How to create an interior of a small bathroom

The morning of any person begins with a visit to the bathroom, so the design is influenced by the mood of this room. Such a premise is functional, but its interior should be at an excellent level.

Design of a small bathroom

In small-sized baths, it is better to use more light to make the room seem larger.

Additional difficulties in registration arise in small-sized houses of panel type. Here it is necessary to decide on the placement of the necessary sanitary equipment, and it is desirable to achieve the appropriate comfort. You can create an individual interior.

Basic components

There are 3 main components that ensure the best design of a small bathroom in the case of a classic layout. Studying beautiful interiors in this room, it's easy to notice that they find a harmonious combination:

  • Sanitary equipment;
  • Decoration Materials;
  • lighting.
Bright lighting of a small bathroom

The main components of the bathroom: plumbing, lighting, decoration materials.

They are the main components for optimal interior decoration of small bathrooms.

To take up the search for a solution to this task is necessary with the selection of plumbing.

These objects are large, so the general appearance of the room depends on their mutual location.

If necessary, the wash basin can be changed to an ergonomic bath.

Interior of a bathroom

Often the owners of this arrangement try to keep the bathroom fenced off from the toilet, although this is sometimes impossible in the presence of a very small area.

The design of such a room can be realized in the following styles:

  • Provence;
  • classic;
  • high tech;
  • Art Nouveau and others.

The bathroom should contain a very compact toilet. The best solution is to have a toilet bowl with a flat cistern, which does not take up much space, although it can be supplied without a tank. In this case, the console button will be on the wall.

Bathroom design with shower cabin

The bathroom of a small bathroom can be replaced with a shower room.

Small room

The specificity of this performance is the selection of the best correspondence of functionality and the formation of a sense of unoccupied space. At the same time, it is necessary to attach importance to the mutual arrangement of the interior objects of the bathroom and their proportionality.

It is quite difficult to plan an interior in a 3 sq.m. At this size it is necessary to abandon a bulky bath, to choose your choice on a more compact soul. In a small bathroom, the presence of a shower cabin will make it more spacious, and will also make room for the installation of an additional cabinet or washing machine. When choosing the design of this room, you need to use all the possibilities to visually increase its volume. This arrangement of sanitary equipment releases the central place, the bathroom becomes freer.

More possibilities for planning when decorating the interior appear in the owners of bathrooms, the area of ​​which is 4 sq.m. In this case, as an option, you can use the location of the washbasin and the baths diagonally.

Often, when designing a small bathroom, the choice is left behind the corner bathtub with a curtain made of plastic. The main advantage of this type is the presence of a form that can save space with a small bathroom, in this there is the opportunity to wash without thinking about splashing. Having stopped the choice on a corner bath, it is necessary to decide which doors are more suitable. They are:

  • folding;
  • sliding;
  • swinging.

Today, the market for creating a small room interior offers:

  • a sink with a table top that can cover the washing machine;
  • a small shell-water-lily with a curbstone.
Combined bathroom

To increase the area of ​​the bathroom you can make a combined bathroom.

The interior of the bathroom with a very small area can be of various options. For example, it is possible to apply a flat sink to a washing machine. It is well suited for people of medium height, but children will have trouble with washing, since its height will be approximately 1 m. The advantage of this washstand is the use of space above the machine.

The interior of a small bathroom should be equipped with a washing machine. The best way is to install it in a place where the bathtub used to be, since it is convenient to connect it to the drain.

In very small bathrooms, you can put only a shower, which must be partitioned off with a glass partition to protect the rest of the room from splashing. If there is a shower in place of the bathroom, then there will be space for the washbasin. The small closet below is:

  • an additional place for storage of various household chemicals or towels;
  • hide the knee and the pipes.

Comfortable condition when in a small bathroom depends on the right choice:

  • furniture;
  • plumbers;
  • color surfaces.

Materials and elements

Creating an interior, you need to pay great attention to the selection of materials for decoration. For such purposes, tiles are most often used. Visually increase the room capacity are capable of:

  • tile of light tones;
  • tile with a picture;
  • mosaic.
Cabinet under the sink

Under the sink can be placed a cabinet in which the bathroom accessories will be stored.

Decorating walls is best done using a light one-color tile or with relief patterns, or you can paint it yourself with water-resistant paints.

Excellent, if the bathroom will be equipped with a centralized floor heating, then it does not face dampness. It is best if the bathroom has tiled floors.

In the design of a small bathroom, great importance is given to the light. Since there is no natural light, this task is assigned to the lamps. They are able to visually increase space:

  • multilevel illumination;
  • mirror lighting.

In the bathrooms of a small size, you can use a single light source, which is best placed under the ceiling in the center. All sorts of lights on the sinks and mirrors allow you to achieve an additional effect. Such a room can not do without a large mirror, which is installed near the shower, bath or in front of the washbasin.

The indicator of the degree of protection against water (IP) lighting devices should be at least 54. Expecting the interior of a small bathroom, you must strictly observe all the sizes of objects there, which contributes to the correct arrangement of sanitary equipment and furniture. It must be remembered that the bathroom should remain spacious enough to be comfortable in it.

The rack with sliding containers on roller bearings will be very convenient and practical in such premises.

The towel heater can be used as a support system that supports a small shelf for the necessary trifles.

It can be placed above a washing machine or a bathroom. If the room has very little space, then it is necessary to use the space of shelves and niches in the walls.

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