How to design a joint bath with a toilet

Disputes about whether it is good to have a bathroom, combined with a toilet, will always go. But, having made such combination of a bath with a toilet, it is possible to save enough money and a considerable quantity of time, to establish the simple and necessary equipment to you. In the end, it's very convenient.

Combined bathroom

The combination of a bathroom and a toilet is practical and convenient for a large family.

In a family where a small number of people live, it will be practical to make such a design. You just need to make such a toilet, the design of which would be functional and beautiful. There are a lot of different options. You can make an interior order from specialists of different companies or come up with something yourself.

Choice of materials

Re-planning of the bath and toilet

Scheme of replanning bath and toilet.

Building materials for a shared bathroom and furniture must be of high quality, not afraid of moisture. When dividing the area into zones, it is necessary at least to externally separate them from each other. If you will not install a bathtub, but a shower booth, the whole problem of separation in the design will be solved by the shower cabin itself. It is much smaller than a bath.

Types of tiles for the bathroom come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. But the color of the tiles on the floor and the color of the walls should be distinguished by at least a few shades (lighter or darker). Lighter colors make your bathroom volume: your room will be much more than it really is.

Furniture, bath items should be designed for the space of your room. Instead of a large cabinet, you can choose a comfortable, beautiful cabinet for small items. Around sanitary ware, you need to provide shelves for napkins, paper, shampoo and other necessary things.

Ceiling Design

Previously, the combination of a toilet and a bathroom was considered convenient only because it was done by people who lived in small apartments.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Recently, stretch ceilings for bathrooms are very popular.

Now it is very actual to do in the design of the bathroom stretch ceiling: it is practical and moisture resistant.

There are ceilings made of plastic panels, aluminum rails, foam panels. If you have a small bathroom, you do not need to make the ceilings with mirrors. You feel yourself in a confined space. The finishing of the ceiling of the bath should be well combined with the decoration of the walls.

Stretch ceiling when heated stretches like a rubber film. In order to stretch such a canvas, the temperature in the bathroom should be heated to 55-60 ° C. There are many kinds of such ceilings.

Interior of the toilet

Variants of lay-out of bathrooms

Variants of lay-out of bathrooms.

Country is a French style. In it there are wallpapers of flower colors, high arches, beams, shells with canopies, baths of cast iron, curtains with colors in the form of cells, flower colors. There is an impression of appeasement. The furniture is made of wood. For a floor use a tree or a tile.

The design of the room is inherent in the preference of steel from stainless materials and chrome. Install sets, tables, shelves, tiles for walls and floors are selected bright colors. In the eastern style, warmer colors are used, but spectacular. For example, golden, brown, red. Use mosaic, floral tones and ornaments.

The Japanese style uses materials such as natural stones, blinds of light modest shades. For the design of light is better to use lights and lights, so you can play with light. If there is more light, then the area will look bigger. The bath should be done in light colors.

A shared bathroom with a toilet is very convenient, especially if you do not have a very large space. Design and design should be taken seriously with an accurate representation of how everything will look.

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