How to decorate a bathroom in a private house

Most often, the interior of the bathroom is made in pastel colors, but if you want to achieve completely unusual solutions, you can break the conventional stereotypes. Bathroom in a private house can be decorated in completely unpredictable styles, among which, for example, a boho or loft.

Bathroom Design

When installing plumbing communications should be hidden in the walls.

Principles of registration

In view of the fact that premises of private houses, as a rule, have rather spacious territories, it is possible to use all elements inherent in this style. Boho style involves a combination of incongruous objects, which eventually harmonize with each other and allow you to create an original and stylish overall picture. The first accent that this bathroom should have is vintage notes. Moreover, Boho style can simultaneously combine vintage and modern furniture, as well as technology. The interior can be completed with a dressing table, the elements of which can be aged independently, this creates a bright accent.

Bathroom layout

The layout of the bathroom.

The second idea, which should be embodied in the bathroom in a private house with their own hands, is the royal chic, which is created through textiles. It can be curtains made of heavy material, this element will add a style of elegance and will allow owners to feel the representatives of royal blood. Curtains should be placed as far as possible from water sources, and their color scheme should be combined with the palette of the entire interior.

The bathroom in the private house in the case described should be made using wall patterns that can be expressed in the most daring and unusual patterns. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, you can choose an ornament that you will like. At the same time, it is possible to realize such a plan by means of a tile with a corresponding pattern.

The bathroom in the style of boho can be complemented with completely unusual solutions, among which, for example, an oriental carpet. In this case, do not be afraid of the disharmony of the eastern and European elements, and the carpet here can become the main decoration of the room. You can place it directly in the center of the room.

Make a bathroom in the style of Boho more unusual will allow plants and accessories, which are especially important here. To do this, you can hang on the walls of the picture, and decorate the corners with fresh flowers. This allows you to get the effect of continuing the bathroom interior of the rest of the house.

If there is a window, then when choosing the material for the curtains, you should abandon the plastic, replacing it with a cloth, so you will emphasize the identity of the described style. Do not give up the combination of wooden, steel and plastic surfaces, as it is the variety of materials that will allow you to achieve a spectacular and unusual interior.

Bathroom in the style of bokho

Features of the bathroom in the style of boho: vintage notes, royal textiles, wall paintings, paintings.

Features of the bathroom in the style of Boho:

  • vintage notes;
  • royal textiles;
  • wall drawings;
  • carpets in oriental style;
  • paintings;
  • Natural flowers.

Loft style

Loft style схож с вышеописанным тем, что в нем сочетаются несочетаемые элементы. Здесь можно дополнять разные функциональные зоны старым и современным. Однако в качестве господствующего здесь, как правило, выбирается современный стиль. В роли отделки стен довольно часто используют мозаичную плитку, элементы которой должны быть одноцветными. Плитка может покрывать пол и стены, в последнем случае до самого потолка, а вот на душевой рекомендуется сделать четкий акцент.

This style is pretty close to the interior of high-tech, this indicates that the room should be supplemented with a large number of glass surfaces and appliances.

When choosing a shower cubicle, it is recommended to look closely at models that have glass walls, this will make you feel free space.

Loft style bathroom

It should be remembered that the loft style is pretty close to the high-tech interior.

The room needs to be supplemented with minimalistic monochrome solutions, but the brickwork should not be hidden behind modern coatings, leaving it as a component of industrial aesthetics. If the private house has a large bathroom, it can be emphasized by adding walls to large mirrors that will increase the space.

One of the walls can be left in the form of a rough concrete surface, decorating it with a graffiti drawing that will emphasize the style, highlighting the contrast with the rest of the texture smoothness. When choosing a shower and mixer, it is necessary to prefer a material in the form of bright chrome, which is a style feature.

A bathroom in this style can not be left without a chrome radiator on which towels will be placed. Zoning space can be air glass partitions, which can be seen only thanks to stainless fasteners.

In view of the fact that the loft style is the fruit of young insolent rebels, a gilded frame with carved elements should be used as the frame for the mirror.

When installing items of sanitary ware in the form of a bath and toilet, you should hide communications in the walls. The shower area will perfectly emphasize the style, if you supplement it with a massive antique shower in the form of a watering can.

Main Accents

The highlight of the interior will be an unusual bath, the material of which can be varied. If the ceiling is not too high, its surface should be made in light colors, this will also be required if the bath is to be installed on a hill. In the room you should install a stainless steel sink, and as much as possible effectively use the space will allow a shower built into the ceiling.

Finish should be completed with elements from the old tree. An expressive detail will be retro-style lamps, which should be hung on chains. Interior design in this style provides good lighting, while the light source can be quite unexpected, in this case you can buy designer lamps. The main lighting will be giving spotlights on the ceiling.

In view of the fact that the loft in the past could have been a workshop or a warehouse, the interior can be supplemented with old pallet pallets or boxes styled as production containers.

Features of the style:

  • a combination of old and modern;
  • mosaic tiles;
  • focus on shower room;
  • glass surfaces;
  • monochrome solutions;
  • brickwork;
  • large mirrors;
  • Graffiti drawings;
  • chrome radiators;
  • gold-plated frames for mirrors;
  • hidden communications;
  • unusual bath;
  • the presence of elements from the old tree;
  • designer lamps.

Bathroom in a private house can have interesting solutions, because its territory is not limited to a narrow space, so you can apply your design skills in its design.

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