How to disassemble a single lever mixer for repair

Difficult adjustment of temperature and water pressure, irregular flow, leakage of mixer connections cause an urgent desire to replace it. But if its external data and characteristics completely suit you, do not change the device completely. Dismantling the mixer and replacing its individual components by each one. Let's look at the peculiarities of this work with the example of a single-lever mixer.

Single lever mixer system

The device is a single lever mixer.

Tools and materials

To disassemble a single-lever mixer, no specific tools are needed. The necessary minimum is in almost every house.

List of tools:

  • spanners;
  • pipe wrench;
  • hexahedrons;
  • screwdrivers;
  • a hammer;
  • flashlight.

Running spares for the lever mixer are in every decent hardware store.

List of materials:

Tools for repairing the mixer

Tools for repairing the mixer.

  • cartridge;
  • the lever of the mixer;
  • aerial operator;
  • hose lines or o-rings for them;
  • outflow;
  • a switch and a shower hose.

All other parts of the mixer rarely require replacement. The case may crack over time or lose its chrome coating in some places, but its replacement is equivalent to installing a new device. Removing the cartridge and hoses of the piping requires the water to be blocked on the mixer. The lever, spout and aerator can be unscrewed without it.

Dismantle the cartridge and lever

It is the cartridge that is responsible for regulating the water pressure and setting the comfort temperature. If the lever has stopped moving smoothly, from the nozzle or from under the lever, the water is digging in, it's time to install a new mechanism.

The adjusting lever is attached to the cartridge shaft. Planting is compacted with a small screw. Access to it is opened after removal of a decorative overlay of red-blue color which specifies a correct direction for adjustment of water temperature. It is enough to poke the pad with a small screwdriver with a flat end, as it will be in your hands.

To loosen the screw, depending on the mixer model, you need a hexagon or screwdriver. In most cases, you can see the screw head with a flashlight through the hole in the lining. Do not unscrew the screw completely, just release it for a couple of turns, baiting it back is difficult.

The cartridge clamping nut is located under the decorative threaded cover. Its surface is smooth, but it must be unscrewed by hand. It happens that the thread after a long contact with the water flowing from under the nut turns sour and does not lend itself. In this case, you can gently, through a rag turn the lid off with a gas wrench. In this case, you need to be careful. A thin plastic cover is easy to damage.

Scheme of assembling single-lever wall mixer

Scheme of assembling single-lever wall mixer.

The difficulty of unscrewing the main nut depends on the depth of its mounting. In some mixer models, the faces protrude above the body and are easily grasped by a key of 30 or gas, in others - they are recessed, and the process becomes more complicated. It is necessary to search for a head of the appropriate size, which is not easy, or to tear off the nut by tapping a screwdriver. The sting rests at an angle to the edge of one of the faces, the nut breaks under the handle of the hammer on the handle. Then she goes by hand.

After these manipulations, the cartridge itself can be easily removed upward. To purchase a new spare part, you need to measure the outside diameter of the part and remember the configuration of the mating plane. Depending on the model, single-lever mixers can be fitted with 28, 35, 40 and 46 mm cartridges. It happens that identical externally details slightly differ in height, and the decorative cover does not twist to its end in its place. It is best to take an old consumable item with you to the store.

When assembling the main thing is to get the protruding legs on the supporting surface onto the seats.

Further assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Other elements

The mixer aerator is eventually clogged with impurities from the water, its mesh is oxidized, and the stream loses its harmony. To replace the recessed aerator, it is enough to unscrew it from the spout with a key for the flats on the protruding part. External attachments can be twisted by hand or a gas wrench. Nominal thread is different, the internal or external metric thread M20, 22, 24 is used. You can disassemble and clean the aerator itself, but this painstaking work justifies itself when it is impossible to find a suitable element for replacement.

The spout nut can be unscrewed by hand. The thread size in most cases is standard ¾ inch. In the gap between the spout and the housing, a switch can be installed on the shower hose. He twists like a spout.

The union nut for the shower hose has an internal ½ "thread. Tighten these elements better by hand in order to avoid damaging the sealing elements and to preserve the mobility of the spout.

Flexible hoses with rubber core and steel wire sheath should preferably be changed proactively every 2 years. Usually, a key for 11 is needed, but variants are possible. In some cases, a key with thin lips is required. From leakage directly on the carving of the housing, the replacement of the sealing rings of the hoses is saved. Tighten the hoses with a minimum torque. The use of excessive force damages the sealing rings.

On the threads of the hoses need to pay special attention. If there is always a thread M10 * 1 mm on the side of the body, then there are 2 options on the side of the union nuts. The most common option is ½ inch, but in European models there is a size of 3/8 inches.

If one time to dismantle a single-lever mixer, then the next process will go faster.

The compounds will not be so sour and lighter. Knowing the size of the consumables, you can purchase them in advance.

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