them, care must be taken to properly seal all components and seal them with special gaskets. The jacuzzi connection scheme must necessarily include a check on the quality of the installation work. If leakage is detected in the mixer, the gasket should be replaced, since a poor seal may result from a defective gasket.

To properly connect a bath with hydromassage, it is necessary to understand this well. If you do not have the appropriate experience, it is better to trust professionals in this matter, because the quality of the installation work depends on the useful life of expensive equipment.

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