How to design a small bathroom

Only a small number of apartments can boast a spacious bathroom, and most often this is the result of owner-made redevelopment. The design of small bathrooms requires attention and compliance with certain rules to visually increase space and make the room functional.

Design of a small bathroom

Photo 1. The corner room visually enlarges the area of ​​the small bathroom.


For a small bathroom, of course, more suitable shower. It is compact (the smallest has dimensions of 70x70 cm) and is convenient in the care, the released space will allow to install the washing machine. If the bathroom is necessary or desirable for some reason, then it is worthwhile to choose the modern options that will save precious meters of the area. For example, the sedentary and angular models are well suited (photo 1). In addition, a bathroom and a sink are chosen, similar in shape, which makes the design unusual and spectacular.

Contemporary bathroom in the bathroom

Photo 2. New models of a toilet bowl combined with a sink will save space in a small bathroom, besides, they are very convenient and functional.

But the sink can also be made corner, so the space in the miniature bathtub will become larger. It is worth paying attention to modern models, hanging plumbing, which is especially important for a combined bathroom and a bathroom. Then you should prefer a small toilet, and the drain tank can be disguised in a technical closet. Thus, the water noise when dialing becomes less audible.

New models combined with the toilet bowl (photo 2) can save space in a small bathroom, in addition, they are convenient and functional. This plumbing will form a general direction of design, in which case it is simply necessary to choose the style of high-tech or minimalism when decorating. Both styles are well suited for modern apartments, do not require large investments and are ideal for small rooms.

A washing machine for a small bathroom is preferable to vertical loading due to the size and lack of a door. In addition, it is preferred by experts and consumers, but it should be noted that this is an uneconomic option. There is the possibility of installing a narrow machine with front loading, but when selecting, you need to pay special attention to stability during spinning.

For a bathroom it is better to choose hanging furniture, as a material for shelves - to prefer glass, but so that there is a possibility to remove or extend them. This will create a sense of spaciousness and will facilitate cleaning. It is important to use every centimeter of space to the maximum. For example, use a space under the sink for a locker or laundry basket, hooks to attach to the door.

Decoration and lighting

Since there is no natural light in this room, there should be several lamps. For a small bathroom it is better to choose the built-in version with diffused light. In the bathroom, it will be especially convenient to use a motion sensor, so the light will turn on every time someone enters the room.

Visually increase the space of the bathroom will help using the following techniques:

Finishing a small bathroom

Photo 3. To increase the space of the bathroom, you can decorate the decorative details of the same color near the sink.

  1. Room design with light colors.
  2. Decoration in pastel colors without the use of large drawings visually create a sense of a large area.
  3. Using mirrors in the finish. Now they are used for the production of shelves, tiles for walls and ceilings. In the bathroom, the mirrors are not only spectacular, but also functional. Mirror is customary to install over the sink, but you can also experiment. For example, a mirror wall will make the room visually twice as large. Angular mirrors will create unusual visual effects. Mirrors with heating will be much less fog.
  4. Using a minimum of decorative details and keeping cleanliness and order. In the bathroom there is always a lot of humidity. To ensure that ventilation is not difficult, the furniture should not be much. If you want to decorate the room, it is better to choose a few large parts, trifles eat up space just like half-empty, untidy bottles and containers. One large cabinet will solve this problem, and the hanging shelves will fit for all the most necessary.

Bathroom Options

Bathroom decoration

Photo 4. The wall, located just behind the bathroom, executed in bright colors, will make the room visually longer.

Designers offer other design options and recommendations for the design of the bathroom. An alternative to hanging shelves is a niche in the wall. It will help to zonate space in a combined bathroom and can be performed with the help of building.

If the finish is monophonic, the niche will visually merge with the wall and will not hide the space and can be used as a rack.

In the bathroom it is especially convenient to make zoning, it can be done with a bright strip using a tile of contrasting color. The space near the sink can be separated with the help of decorative details of the same color, expand the space (photo 3).

Light colors are preferable for the design of a small room, but sometimes the use of bright design is much more effective.

So, if the wall, located just behind the bathroom, is made in bright colors, this will make the room visually longer (photo 4). Monochrome design can be very winning and spectacular. The contrast of colors is also capable of giving volume.

Curtains in the bathroom can be replaced with a glass partition, which looks much more modern and neater.

Bathrobe and towels, it would seem, is a small detail, but necessary. A large, inadequate drawing on them can also create discomfort and disrupt the overall design. White bathroom accessories create a sense of purity and contrary to popular belief are practical, because they are cleaned at once. For a bathroom it is preferable to choose a one-color design, accessories can be bright and thoughtful.

The bathroom is one of the most visited places in the apartment. Although it is believed that repairs here are much easier to make than in other rooms (mainly because of the area, of course), the design requires the same careful attention and elaboration as for the living room or bedroom.

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