How to disassemble a single-lever ball valve

Single-lever ball mixers appeared relatively recently and replaced the already outdated gland mixers, which often failed due to the wear of rubber gaskets. Due to their improved design, ball valves are more reliable, although the constant effect of water of increased rigidity on their internal mechanism over time leads to breakage. For self-repair of a ball valve fault in the form of a water leak, one must know its design and how to disassemble it.

Device шарового крана

Figure 1. The device of the ball valve.


To understand how to disassemble a ball valve, you should study its design. In Fig. Figures 1 and 2 show the design of a single-lever ball valve.

Assembly diagram of ball valve

Figure 2. Scheme of assembly of a ball valve.

Ball mixers are distinguished by their reliability and durability due to the non-separable cartridge included in their design. All the parts of the mixer are fitted very precisely with respect to each other. However, such mixers still sometimes fail. Knowing the design of such cranes and understanding the principle of their operation will help to easily cope with their dismantling and repair. In Fig. 3 is a diagram of the principle of operation of a ball mixer.

At the heart of the construction of such mixers is a hollow ball having holes and a pin for fixing it to the handle. In this sphere, cold and hot water is supplied through two water pipes, after which, mixing in it, gets into the spout.

When the lever is turned to the left or right, the hot or cold water supply is adjusted by overlapping the holes in the bowl. Similarly, raising and lowering the lever, you can adjust the water pressure.


Completely dismantle the mixer is necessary when it requires cleaning, repairing internal parts or completely replacing it with a new faucet.

In order to dismantle and dismantle the ball valve, you may need a fairly large arsenal of tools, but the main ones are:

Principle of operation of the ball valve

Figure 3. The principle of the ball valve: 1 - cold water, 2 - hot water, 3 - ball.

  • a set of spanners or a wrench not less than 35 mm;
  • set of hex keys;
  • flat and cross-type screwdrivers;
  • a hammer;
  • pliers;
  • the pipe key ("ass").

Dismantling шарового крана начинается с:

  1. Cover the supply of hot and cold water in the faucet and raise its lever to keep the glass remaining in the system water.
  2. Disconnect the water supply hoses in the mixer by removing the nuts that connect them using the adjustable wrench. After that, you can carefully remove the mixer.


In order to repair a single-lever ball valve, you need to know how to properly and in what order to disassemble and assemble its mechanism.

So, a universal step-by-step instruction disassembly, evaluation of the state of parts and their replacement for the ball valve:

Device шарового однорычажного смесителя

Device шарового однорычажного смесителя.

  1. Press the flathead screwdriver against the notches on the threaded ring and tap it lightly with a hammer. After that, rotate the ring counter-clockwise, without allowing the whole crane to turn, to avoid damage to the water hoses that connect to the mixer, if you do not dismantle them.
  2. Remove the mixer handle. Using a hexagonal key, unscrew the screw that secures the crane handle.
  3. Using pliers, remove the chrome-plated dome from the mixer. Under it is a ring with 4 teeth, which can be adjusted by moving up and down. Try not to damage it.
  4. Inspect the seal inside the ball. Normally, it should not have rust.
  5. Remove the ball from the tap and examine its stopper, made in the form of an oblong hole, preventing possible critical rotation of the crane.
  6. Next, check the bottom of the ball. It should be smooth and clean. If there are any damages or signs of wear, replace the ball with a new one.
  7. Remove the rubber seals and sealing springs and replace them with new ones, because they are worn during operation.
  8. Having made necessary replacement of details and having greased all consolidations with special silicone greasing for the sanitary equipment, assemble the mixer in the reverse order.

On sale there are different modifications of ball mixers, respectively, and the ways of their disassembly can have differences. For each ball valve there is an instruction for installation and disassembly, which it is desirable to save in case of repair.

A general rule for all ball valves is the mandatory sealing of all threaded joints with a special PTFE tape. It should be located strictly on the thread. There are also seals in the form of threads in cassettes. If after the repair of the mixer the water still continues to leak, try to repeat the whole disassembly and assembly procedure again, paying special attention to the seals of the threaded connections.

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