How to create a bathroom design

The bathroom is spent a lot of time, so the design of this room is an important stage of repair. Interior design includes several important points, among which the choice of style, color scheme, the selection of sanitary ware and decoration materials and the placement of furniture.

Bathroom layout

With the proper layout in the bathroom you can comfortably place all the plumbing.

Combined bathroom

In most standard houses the bathrooms are combined. This is not always convenient, but still, if you design the bathroom in a special way, you can not only increase the space of the room, but also make it as comfortable and practical as possible.

First of all, you need to decide on the arrangement of furniture. The most common are several ways:

The scheme of the shower cabin assembly

The scheme of the shower cabin assembly.

  1. The bathroom is located at a width at the far wall and occupies almost the entire wall. If there is free space, then it can be occupied by a washing machine, a curbstone or a laundry basket. The toilet in this case is located at the larger of the walls, next is a sink, and on the opposite side are placed other interior items.
  2. If the room is long, then you can install a bath and toilet bowl on one of the walls. The other wall will have a sink and furniture.
  3. If the room is square and spacious, then in one of the far corners you can place a bath (best corner) or a shower. In the other corner it is better to put the toilet, next to which will be located a sink. The remaining space can be used to arrange furniture.

To arrange the interior of the bathroom with your own hands can be so that the toilet and the bath are separated from each other, this option will be optimal for a large family. For zoning, you can use a plasterboard partition or a mobile screen made of plastic or fabric.

When placing furniture, you need to take into account the location of the exit: near it, do not place dimensional objects, they will interfere and reduce space.

Features of choice

Bathrooms with showers have become popular relatively recently. Most often, this option is chosen by the owners of small rooms, because the cabin takes up much less space than standard baths. In addition, the interior of the bathroom with a shower looks more modern, and this, too, can be considered a virtue. If the owner of the apartment is ready to refuse long-term water procedures, then the cabin will be the best choice. But in the stores there are models with a rather deep and three-dimensional niche, which can partially replace the classical bath.

The shapes of the shower can be as follows:

Variants of sanitary engineering in the bathroom

Variants of sanitary engineering in the bathroom.

  1. Square. This option is more convenient and spacious, but "eat" part of the space and noticeably it will reduce.
  2. The corner triangular cabin is compact, but not too spacious.
  3. The corner semicircular shower is quite spacious, and its soft forms make the room more comfortable and do not break the space.

Baths can also be varied in both shape and color.

Today the following forms are available:

  1. The standard rectangular bath is most convenient, but in a small room can take up a lot of space.
  2. Angled baths help save space, but not always. So, a bath with an edge of complex shape (rounded or wavy) will not save square meters of the area, but will become a bright accent of the room.
  3. Baths of complex shapes are suitable only for spacious rooms.
Bathroom in high-tech style

Bath, like other plumbing, can be made almost invisible, closing it with a special screen.

Plumbing and furniture

The design of the bathroom is, above all, furniture and plumbing. A few important rules:

  1. Pay special attention to quality. Plumbing of low quality will not last long and can quickly lose its original appearance.
  2. The toilet bowl and washbasin should be combined in style and color scheme. The bathtub can either enter the tandem, or be a bright accent and an original piece of the interior. But it is desirable that all plumbing was sustained in one style.
  3. Place personal care products and cosmetics in cabinets or on shelves. Cabinets are more convenient, but take up a lot of space. Shelves - ideal for a small room. A perfect solution will be a sink with a curbstone.
  4. Plumbing can be hidden and made almost invisible. So, the bath can be covered with ceramic tiles. Similarly, you can do with the toilet, and even with the sink.
  5. If you want the room to be attractive, try to combine the style and color of the plumbing and furniture items.

Decorating the room

To make the design of the bathroom not only original, but also practical, take seriously the choice of finishing materials, because not all of them will withstand high humidity and temperature changes.

Optimal options:

Stages of mosaic laying

Stages of laying the mosaic.

  1. Tile. It is durable, able to withstand any temperatures and maximum humidity and involves a large selection of colors, textures and patterns. But the wet tile floor sometimes slides. Although this problem can be solved by purchasing a rug, which will also complement the design. In addition, the tiles do not retain heat, so the floor will almost always be cold.
  2. Plastic panels. High quality plastic is not exposed to mold and withstands high temperatures and humidity. But the options for colors and textures are much smaller.
  3. Painting. You can simply paint the floor, walls and ceiling. But you should choose a quality paint that is resistant to high humidity and temperature changes.

The color can be anything, everything will depend on the preferences of the owner of the apartment or the house.

But if the bathroom is small, then it is better to refuse dark shades, they will visually reduce the space.

And light colors will make the room cozy and more spacious. It is worth paying attention to colors such as blue, beige, light green, lilac, peach and other soft pastels. If, nevertheless, the choice fell on the dark tones, then the noble and deep are appropriate: blue, burgundy, brown, purple and the like.

Bathroom in country style

The bath in the country style is characterized by the use of natural materials.

Stylistic direction

Bathroom design can be designed in one of several styles. The most suitable options are:

  1. The country style will make the room cozy and suitable for a small room. Main features: natural natural materials, soft light colors, floral patterns, clear lines. For example, you can design a room in a marine style, it will look very original.
  2. The modern style is popular, which is characterized by brilliant glossy surfaces, an abundance of glass and mirrors, smooth lines, white, gray and metallic colors and modern furniture and sanitaryware.
  3. Eastern style itself is bright and rich. The ideal option for finishing is mosaic tiles. Suitable colors: sand, burgundy, beige, milky. Forms are soft and often unusual. Be sure to place several accents: bright curtains, unusual shelves or curbstones, decor items.
  4. Classic style is suitable for a spacious bathroom. It involves the use of materials such as wood, porcelain, ceramics, bronze. Decor is practically non-existent, minimalism is welcomed. Lines should be clear and sometimes coarse. Most often, light colors predominate.

The design of the bathroom will help make this room functional, comfortable and original.

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