How to connect the mixer in the bathroom

If you intend to make a bathroom repair, it will certainly involve a mixer change. It is important not only to carry out the installation correctly, but also to choose a quality device that should not be easy, which is worth paying attention to even when buying. The dependence of quality on weight is due to the thickness of the metal - the more it is, the more durable will be the mixer.

Single lever shower mixer scheme

Single-lever mixer for bathroom design.

From silumin models it is better to refuse, because they are not so durable, however, because of this, such mixers do not lose their popularity, the reason for this - low cost. It is better to purchase a brass device, since this material is characterized by a high viscosity of the alloy. Such an alloy reduces the probability of breakage of the clamping nut or pipe with a slight deformation, which in any case can not be eliminated during the installation and operation of the crane.

Recommendations for dismantling

Before installing the purchased mixer, you need to get rid of the old one, but all work should be done after the water supply in the pipeline system has been stopped. You need to drain the remaining water from the tap, and then, using a wrench, unscrew the mixer from its place, trying not to damage the thread on the fitting located on the wall. The thread of the fitting must be freed from the old winding.

For the work to be prepared a set of the following materials and tools:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • FUM-лента;
  • building level;
  • mixer.

Connecting the mixer

Mixer installation scheme in the bathroom

The scheme of installation of the mixer in the bathroom.

Before installing the mixer it needs to be assembled, since in the box it is in disassembled form. In the shop it is recommended to check the completeness of the parts:

  • gaskets;
  • the main unit;
  • shower head;
  • goose;
  • shower hose;
  • eccentrics;
  • plafonds.

In the store you should check the details for the absence of breakages in the thread area on the nuts and eccentrics.

During the works it is necessary to use FUM-tape, which is useful for the rewinding, as an alternative solution it is possible to use natural paste, which is recommended to be used in tandem with a special paste.

Fixation of the mixer in the bathroom should be carried out with the help of eccentrics. After the winding, the eccentrics need to be strengthened to the fittings on the pipes of the water supply system. Using these components allows you to change the distance between pipes to the desired value, which will affect the size of the mixer.

Mixer design for the bathroom

Scheme of assembling the mixer for the bathroom.

Most often, the step between the inputs is 150 mm. If the distance between the fittings does not match this value, the eccentrics will allow to correct the situation. Eccentrics should be located strictly horizontally, this can be checked by applying the building level.

Как только эксцентрики оказались установлены на свое место, к ним можно примерить главный блок, пробуя его монтировать. Затем блок нужно демонтировать и установить к эксцентрикам plafonds. Нужно проследить за тем, чтобы последние как можно плотнее прилегали к отделке. Устанавливая смеситель в ванной, на следующем этапе нужно монтировать сам блок, при этом не требуется применять дополнительные подмоточные материалы. Будет необходимо только произвести плотную усадку прокладками внутри прижимных гаек. Их только предстоит немного подтянуть ключом.

Use a wrench or a wrench in the process of assembly and installation of the mixer must be used with extreme caution, if necessary, the tool should be used for pulling, without special efforts in the process. Now you can check the mixer for tightness of joints by opening the cranes on the mains. If a leak was detected or the joints formed droplets, the nuts should be tightened slightly with a key.

Sometimes there is a need to bring the pipeline to the mixer location. The work in this case involves preparation for the installation of devices. In the work should be used plastic pipes, which can be replaced with metal plastic. Their connection to the pipes of the main pipeline must be made by installing a ball shut-off valve. The latter should be brought to the point where the mixer will be located, the tap needs to be strengthened to the wall surface by means of special tacks.

The mixer above the bath is usually located at a height of 30 cm, the indicated level and will determine the location of the removal of pipes, to which afterwards it is necessary to fix the fittings for coupling with the mixer.

For the output of fittings, it is necessary to observe certain rules, the first of which involves providing a 150 mm pitch between the fittings centers. The end of the fitting after installation of the liner must be in a position on one level with the wall surface. Fittings should be placed in parallel.

The bathroom should have a mixer, but its installation does not have to be done by a professional, you can save a lot of money and do installation yourself.

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