How to design a bathroom

For the correct design of the bathroom, the main thing is not how much space is allocated for this room, but how to properly organize it. The main principle is to remove all unnecessary and unnecessary. For a room like a bathroom, minimalism is best suited, which has a big impact on modern design.

Minimalism of a white bathroom

Since bathrooms usually have small dimensions, it is best to use a minimalistic style of the interior, getting rid of all that is superfluous.

When choosing a style, do not stop at Baroque, colorful color ornaments, ruffles and frills - this is absolutely not suitable for bathrooms. Undesirable fancy ornaments, excessive shine, various draperies. To understand the trends in the development of modern design developments, you need to use the recommendations that are given below. They will enable you to properly plan and carry out the work. Consider the features of the human eye and its psychology.

Interior Selection

Since this room usually has a small area, at first it is necessary to try to expand it visually. For this, the following techniques can be used:

  1. Use of a wall-mounted mirror. A good method, but do not forget that with high humidity of the bathrooms it will fog.
  2. Decorating the space with light colors on the walls. But do not use only white color: in certain places you can make separate bright spots.
  3. The use of horizontal bands along the perimeter of the walls for visual expansion of the room or vertical, giving the illusion of high ceilings.
  4. Use of built-in furniture or whole shelf complexes, mounted without gaps along the wall.
  5. Distribution of lighting throughout the bathroom area. But do not forget to place a point source of light above the mirror.
  6. If the door opens into the room, then it is desirable to replace it with a sliding door. If there is no way to do this, then you just need to rearrange its loops so that it opens into the adjacent room or corridor.
Mirror in the bathroom

The mirror will help visually expand the bathroom space.

The more small objects that fall into the eyes of a person entering a small room, the closer it seems.

Project of combined bathroom

This option can be used for separate rooms for a bath and toilet (Figure 1). The layout is as follows:

  1. The bath is set in width, and all other furniture is standing along the longest wall.
  2. The corners are removed. To do this, you need to make a rounded niche around the tub and install a large mirror in the room.

If the family is large, and the bathroom is combined, then to distinguish the space (when two people are in the bathroom), you can apply a color screen, which, if not needed, is pushed into the cabinet.

To save space with a small area you can use corner baths. If the room is square, then such a plumbing fixture should occupy a place in it, which is assigned to its rectangular counterpart in a standard bathroom (Figure 2). For sale are baths of the following forms:

  • square;
  • with an edge rounded in the form of an oval;
  • round - but this is not a good option;
  • complex, curved shape while maintaining a right angle for installation to the wall.
Combined bathroom

Figure 1. In a combined bathroom bath is better to replace the shower, and put the toilet in the corner.


All elements in the bathroom must be made of moisture-resistant materials. In this case, no role is played either by the size of the room or by the chosen style of decoration. Therefore, we must choose high-quality household items made from such materials:

  • Chipboard;
  • MDF;
  • plastic;
  • artificial stone or its natural analog;
  • glass.

For small-sized standard apartments it is impossible to apply such beautiful and practical material as natural wood. This is important for typical bathrooms with an area of ​​4 square meters. If the apartment is modern and this room has 8-9 or more squares, then it is possible to use furniture made of wood, since in this case it will not suffer from humidity. Another way out: to buy items from moisture-resistant wood. Then choose such breeds:

  • wenge;
  • zebrano;
  • teak;
  • Iroko.
Corner bath

Figure 2. Corner bath will save a little space of a small bathroom.

Furniture нужно покупать встроенную, чтобы не придать ванной захламленный вид. При желании и соответствующих навыках ее можно сделать самому, используя вышеперечисленные материалы. На строительном рынке можно подобрать фурнитуру для любого подобного изделия.

With a small area of ​​the room the question is solved by itself. Modern designers suggest using built-in closets to the ceiling.

Visually enlarge the area of ​​the room can be done by making its walls mirror. But then there is another inconvenience: you have to clean them from the raid almost daily. An alternative to this option can be a shelving from shelves (one-piece) without doors. If you want everything that is on them not to come to your eyes, then it is possible to cover the rack with sliding doors (Figure 3).

Mirror and accessories

Many people use a washing machine for this purpose. A laundry basket in the bathroom is best not left, so it is either cleaned up in another room, or hidden in a closet. You can also do with a washing machine.

For typical mirror bathrooms are used wall-mounted. You can take a flat, but necessarily the size of them should be maximum, for example, in full growth of a person. If there is no way to do this, then we can confine ourselves to the correct arrangement of several mirrors of smaller dimensions. They should be installed on one wall or adjacent.

According to the rules of minimalism in modern design, the smaller the number of objects in a small room, the more spacious it looks. And those of them, without which you can not do, should be as small as possible. All objects must be combined in color with the walls, so that the human eye can not stop them.

The same rules must be met and towels stored in the bathroom, and a bathrobe.

To arrange the necessary accents in the room add thematic, decorative components, for example, a shell of an exotic shape or a small picture. This will give individuality to the room, and the space will not be cluttered with less-functional parts.

Modernization of the room

For such a case, the following ways of modernizing the room are developed:

  1. Remove the standard sanitary equipment and replace it with a modern analog.
  2. A corner bath of acrylic is installed.
  3. The washing machine is placed under the sink.
  4. If possible, it is best to install a hanging toilet. Such an object can withstand a weight of up to 230 kilograms, and do not be afraid that it will fall.
Shelving in the bathroom

Figure 3. To store bathroom accessories, you can use a shelf of several shelves.

If desired, you can abandon the shell and rearrange it to another location - this will further visually expand the room. Everything that was said above about mirrors, accessories and their application, is suitable in "Khrushchev".

Renovation and design of the bathroom begins with the choice of color, size and method of laying tiles for walls and floor of the room. In this case, one must adhere to this rule: the smaller the area, the shallower the elements of the coating. In this case, one should take advantage of the natural lack of sight of a person: he sees at the first moment the number of tiles, and not their sizes. With a large number of components, space is stretched visually. If possible, it is desirable to cover the walls with a mosaic, but you can not make it too contrasting. Otherwise, it will give the impression that a person has got inside a kaleidoscope, and this will give a feeling of tightness.

Do not cover the lower part of the room with dark tiles, and the top - white. This system is designed to separate the space, and when finishing the bathroom you should try to unite it.

If the area is small, then glossy plates should be used, since they reflect light well and visually expand the volume of the room, acting as mirrors.

Modern solutions

Now there are many different styles, allowing to apply these or those modern design solutions and elaborations to improve the interior. In modern conditions, a high-tech style or an adapted classic will suit the bathroom. Naturally, the above-mentioned minimalism will do. They are almost always relevant, and they can easily be adapted to modern fashion trends in design design. Therefore, one must adhere to practicality, create clear, straight lines or smoothly translate them into the desired curvature.

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