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What kind of ceiling finish is suitable for the bathroom? This issue arises among the first during the repair. Any person wants to make it a quality stylish and reliable. Ceilings in the bathroom, professionals are advised to choose in accordance with the requirements for this room.


Features of the bathroom and the requirements for the ceiling finish

Let's review the requirements in more detail:

  • bathroom - very wet room, so choose a material with moisture-resistant properties;
  • care of the ceiling is very important, so the ceiling needs to be trimmed with simple, maintenance, building materials;
  • Aesthetic requirements have not been canceled, so the ceiling finish should be combined with the style of decoration of the entire room.


Which finishing materials can be used in the bathroom

The basic requirements are considered, now it remains to choose the finishing material that is suitable for the bathroom.


Paint and putty

Very simple and budgetary way of finishing. Building materials cost a little money, and you can manage the work yourself independently. However, it is beneficial only when the ceiling surface is perfectly flat.

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As for paint and putty, they must be moisture resistant. If there are differences between the slabs, you will have to try to level them, and this is a laborious process, so it's better to pay attention to other finishing methods.


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Plastic panels

They can often be seen in the bathroom. The material is relatively durable, reliable and moisture resistant. Installation is simple, you can implement it yourself. Appearance - attractive, photo of the ceiling in the bathroom made of plastic - is a clear proof of this. The maintenance is simple, the cost is small and the built-in luminaires can be installed.


Rack Ceiling

Представляет собой узкие, удлиненные панели. Rack Ceiling в ванной крепится на заранее смонтированный каркас. Панели бывают пластиковыми, алюминиевыми или стальные. Если сравнивать два последних типа, то алюминиевые преобладают. Они устойчивые к высокой влажности и коррозии.


There are several color solutions for reel aluminum canvas: gilding color, with a pattern, monochrome and chrome. Installation is simple, if you try, then it's very easy to build it yourself. Due to the flexibility of the rails, it is possible to make a ceiling of any shape.

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From plasterboard

For the installation of this ceiling will require a frame, it can be wood and metal. You can not make wooden in the bathroom. Before you make a ceiling in the bathroom of plasterboard make sure that it is moisture resistant, in color it is green.


Gypsum plasterboard ceilings are universal, because they can be designed as you like, for example, two- or three-level, beating the location of the built-in lamps. Hide the engineering communications between them and the ceiling. The service life of drywall on the ceilings is at least 10 years.


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Tiled suspended ceilings

Here the frame structure is constructed similarly to the gypsum plasterboard, only it is lined with ready-made facing sheets (hanging tiles). The result is a cellular ceiling sheet. Unlike plasterboard, it does not require either priming the front surface or painting. Plates go on sale already processed.


The material of manufacture can be different. For bathrooms, preference should be given to modules made of glass, plastic or metal. This ceiling looks original and stylish.


Stretch ceiling

One of the best ways to finish the ceiling surface for the bathroom. Stretch ceiling in the bathroom will never damp. Will save household appliances and furniture from an accidental flood, it is able to withstand up to 100 liters of water on its surface, and after draining it acquires the original forms.


Care for him is very simple. The stretch ceiling will not only fit into any style, but will also be its end. As for the variety, then the choice is simply huge, both in texture and color palette.


Mirror cloth

The ceiling looks chic, but its cost is not everyone can afford. The frame under the mirrored ceiling is built reinforced. To fix on each mirror tile drill holes. Installation of such a ceiling is very difficult, one person can not cope with this task. The service life is very long. Care is complicated by surface polishing.


What material should I give my preference to

Deciding which ceiling to make in the bathroom from the practical side, then the first positions are PVC panels, behind them are stretch fabrics. The second is just perfect for this room, it proves both the huge customer demand and the feedback of those who installed them at home.


Photo of beautifully decorated ceilings in the bathroom










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ceiling-in-bathroom-out of plasterboard






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