How to disassemble and put a mixer in the bathroom

Sooner or later, every landlord who has a bathroom in the house faces the situation when the old mixer breaks down. In this case, you can choose one of two options: buy and put a new mixer or repair the old one. Since new devices are quite expensive, not everyone can afford such a purchase. It should be noted that today the most popular types of faucets for bathtubs are single-lever and double-ventilated.

Mixer installation scheme in the bathroom

The scheme of installation of the mixer in the bathroom.

Single lever device

To disassemble the mixer and carry out its repair or replacement, you need at least a little understanding of its design and principle of operation. In Fig. 1 is a schematic diagram of a single-lever mixer for a bathroom. The cartridge can be ceramic or ball. The second version is equipped with a ball with a pin, to which the handle is attached. Outlets allow both hot and cold water to flow. These streams are mixed and, passing through the jet regulator, pour out.

Products with a ceramic cartridge may have a different design, but the principle of operation is the same for all. When the handle is rotated, the ceramic plates that have holes are moved, making the adjustment of the water temperature.

To disassemble a single-lever mixer with your own hands, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • Hex key.
The scheme of the device of the single-lever mixer

Figure 1. Diagram of a single-lever mixer.

On the outer part of the lever there is a decorative lid, which must be dismantled with a knife or screwdriver. Under it there will be a screw, which should be unscrewed. To do this, you can use the Allen key. With this screw, the mixer knob is attached to the regulating rod. Then the handle is dismantled from the body. After the mixer has been disassembled, it is necessary to find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it.

The cause of the leakage of the tap may be garbage from the water pipe, which is stuck in the discs of the bolt or in the area of ​​the ball sleeve. If the ceramic cartridge acts as the shutter, then it is impossible to repair it. In this case, it remains only to go to the sanitary ware shop and purchase a new cartridge.

While repairing the mixer with the ball-and-pinion adjustment mechanism, it is necessary to carefully inspect the seal, springs and other elements of the cartridge, remove blockages and replace the failed parts with new ones.

Two-valve mixer

Two-valve cranes are considered a classic of sanitary ware, so they have and will have great popularity. These products are a locking mechanism, which is equipped with two valve valves (crane-boxes). With their help, the flow of water and its temperature are regulated.

The crane-axleboxes are placed in a molded body, on the back of which there is a threaded connection for connecting the mixer to the water pipes (Fig. 2). A rubber plate or a ceramic disc can be used as a lining under the vent head.

Two-valve mixers for the bathroom are of two types:

  1. "Christmas tree" (crane with a tee). The housing is equipped with two channels, which are connected to the water supply via a tee. The channels converge at the top of the mixer.
  2. With spigots. This product has a simpler design. It is equipped with two branch pipes of rigid or flexible connection, by means of which the tap is connected to the water supply.
Scheme connecting the mixer to the pipes

Figure 2. Scheme connecting the mixer to the pipes.

To disassemble a two-valve mixer, it is necessary to prepare:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • pliers;
  • knife;
  • screwdriver.

Begin the analysis of the mixer with the twisting of the screw, which, like in the case of a single-lever tap, is under the decorative cap. The body of the crane-axle box is dismantled with a wrench. After the disassembly is completed, you can visually inspect all parts of the product and identify a malfunction.

In most cases, leakage occurs in such places: through the drain, from under the valves or through the base of the spout. In the last two cases, replace the sealant or tighten the fixing nut more tightly. If the water does not completely overlap when the valves are twisted, either a new axle box must be added or the gasket changed (in older models).

A new analogue

If you can not make out the mixer or you do not want to repair it, you can just buy and install a new product that is sold in any sanitary ware shop. The installation of a new mixer starts with the dismantling of the old one.

First, shut off the water supply to the bathroom. After that, the remaining water is drained from the tap, and then, using a wrench, the mixer is disconnected from the water pipe. All work must be done very carefully, so as not to damage the threaded connection on the fitting inadvertently. Further, the thread is thoroughly cleaned from the old winding. After this you can proceed to install a new mixer.

During installation, you will need a FSM tape to improve the reliability of threaded connections. If you do not have it, you can get by using ordinary pakley. Installation of the mixer in the bathroom is done with the help of eccentrics, which are screwed to the fittings on the water pipes.

Using eccentrics allows, if necessary, to increase or decrease the distance between the pipes.

After screwing the eccentrics, decorative plafonds are mounted to them, and then - the main unit. If all the elements are screwed freely and fit tightly, then the mixer is correctly installed.

At the last stage of work in the mixer start up water and check the tightness of all connections.

If leakage is detected in any place, then this connection must be pinched or disassembled and wrapped with FUM tape.

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