How to decorate the walls in the bathroom

Bathroom design can be very different. You can trust professionals who create an interior according to your preferences, or you can decorate the walls of the bathroom with your own hands. We bring to your attention some useful tips on how to do it the best way.

Bathroom Wall Design

To decorate the walls of the bathroom, you can combine different tile options into a specific pattern.

Process Features

High-quality waterproofing is a necessary condition for good repair. After all, the bathroom - a room with high humidity, so moisture, absorbed in the walls, destroys the finish and even leads to a bad state of the walls themselves. Waterproofing on the floor protects you from the fact that water accidentally leaks to the neighbors floor below, and isolating the ceiling will protect you from this trouble.

There are many materials that can protect the surface from moisture. This is an ordinary roofing felt, which is pasted with vertical stripes onto the mastic applied to the walls. As a waterproofing, you can use more modern, high quality fiberglass materials. And you can simply cover the walls with a special waterproof mastic.

Scheme of waterproofing the bathroom

Scheme of waterproofing the bathroom.

After the waterproofing the walls must be leveled with plaster and primed. After that, you can choose the material to be faced with the bathroom. These can be plastic panels or tiles. Tile is the ideal material for finishing walls of premises with high humidity. To install it you need certain skills, but well-laid tiles are kept for decades.

When choosing the color of tiles, you should pay attention to the size of the room. If the bathroom is small, do not use dark tones, since they will make the space of the room even smaller. Tiled tiles can be laid out to the ceiling, and you can ply her half of the bathroom. In this case, you can show your creativity and paint walls.

Wall painting

The walls under the painting must be perfectly smooth. If you properly plastered them and primed, then you get exactly such a flat surface. It should be painted with water-based paint. It is possible to use paint of any shade, but what has already been said about the color of tiles applies to the color of the paint. Water-based paint should be of good quality. It dries quickly, and in a short time you can start painting.

In order to make a list of walls with your own hands, you will need:

  • water-emulsion paint white;
  • colors of different colors;
  • Painting brushes of different sizes and paint roller;
  • a container for mixing the paint with a color.
Wall painting ванной комнаты

A great popularity is the painting of the walls of the bathroom because of its unique design.

How the painting is done will be described with the example of the simplest drawing - bubbles. So, the walls covered with paint of the right shade are already ready. Kohler blends with the paint to get a color different from the color of the wall. Then a small circle is drawn. Inside the circle, strokes and glare are applied with white paint to make it look like a bubble. Nearby is drawn one more and so on.

This painting of the walls is very simple, and it can be used even by a person who has never painted before. Such a simple drawing will give the bathroom an individuality and revive the room. Professionals can create true paintings on the walls of the room, but this requires the experience and skill of the artist. Very frequent subjects are different landscapes, the sea or something else that can expand the space of the room. You can paste and the corresponding wallpaper. There are special wallpapers that are designed for stickers in the bathroom.

Tools for decoration and painting of walls in the bathroom

Tools for decoration and painting walls in the bathroom.

While painting the bath yourself, you need to take into account that the horizontal drawings visually expand the space, and the vertical ones make the room higher. Painting on the walls, made by own hands, is good because it can always be updated if the drawing gets boring. As already mentioned, high-quality tiles can be kept on the walls for decades. And to update the bathroom, you can just periodically change the painting on the wall.

The painted wall is never closed with furniture or accessories. All shelves are mounted on other walls. Tiled tiles are drilled with a special drill with diamond-plated or feather drill, which is intended for tiles. A conventional drill can not be used with tiles. It can crack. In order for the tool not to slip on the smooth surface of the tile, glue the adhesive on the tile in the place where it is necessary to make a hole. Drill with a small pressure and at low speed drills. When the tile is drilled, a drill is inserted into the drill to make holes in the brick or concrete. Then the plastic dowel is clogged there and the shelf or other element of the interior is fixed with screws.

You can decorate the walls or some part of them with plastic panels. For this, a wooden crate is attached to the walls, on which plastic is mounted. The metal profile is also used. Such panels have a "comb-groove" connection, so fastening them is easy enough. Can be mounted with screws, nails or with glue.

If the decision is made to tile the walls of the bathroom with tiles, then it is best to choose tiles with a pattern. You can make a mosaic of tiles. Designers recommend placing the mosaic so that light falls on it. This can be natural lighting, if the bathroom has a window, or artificial lighting using properly installed fixtures.

Ceiling Mounting

Very often in the bathroom is mounted a rack ceiling. Do it easily, even on your own. To do this, note the horizontal line, retreating 10-15 cm from the ceiling of the room. A metal or plastic profile is attached to this line. Then hang the suspension to the ceiling, on which are attached special tires for mounting racks. After that, the slats simply snap into place on the tires. Reiki can be metal or plastic. Such a ceiling is good in that it can be mounted point built-in fixtures. Such lamps are especially good when the bathroom is small and suspended chandeliers conceal space, as well as sconces on the walls.

In the bathroom you can make a ceiling made of moisture-resistant plasterboard, which is also attached to the metal profile. And you can make a wooden ceiling, stuffing the lining on the lath of wood. Sometimes, clapboards make out fragments of the walls of a large bathroom.

The floor is usually laid out with tiles for the floor or with granite. The usual tiles on the floor can not be placed, since it is slippery.

Thinking over the design of your bathroom, it would not hurt to get acquainted with various photos of ready-made interiors. This may suggest the right options.

It can be original wall painting, tiling and much more. Also, read useful tips on design, in them, too, you can find many interesting things.

Do not be afraid to experiment with painting walls, because it will create a truly original design, which you will be proud of.

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